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There are so many people I would love to work with, like Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Gary Oldman - maybe Tom Cruise. I wanna play his brother in something - so call my agent! ~ Scott Wolf
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Scott Wolf
If "the Nature Cruise of the Century" had come off as planned, the division of duties would have been typical of the management of so many organizations a million years ago, with the nominal leader specializing in sociable balderdash, and with the supposed second-in-command burdened with the responsibility of understanding how things really worked, and what was really going on. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
And a ride in a hearse tells us we're all close to that final cruise ... when the body dies and we move on. It's just the body, man. It's just the body. The soul's already gone. So don't be afraid of a dead body absent a soul. It's empty, man. No resident. What you need to worry about is a living body that's lost its soul. Now that is scary, man. - Funk N. Wagnalls, owner of the Grim Reapers auto lot, a character in Professor Brown Shoes Teaches the Blues. ~ David Mutti Clark
Aliaga Cruise quotes by David Mutti Clark
There is Life in every breath ... ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
Living in London is like being on a luxury cruise liner. ~ Ma Jian
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Ma Jian
It doesn't happen to me anymore, because a fresh generation of Africans and Asians has arisen to take over the business, but in my early years in Washington, D.C., I would often find myself in the back of a big beat-up old cab driven by an African-American veteran. I became used to the formalities of the mise-en-scène: on some hot and drowsy Dixie-like afternoon I would flag down a flaking Chevy. Behind the wheel, leaning wa-aay back and relaxed, often with a cigar stub in the corner of his mouth (and, I am not making this up, but sometimes also with a genuine porkpie hat on the back of his head) would be a grizzled man with the waist of his pants somewhere up around his armpits. I would state my desired destination. In accordance with ancient cabdriver custom, he would say nothing inresponse but simply engage the stickshift on his steering wheel and begin to cruise in a leisurely fashion. There would be a pause. Then: 'You from England?' I would always try to say something along the lines of 'Well, I'm in no position to deny it.' This occasionally got me a grin; in any case, I always knew what was coming next. 'I was there once.' 'Were you in the service?' 'I sure was.' 'Did you get to Normandy?' 'Yes, sir.' But it wasn't Normandy or combat about which they wanted to reminisce. (With real combat veterans, by the way, it almost never is.) It was England itself. 'Man did it know how to rain… and the warm beer. Nice people, though. Real nice.' I would never forget to say, as I ~ Christopher Hitchens
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Christopher Hitchens
All I'm saying is I think you deserve better," Case said. "From my point of view, anyway. You deserve better."
I threw my head back on the sofa and laughed. It was a harsh laugh with no mirth. "Most of the time, I don't think I deserve better."
"Everyone deserves better."
"Not me." I didn't look at him. "No one else would want me. I've royally fucked up. Everything. There isn't anything better out there. Anything or anyone."
"Yeah, there is."
"Oh, really?" I brought my eyes back to him. "And where exactly would I find better?"
It was quiet for a moment. Then he said,"Well, you might start with me. ~ Anna Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Anna Cruise
There is a boat ride at Epcot across the World Showcase Lagoon and some could argue this is an attraction. However, there is a boat ride from the International Gateway at Epcot that goes all the way to Disney's Hollywood Studios. The ride consists of stops at Epcot, Disney's Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club, Swan and Dolphin Hotel, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's a lovely cruise that connects the two theme parks. Most folks who are not staying in the resorts have no idea this 30-minute ride even exists. It is a fun way to see the different parts of the resort and it gives everyone an idea of how close Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios really is (if you don't have to drive.) For those adventurous types, there is a walkway too and along the way you could check out the interesting architecture of the buildings. ~ Jodi Jill
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Jodi Jill
But my friends are happy for me. The people who know me are happy. My mom is happy. My family is happy. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
I feel the need ... the need for speed. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
I was once on a mission, on a cruise I was wishin, that my mom was in the kitchen, eatin chicken, finger lickin. ~ Brandon DiCamillo
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Brandon DiCamillo
All these teachers and [screenwriting] books mean you see movies that have been worked over by more committees wielding more rules, that all originality and authorship is lost. That's why you're seeing superstars like Brad Pitt in THE FIGHT CLUB and Tom Cruise in MAGNOLIA. They're desperately searching for people writing and directing off-formula movies. ~ Paul Schrader
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Paul Schrader
Always stay sharp on railways and cruise ships for transit has a way of making everything clear. ~ Anna Godbersen
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Anna Godbersen
That's how the scientists discover new science. They start out with a hypothesis
an idea
and then others believe enough in the idea that they make it true. You see? ~ Esther Hicks
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Esther Hicks
The Trans-Siberian Express is like a cruise across an oceanic landscape. I've done it three times. ~ Paul Theroux
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Paul Theroux
Seriously, I would go in a second. I'd be the first actor in space and I'd love to do it. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
I'm always around my mother and sisters. I always wanted to be a father, a husband. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
The only moral question with suicide bombing is who the target is. And in that sense, the suicide bomber is no different from the stealth bomber or the cruise missile. If it is targeted at civilian people, then it is morally wrong, whether done by Bush, Blair, or a suicide bomber. ~ George Galloway
Aliaga Cruise quotes by George Galloway
I've been ... chased by paparazzi, and they run lights, and they chase you and harass you the whole time. It happens all over the world, and it has certainly gotten worse. You don't know what it's like being chased by them. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
Got it. Look, the way I see it, two people walk in the restaurant, a Methodist and an atheist. The Methodist says, I'm not going to tip because I just came from church and I've already done my good deed for the day. The atheist says, I'm not tipping because life is meaningless and we're all just animals. To me, they're both members of the same religion, because they're doing the same thing. Whatever little story they tell themselves to justify it is irrelevant. It goes the other way, too - if a Muslim and a Scientologist come in and both leave a tip, they're on the same team. It doesn't matter to me if one did it because of Allah and the other was obeying the ghost of Tom Cruise, what matters is it resulted in doing the right thing. ~ David Wong
Aliaga Cruise quotes by David Wong
I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can't do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I'm going to do something, I go all the way. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
I think it's quite tough for people like Tom Cruise where you can never really get away from being Tom Cruise in something. You're so familiar to people and people know so much about your life. ~ Michael Sheen
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Michael Sheen
There is no one who likes a challenge more than Tom Cruise. Believe me, there was never any discussion of lip syncing or another voice or anything like that, because if the guy's going to hang out on the top of the Burj, he's not going to let anybody do his singing for him. ~ Adam Shankman
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Adam Shankman
I can't imagine why people come on cruise if they don't want to mix and be cheerful. One might as well stay at home and be depressed. ~ Andrew Garve
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Andrew Garve
If you want to lose weight, whole-wheat bread, couscous, and quinoa are evil. ~ Jorge Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Jorge Cruise
I love Tom Cruise. When Penelope Cruz is through with him, I'm next. ~ Christina Aguilera
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Christina Aguilera
A cruise missile is more important than Head Start. ~ Ann Coulter
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Ann Coulter
I haven't been on a first date over five years.
Five. Years.
Which means, I haven't been on one since 2006.
Let me take you back to that time: 2006.
Tom Cruise and Kathie Holmes celebrated the birth of their little "TomKitten."
The Wii came out - and YouTube was flooded with videos of people throwing those little white remotes into their TVs.
Britney and Kevin call it quits, shocking America to its very core.
Facebook was still just a college campus thing - if you wanted to stalk someone, you had to buy a zoom lens and some night vision goggles.
It was a simpler time. ~ Elodia Strain
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Elodia Strain
I'm not in a rush to do anything. And I wouldn't say I pick and choose. When it comes to producers picking people for roles I don't think it's between me and Tom Cruise, do you know what I mean? ~ Matt LeBlanc
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Matt LeBlanc
The Netherlands capital of Amsterdam amsterdam cruise is a thriving metropolis and one from the world's popular cities. If you are planning a trip to the metropolis, but are unclear about what you should do presently there, why not possess a little fun and spend time learning about how it's stereotypically known for? How come they put on clogs? When was the wind mill first utilised there? In addition, be sure to include all your feels on your journey and taste the phenomenal cheeses along with smell the stunning tulips. It's really recommended that you stay in a city motel, Amsterdam is quite spread out and residing in hotels close to the city-centre allows for the easiest access to public transportation.

~ Step Into The Stereotypes Of Amsterdam
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Step Into The Stereotypes Of Amsterdam
Tom Cruise only makes one or two film appearances a year. A baseball player can be the hero or the goat one-hundred and sixty-two times a year. ~ Dave Winfield
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Dave Winfield
I like to work with people that I like hanging out with, that I admire, that are really smart and talented, and we can problem solve together. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
cruise the ones in the flesh, not the ghosts on the internet ~ Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
I go without sleep, I just go hard. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
I find myself applying the addict's impulse to how I cruise. I don't look at the ass. If I see a hot guy walking towards me I look at his arm, and if he has a vein I fantasize about shooting up with him. ~ Kevin Sessums
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Kevin Sessums
I've had such extremes in my life. From being this kind of wild kid, to one year studying to be a Franciscan priest at the seminary ... I was very frustrated. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
Once upon a time, there was Candy and Dan. Things were very hot that year. All the wax was melting in the trees. He would climb balconies, climb everywhere, do anything for her, oh Danny boy. Thousands of birds, the tiniest birds, adorned her hair. Everything was gold. One night the bed caught fire. He was handsome and a very good criminal. We lived on sunlight and chocolate bars. It was the afternoon of extravagant delight. Danny the daredevil. Candy went missing. The days last rays of sunshine cruise like sharks. I want to try it your way this time. You came into my life really fast and I liked it. We squelched in the mud of our joy. I was wet-thighed with surrender. Then there was a gap in things and the whole earth tilted. This is the business. This, is what we're after. With you inside me comes the hatch of death. And perhaps I'll simply never sleep again. The monster in the pool. We are a proper family now with cats and chickens and runner beans. Everywhere I looked. And sometimes I hate you. Friday -- I didn't mean that, mother of the blueness. Angel of the storm. Remember me in my opaqueness. You pointed at the sky, that one called Sirius or dog star, but on here on earth. Fly away sun. Ha ha fucking ha you are so funny Dan. A vase of flowers by the bed. My bare blue knees at dawn. These ruffled sheets and you are gone and I am going to. I broke your head on the back of the bed but the baby he died in the morning. I gave him a name. His name was Thomas. Poor little go ~ Luke Davies
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Luke Davies
S'up?" he asks. My voice rattles when I answer. "N-not much. You know, reanimated corpses chasing me on a cruise ship. Same old. ~ Alison Kemper
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Alison Kemper
He glanced nervously over his shoulder with a remarkable pair of codfish eyes.

'Like a 'orrid movie I saw once in Canarsie. Bunch o' lunks set off on a cruise to nowhere, just like this, and wot do you suppose they all was?'




'Dead as mutton, only they didn't know it. ~ Rufus King
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Rufus King
I don't think any actor has the luxury of knowing exactly what scripts are going to turn out well and what ones aren't. It would be wonderful to have that particular skill, and maybe people like Tom Cruise have it more than most, but you go into each project hoping that a good, if not great, film will come out the other end. ~ Jonny Lee Miller
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Jonny Lee Miller
Follow the loglo outward, to where the growth is enfolded into the valleys and the canyons, and you find the land of the refugees. They have fled from the true America, the America of atomic bombs, scalpings, hip-hop, chaos theory, cement overshoes, snake handlers, spree killers, space walks, buffalo jumps, drive-bys, cruise missiles; Sherman's March, gridlock, motorcycle gangs, and bungee jumping. They have parallel-parked their bimbo boxes in identical computer-designed Burbclave street patterns and secreted themselves in symmetrical sheetrock shitholes with vinyl floors and ill-fitting woodwork and no sidewalks, vast house farms out in the loglo wilderness, a culture medium for a medium culture. ~ Neal Stephenson
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Neal Stephenson
They smell good. They look pretty. I love women. I do. ~ Tom Cruise
Aliaga Cruise quotes by Tom Cruise
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