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Instructions for Dad.

I don't want to go into a fridge at an undertaker's. I want you to keep me at home until the funeral. Please can someone sit with me in case I got lonely? I promise not to scare you.
I want to be buried in my butterfly dress, my lilac bra and knicker set and my black zip boots (all still in the suitcase that I packed for Sicily). I also want to wear the bracelet Adam gave me.
Don't put make-up on me. It looks stupid on dead people.
I do NOT want to be cremated. Cremations pollute the atmosphere with dioxins,k hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide. They also have those spooky curtains in crematoriums.
I want a biodegradable willow coffin and a woodland burial. The people at the Natural Death Centre helped me pick a site not for from where we live, and they'll help you with all the arrangements.
I want a native tree planted on or near my grave. I'd like an oak, but I don't mind a sweet chestnut or even a willow. I want a wooden plaque with my name on. I want wild plants and flowers growing on my grave.
I want the service to be simple. Tell Zoey to bring Lauren (if she's born by then). Invite Philippa and her husband Andy (if he wants to come), also James from the hospital (though he might be busy).
I don't want anyone who doesn't know my saying anything about me. THe Natural Death Centre people will stay with you, but should also stay out of it. I want the people I love to ge ~ Jenny Downham
Allmacht Ge quotes by Jenny Downham
Knowledge is power ... knowled ge is safety ... knowle dge is happiness. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Allmacht Ge quotes by Thomas Jefferson
Univa developing and supporting Grid Engine is welcome news for the GE community. This move by Univa brings with it a new competitive spirit and sense of innovation to a market that continuously benefits from pushing the envelope. ~ Ian Foster
Allmacht Ge quotes by Ian Foster
Il arrive un âge où ils ne sont plus séduisants, ni «en forme», comme on dit. Ils ne peuvent plus boire et ils pensent encore aux femmes; seulement ils sont obligés de les payer, d'accepter des quantités de petites compromissions pour échapper à leur solitude. Ils sont bernés, malheureux. C'est ce moment qu'ils choisissent pour devenir sentimentaux et exigeants… J'en ai vu beaucoup devenir ainsi des sortes d'épaves.

"A time comes when they are no longer attractive or in good form. They can't drink any more, and they still hanker after women, only then they have to pay and make compromises in order to escape from their loneliness: they have become just figures of fun. They grow sentimental and hard to please. I have
seen many who have gone the same way. ~ Francoise Sagan
Allmacht Ge quotes by Francoise Sagan
Like a great ship, this season has run aground. Dawn and dusk alternate at an old man's pace. I live alone in an area known as the 'Waterside', writing a book akin to the Revelations of St. John. ~ Ge Fei
Allmacht Ge quotes by Ge Fei
Everybody in the GE used secondaries. It was part of the culture now; socially acceptable. There had been many attempts by the Brussels parliament to legislate against it, and the Tax Bureau certainly did its best. But of course, if a method had been found to clear up people's finances and put them on a hundred per cent legitimate, transparent basis, it would have worked for everyone, politicians and tax officials included. ~ Peter F. Hamilton
Allmacht Ge quotes by Peter F. Hamilton
The mediocre spouse tells. The good spouse explains. The superior spouse demonstrates. The great spouse encourages. ~ GE Paulus
Allmacht Ge quotes by GE Paulus
As one of America's largest exporters, GE remains committed to producing more products in the United States, which is our home and largest market. ~ Jeffrey R. Immelt
Allmacht Ge quotes by Jeffrey R. Immelt
On the back part of the step, toward the right, I saw a small iridescent sphere of almost unbearable brilliance. At first I thought it was revolving; then I realised that this movement was an illusion created by the dizzying world it bounded. The Aleph's diameter was probably little more than an inch, but all space was there, actual and undiminished. Each thing (a mirror's face, let us say) was infinite things, since I distinctly saw it from every angle of the universe. I saw the teeming sea; I saw daybreak and nightfall; I saw the multitudes of America; I saw a silvery cobweb in the center of a black pyramid; I saw a splintered labyrinth (it was London); I saw, close up, unending eyes watching themselves in me as in a mirror; I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me; I saw in a backyard of Soler Street the same tiles that thirty years before I'd seen in the entrance of a house in Fray Bentos; I saw bunches of grapes, snow, tobacco, lodes of metal, steam; I saw convex equatorial deserts and each one of their grains of sand; I saw a woman in Inverness whom I shall never forget; I saw her tangled hair, her tall figure, I saw the cancer in her breast; I saw a ring of baked mud in a sidewalk, where before there had been a tree; I saw a summer house in Adrogué and a copy of the first English translation of Pliny -- Philemon Holland's -- and all at the same time saw each letter on each page (as a boy, I used to marvel that the letters in a closed book did not ge ~ Jorge Luis Borges
Allmacht Ge quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
You must endeavor to seem interested in the conversations of others; you'll be surprised by what you might learn. ~ GE Paulus
Allmacht Ge quotes by GE Paulus
The more you become a connoisseur of gratitude, the less you are a victim of resentment, depression, and despair. Gratitude will act as an elixir that will gradually dissolve the hard shell of your ego-your need to posses and control-and transform you into a generous being. The sense of gratitude produces true spiritual alchemy, makes us magnanimous-lar ge souled. ~ Sam Keen
Allmacht Ge quotes by Sam Keen
My project was radiation damage of Si and Ge by energetic electrons, critical for the use of the recently developed semiconductor devices for applications in outer space. ~ Walter Kohn
Allmacht Ge quotes by Walter Kohn
I greatly admire GE, their utterly ruthlessly focused management, to get the cost out and get this integration done.' Okay, we may make a few mistakes along the way but we are not going to waste any time.' They make decisions; they are incredibly disciplined and focused. ~ Larry Ellison
Allmacht Ge quotes by Larry Ellison
Discovering a note in the mending basket, Phoebe plucked it out and unfolded it. She instantly recognized West's handwriting.

Unemployed Feline Seeking Household Position

To Whom It May Concern,
I hereby offer my services as an experienced mouser and personal companion. References from a reputable family to be provided upon request. Willing to accept room and board in lieu of pay. Indoor lodgings preferred.

Your servant,
Galoshes the Cat

Glancing up from the note, Phoebe found her parents' questioning gazes on her. "Job application," she explained sourly. "From the cat."
"How charming," Seraphina exclaimed, reading over her shoulder.
"'Personal companion,' my foot," Phoebe muttered. "This is a semi-feral animal who has lived in outbuildings and fed on vermin."
"I wonder," Seraphina said thoughtfully. "If she were truly feral, she wouldn't want any contact with humans. With time and patience, she might become domesticated."
Phoebe rolled her eyes. "It seems we'll find out."
The boys returned from the dining car with a bowl of water and a tray of refreshments. Galoshes descended to the floor long enough to devour a boiled egg, an anchovy canapé, and a spoonful of black caviar from a silver dish on ice. Licking her lips and purring, the cat jumped back into Phoebe's lap and curled up with a sigh.
"I'd say she's adjusting quite well," Seraphina commented with a grin, and elbowed Phoebe ge ~ Lisa Kleypas
Allmacht Ge quotes by Lisa Kleypas
Tell me, what's the most valuable thing anyone can ever have? It's your life, isn't it? But you can hold on to it as tightly as you can for every waking hour, and you'll still have to let it go when the time comes, won't you? ~ Ge Fei
Allmacht Ge quotes by Ge Fei
Now GE has connections with Siemens over here, they worked on the V-2 guidance, ~ Thomas Pynchon
Allmacht Ge quotes by Thomas Pynchon
People identify some of the greatest brands today with the people who revolutionized the industries of those businesses: Microsoft – Bill Gates, Apple – Steve Jobs, GE – Jack Welch, and so on. ~ Omar Al Busaidy
Allmacht Ge quotes by Omar Al Busaidy
The GE press release went to the papers the very next day: "Scientists of the General Electric Company, flying an airplane over Greylock Mountain in western Massachusetts yesterday, conducted experiments with a cloud three miles long, and were successful in transforming the cloud into snow. ~ Ginger Strand
Allmacht Ge quotes by Ginger Strand
This is ... self-knowled ge-for a man to know what he knows, and what he does not know. ~ Socrates
Allmacht Ge quotes by Socrates
Ingesting divine cinnabar will make your lifespan inexhaustible. You will last as long as heaven and earth, be able to travel on clouds and ride dragons, and ascend at will to the Heaven of Highest Clarity ~ Ge Hong
Allmacht Ge quotes by Ge Hong
GE is falling under the same cloud of the market as a whole. Investors are not focused on the positives that are occurring like corporate profitability. ~ James Fisher
Allmacht Ge quotes by James Fisher
Light from the darkness. ge.1.5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. ge.1.6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. ge.1.7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the ~ Anonymous
Allmacht Ge quotes by Anonymous
Got it!" Mike announced. The GE record player slowly whirred to life, creaky as an old carousel.
"Nice," John said, raising a beer in salute. "What'd you do?"
"It wasn't on," Mike said. ~ Eric Spitznagel
Allmacht Ge quotes by Eric Spitznagel
Il y a deux sortes d'esprits, l'un ge ome trique, et l'autre que l'on peut appeler de finesse. Le premier a des vues lentes, dures et inflexibles; mais le dernier a une souplesse de pense e. There are two kinds of mind, one mathematical, the other what one might call the intuitive. The first takes a slow, firm, inflexible view, but the latter has flexibility of thought. ~ Blaise Pascal
Allmacht Ge quotes by Blaise Pascal
There is a predictable theme as to what upsets our matriarchs. Usually, matriarchs are known for their unified support. When it comes to kingdom matters, however, they are willing to drive out Abraham's son. (Ge 21:10) They are willing to reject Isaac's son. (Ge 27:6-13) In other words, they are not afraid to reject royalty ('shepherd-like acquaintances') to further God's kingdom goals. (Re 20:4-6)
pg 26 ~ Michael Ben Zehabe
Allmacht Ge quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
There are two types of people on earth: givers and takers. Life is not about taking and having but about giving and living. ~ GE Paulus
Allmacht Ge quotes by GE Paulus
Know Yourself: Are You a Freezer, Flyer, or Fighter?

How avoidance coping manifests for you will depend on what your dominant response type is when you're facing something you'd rather avoid. There are three possible responses: freezing, fleeing, or fighting. We've evolved these reactions because they're useful for encounters with predators. Like other animals, when we encounter a predator, we're wired to freeze to avoid provoking attention, run away, or fight.
Most people are prone to one of the three responses more so than the other two. Therefore, you can think of yourself as having a "type," like a personality type. Identify your type using the descriptions in the paragraphs that follow. Bear in mind that your type is just your most dominant pattern. Sometimes you'll respond in one of the other two ways.
Freezers virtually freeze when they don't want to do something. They don't move forward or backward; they just stop in their tracks. If a coworker or loved one nags a freezer to do something the freezer doesn't want to do, the freezer will tend not to answer. Freezers may be prone to stonewalling in relationships, which is a term used to describe when people flat-out refuse to discuss certain topics that their partner wants to talk about, such as a decision to have another baby or move to a new home.
Flyers are people who are prone to fleeing when they don't want to do something. They might physically leave the house if a relationship argument ge ~ Alice Boyes
Allmacht Ge quotes by Alice Boyes
Scientists have an expression for hypotheses that are utterly useless even for learning from mistakes. They refer to them as being "not even wrong." Most so-called spiritual discourse is of this type. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Allmacht Ge quotes by Christopher Hitchens
If I had to run a company on three measures, those measures would be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cash flow. Jack Welch, former CEO of GE ~ Anonymous
Allmacht Ge quotes by Anonymous
So what I have said with regard to Boeing and GE and other multinationals that pay zero taxes, you know what we're going to do? We're going to end that loophole. They are going to pay their fair share of taxes. ~ Bernie Sanders
Allmacht Ge quotes by Bernie Sanders
The only remedy for love is to love unconditionally. ~ GE Paulus
Allmacht Ge quotes by GE Paulus
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