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#1. I look in the jewelry box where Joanie found the drugs. She showed me a miniature Ziploc bag filled with a clear, hard rock.

"What is this?" I said. I never did drugs, so I had no idea. Heroin? Cocaine? Crack? Ice? "What is this?" I screamed at Alex, who screamed back, "It's not like I shoot it!"

A plastic ballerina pops up and slowly twirls to a tinkling song whose sound is discordant and deformed. The pink satin liner is dirty, and other than a black pearl necklace, the box holds only rusty paper clips and rubber bands noosed with Alex's dark hair. I see a note stuck to the mirror and pick up the jewelry box and move the ballerina aside. She twirls against my finger. The note says, I wouldn't hide them in the same place twice.

I let out a short breath through my nose. Good one, Alex. I close the jewelry box and shake my head, missing her tremendously. I wish she never went back to boarding school, and I don't understand her sudden change of plans. What did they fight about? What could have been so bad? - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Alex King quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#2. You've already said that," Alex says. "Why should I go?"

"You're the only person I have," I say. "And I want us all to be together. It will be good for us."

"Oh, so now I'm back in the picture again."

"Alex. Something bigger than you is occurring right now. I'm sorry about your unhappy childhood."

She glares at me in that special way of hers and Joanie's that makes me feel worthless and foul-smelling.

"So we'll tell Scottie we're going on a vacation while Mom is in the hospital?"

"It's for a day or two," I say. "Scottie's been in the hospital every day for almost a month now. She needs a break. It's not good for her. I'd like you to be in charge of answering any questions she may have. She looks up to you. She'll hang on whatever you say."

I'm hoping a leadership role, a specific chore, will make Alex act like an adult and treat Scottie well.

"Can you do that?"

She shrugs.

"If you can't handle things, let me know. I'll help. I'm here for you."

Alex laughs. I wonder if there are parents who can say things to their kids like "I love you" or "I'm here for you" without being laughed at. I have to admit it's a bit uncomfortable. Affection, in general, is unpleasant to me.

"What if Mom doesn't make it for two days?"

"She will," I say. "I'll tell her what we're doing."

Alex looks uncomfortable with this idea, that what I'll say wil - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Alex King quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#3. Scott still stares at Sid, then turns to Alice and hands her the Scotch. "We're going to go see Joanie today," he says.

Alice grins. "And Chachi?" she asks.

Sid bursts out laughing and Scott turns back to him, then places a hand on his shoulder, which makes me fear for his life. "You be quiet, son," Scott says. "I could kill you with this hand. This hand has been places."

I shake my head and look at both Sid and Alex.

Scott lifts his hand off Sid's shoulder and turns again to his wife. "No, Alice. Our Joanie. Our daughter. We're going to give her anything she wants." He glares at me. "Think about what she would want, Alice. We're going to get it for her and bring it to her. Bring it right to her bed."

"Joanie and Chachi," Alice chants. "Joanie and Chachi!"

"Shut up, Alice!" Scott yells.

Alice looks at Scott as though he just said "Cheese." She clasps her hands together and smiles, staying in the pose for a few seconds. He looks at her face and squints. "Sorry, old gal," he says. "You go ahead and say whatever you want."

"It was funny," Sid says. "All I was doing was laughing. She has a good sense of humor. That's all. Maybe she knows she's being funny. I think she does."

"I'm going to hit you," Scott says. His arms hang alongside him, the muscles flexed, veins big like milk-shake straws. I know he's going to hit Sid because that's what he does. I've seen him hit Barry. I, too, h - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Alex King quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#4. Reina sounds awesome," Sid says. "I'm digging her more and more."

"Were you there?" I ask. "Have you seen one of these movies?"

"No," Scottie says.

"Scottie," Alex says, kicking Sid in the ribs. "Reina is a fuckedup ho bag, and you need to stay away from her. I've already told you that. Do you want to end up like me?"

"Yes," Scottie says.

"I mean the earlier me, when I was yelling at Mom."

"No," Scottie says.

"Well, Reina is going to be a crackhead, and she's going to get used. She's a twat. Say it."

"Twat," Scottie says. She gets up and runs across the room, saying, "Twat twat twat twat twat."

"Holy shit," Sid says. "This is some messed-up parenting. Isn't it?"

Alex shrugs. "Maybe. I guess we'll see."

"I don't get it," I say. "I don't know what to do. These things she does, they keep happening."

"It will go away," Alex says.

"Will it? I mean, look at how you kids talk. In front of me, especially. It's like you don't respect authority."

The kids stare at the television. I tell them to get out. I'm going to bed. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Alex King quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#5. What are we talking about?" Alex says. "This is fucking nonsense."

The couple ahead of us turns slightly.

"What are you looking at?" Alex says to them.

I don't bother to reprimand her, because really, what are they looking at? I slow my pace and Alex punches Scottie in the arm.

"Ow!" Scottie screams.

"Alex! Why are we still on this pattern?"

"Hit her back, Dad," Scottie yells.

Alex grabs Scottie's neck.

"You're hurting me," Scottie says.

"That's kind of the point," Alex says.

I grab both children by the arm and pull them down to the sand. Sid covers his mouth with his hand and bends over, laughing silently.

"'What do you love about Mom?'" Alex says, mimicking her sister. "Shut up, already. And stop babying her."

I sit down between them and don't say a word. Sid sits next to Alex. "Easy, tiger," he says. I look at the waves crashing down on the sand. A few women walk by and give me this knowing look, as though a father with his kids is such a precious sight. It takes so little to be revered as a father. I can tell the girls are waiting for me to say something, but what can I say that hasn't been said? I've shouted, I've reasoned, I've even spanked. Nothing works.

"What do you love about Mom, Scottie?" I ask, glaring at Alex.

She takes a moment to think. "Lots of stuff. She's not old and ugly, like most moms."

"What - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Alex King quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#6. She looks at the Dictaphone in my hand.
"Are you recording this?"
"No, Alex, I was summarizing a deposition."
"How can you work?"
"How can you see a movie? How can you have a friend over?"
She looks away. Half of the room is bright from my lamp. The other side is dark, the sharp silhouette of the mountain framed by the window running across the room. The image always reminds me of a panoramic picture. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Alex King quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#7. I would imagine after the first recording session with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and Atlantic Records I began to realize that this is going to be like this for the rest of my life and I knew that what, what they were doing was going to be successful because with each session that we would do, it would get better and better and better, the songs would become better, the, ah, the feeling of success was there and we were all in the middle of that as well. - Author: Ben E. King
Alex King quotes by Ben E. King
#8. Curtailment of free speech is rationalized on grounds that a more compelling American tradition forbids criticism of the government when the nation is at war ... Nothing can be more destructive of our fundamental democratic traditions than the vicious effort to silence dissenters. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Alex King quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#9. Americans could surprise you with the things they knew. - Author: Lily King
Alex King quotes by Lily King
#10. You have so much to offer, she was often told, as if she had a tray of cigarettes and candy perpetually strapped to her waist. - Author: Lily King
Alex King quotes by Lily King
#11. The best-educated doctor in the world is standing on a low island in the middle of a sea of ignorance. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#12. Oh, I suppose all men of intelligence know how fragile such things as Law and Justice and Civilization really are, but it's not a thing they think of willingly, because it disturbs one's rest and plays hob with one's appetite. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#13. People don't get this: but memories are just like the future. You can't plan for when they show up, and you've got no control over them when they do. Worst of all, the older you get, the sadder they are. - Author: Alex Morel
Alex King quotes by Alex Morel
#14. Upon this the Hungarian ministers resigned, but the names submitted by the president of the council, at the demand of the king, were not approved of for successors. - Author: Lajos Kossuth
Alex King quotes by Lajos Kossuth
#15. If you want to move people, it has to be toward a vision that's positive for
them, that taps important values, that gets them something they desire and
it has to be presented in a compelling way so that they feel inspired to
follow. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Alex King quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#16. Meaning can only be understood in relation to its environment. Therefore, the words only make full sense in context ... There are no absolutes, there is no meaning without relationships, everything is not only interacting but interdependent. The kahunas use this idea to help give a person a powerfully secure sense of significance, while at the same time teaching him that to heal himself is to heal the world, and to heal the world is to heal himself. This is not a loss of individuality, but an understanding that individuality itself is a relationship with the environment. - Author: Serge King
Alex King quotes by Serge King
#17. Life is a wheel, and it always comes back around to where it started. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#18. When nurses drink, they have a tendency to go all in. They're like cops that way. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#19. And I used to say, 'I'm black, too.' In other words, I - my whole life I've been called a half-breed, a convict, king of the trailer trash, this and that. I take that and stand. - Author: Duane Chapman
Alex King quotes by Duane Chapman
#20. If the great figures of this nation's history were alive today, they would all have to say that they committed a felony when they applied for a job at McDonald's. - Author: Justin King
Alex King quotes by Justin King
#21. Her hands were folded just below her breasts, as if in prayer. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#22. When harsh words cut you down and open long-forgotten wounds,may you, beloved daughter of a King,stand tall in your dignity and worth. - Author: Joan Campbell
Alex King quotes by Joan Campbell
#23. The Fed's ability to raise and lower short-term interest rates is its primary control over the economy. - Author: Alex Berenson
Alex King quotes by Alex Berenson
#24. Rage-the biggest, truest rage of her adult life-had invaded her like a fever, but it wasn't like any fever she had known previously. It circulated like weird serum, cold on the right side of her body, then hot on the left, where her heart was. It seemed to come nowhere near her head, which remained clear. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#25. All of Mid-World had become one vast haunted mansion in these strange latter days; all of Mid-World had become The Drawers; all of Mid-World had become a waste land, haunting and haunted. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#26. You have two choices," Vance said.
I stopped in the doorway to the hall and put my hands on my hips.
"And those would be?" I asked.
"We can talk or we can f**k."
My eyes rounded. Then they narrowed. I didn't answer.
"Though," he went on, "I should tell you even if you pick talking, after we're done, we're still gonna f**k."
I frowned at him and leaned in. "You are too much," I snapped.
He ignored my threatening posture. "You don't chose, I will, and I'll pick f**king. We can talk after. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Alex King quotes by Kristen Ashley
#27. I don't realize it until I speak it. And it's different from the times I've said it before, or the way I've hoped it, as if dreaming something enough could birth it into being. I know it now with a certainty that has fitted into the lost core at the heart of me, as hard and angular as my hope was soft and shimmering. The King will not have me. - Author: Natasha Ngan
Alex King quotes by Natasha Ngan
#28. It is about time that the religious and environmental faithful joined forces. No one wins when divisive politics pits the right to human life against the sanctity of biodiversity, or family values against ecosystem services. There are infinite compatible reasons to love, cherish and steward Earth. - Author: Alex Bruce
Alex King quotes by Alex Bruce
#29. Do you know what made Poe great? And Machen and Lovecraft? A direct pipeline to the old subconscious. To the fears and twisted needs that swim around down there like phosphorescent fish. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#30. Many years ago in a period commonly know as Next Friday Afternoon, there lived a King who was very Gloomy on Tuesday mornings because he was so Sad thinking about how Unhappy he had been on Monday and how completely Mournful he would be on Wednesday ... - Author: Walt Kelly
Alex King quotes by Walt Kelly
#31. To actually make you believe that your problems were spiritual and mental but absolutely not boozical. Good Christ, just the alcohol-related loss of the REM sleep was enough to screw you up righteously, but somehow you never thought of that while you were active. Booze turned your thought-processes into something akin to that circus routine where all the clowns come piling out of the little car. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#32. God is with us to be utilized. His Power, His Love, His Thought, His Love, His Thought, His Presence must be at our disposal, like other great forces, such as sunshine and wind and rain. We can use them or not, as we please. We can use them in proportion to our ability. - Author: Basil King
Alex King quotes by Basil King
#33. Pakistan's ruler Pervez Musharraf predicted the Taliban will fall for hiding Osama bin Laden. Ex-king Zahir Shah is standing by to replace Mullah Mohammed Omar. And the most ominous sign of all, President Bush has learned all their names. - Author: Argus Hamilton
Alex King quotes by Argus Hamilton
#34. I like to get ten pages a day, which amounts to 2,000 words. That's 180,000 words over a three-month span, a goodish length for a book - something in which the reader can get happily lost, if the tale is done well and stays fresh. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King
#35. I stood there looking stupid, because that's what I do when I'm accused of something I didn't do. Forget making a case or, you know, denying that I'd done it.

Denying hadn't helped me in the past. - Author: Francesca Zappia
Alex King quotes by Francesca Zappia
#36. Frederick the Great was accustomed to say: "The older one gets the more convinced one becomes that his Majesty King Chance does three-quarters of the business of this miserable universe." Sorel - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Alex King quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#37. My former people were not totally wrong. Love is a kind of possession. It's a poison. And if Alex no longer loves me, I can't bear to think that he might love somebody else. - Author: Lauren Oliver
Alex King quotes by Lauren Oliver
#38. There were nights when I got nothing, [but] I still played. With no one to hear me and no one to pay me, and it did not matter.
On those nights, the words were for me alone. They came up unbidden from my heart. They slipped over my tongue and spilled from my mouth. And because of them I, who was nothing and nobody, was a prince of Denmark, a maid of Verona, a queen of Egypt. I was a sour misanthrope, a beetling hypocrite, a conjurer's daughter, a mad and murderous king.
It was dark and it was cold on those nights. The world was harsh and I was hungry. Yet I had such joy from the words. Such joy.
There were times when I lifted my face to the sky, stretched my arms wide to the winter night, and laughed out loud, so happy was I.
The memory of it makes me laugh now, but not from happiness.
Be careful what you show the world.
You never know when the wolf is watching. - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Alex King quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#39. Everywhere and nowhere as the March wind begin to rise and moan like a dead Berserker winding his horn, it drifted on the wind, lonely and savage. - Author: Stephen King
Alex King quotes by Stephen King

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