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Lizards flashed up the pine-trunks like living emerald necklaces. ~ John Fowles
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by John Fowles
Little cute thing said, what's yo' name? I put my necklace in her face and told her read the chain. ~ Ludacris
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Ludacris
Choice by choice, moment by moment, I build the necklace of my day, stringing together the choices that form artful living. ~ Julia Cameron
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Julia Cameron
Fact it seemed we had been doing things, such as stringing necklaces of rainbow-colored candy while the radio played Belle and Sebastian ~ Donna Tartt
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Donna Tartt
I decide that if I ever get to come back here under different, nonstressful circumstances, I will stay at this hotel and drink fruity drinks and lay in the sand until my skin looks like it had a makeout session with the sun. But today, I'm looking for an inconspicuous way into the water.
We head out of the lobby and get waylaid by hula dancers in grass skirts handing out necklaces of flowers. Apparently Toraf doesn't like necklaces of flowers; as one of the women raises it above his head, he slaps her hand away. I show him, as I accept the gift around my neck, that the woman with the coconut boobs was just trying to be his friend. Just like all the women he's come across so far.
"Humans are too weird," he whispers, unconvinced. I wonder what Toraf would think of Disney World.
Our hotel is right on the water, so we pass through the lobby to the back. The beach is lined with lounge chairs and umbrellas and people scantily clad and people who shouldn't be scantily clad. ~ Anna Banks
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Anna Banks
Workers and their families may starve to death in the New World Order of economic rationality, but diamond necklaces are cheaper in elegant New York shops, thanks to the miracle of the market. ~ Noam Chomsky
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Noam Chomsky
I would pore for hours over the stalls of worn necklaces, sets of gilt spoons, sugar tongs in the shape of hen's feet or midget hands, clocks that didn't work, flowered china, spotty mirrors and ponderous furniture, the flotsam left by those receding centuries in which, more and more, I was living. ~ Margaret Atwood
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Margaret Atwood
TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS ... guess Elvis use to say it alot and had necklaces made with initials TCB ~ Elvis Presley
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Elvis Presley
Tips like that. Wearing necklaces, knowing how to layer, wearing a statement piece. Don't wear big earrings and a big necklace and a big ring all at the same time. Pick your magic. I have this whole thing: if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you look good. ~ Molly Sims
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Molly Sims
With short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. ~ Joan Juliet Buck
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Joan Juliet Buck
When a woman wants to look festive, she should add some shine, sheen or sparkle to her outfit, like a metallic clutch, an embellished shoe, or a blingy statement necklace. ~ Clinton Kelly
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Clinton Kelly
Boys! Are they always this impossible? Do they always say cryptic, indecipherable things? (Note
to self: work with Liz to adapt her boy-to-English translator into a more mobile form - like maybe a
watch or necklace.) ~ Ally Carter
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Ally Carter
Down the rusty bars of ladders to the undergrounds of the night propitious to the first man and woman at the beginning of the world. where there were no words by which to possess each other, no music for serenades, no presents to court with, no tournaments to impress and force a yielding, no secondary instruments, no adornments, necklaces, crowns to subdue, but only one ritual, a joyous, joyous, joyous, joyous, impaling of a woman on a man´s sensual mast ~ Anais Nin
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Anais Nin
That's beautiful,' Valkyrie said, looking at it.
Isn't it? This necklace has cost two very fine men their lives. At times, I wear it in tribute to their sacrifice. Other times, I wear it because it goes with this skirt. ~ Derek Landy
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Derek Landy
Together, hand in hand, with our matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country. ~ Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
You need a man who knows and understands you, Alyssa. Both sides of you. A partner." He pulls my necklaces - and me - closer. "One who's your equal in every way." The scent of licorice fills my nose; he must've been smoking his hookah before I arrived. My body betrays me, remembering what those tobacco-laced kisses taste lik ~ A.G. Howard
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by A.G. Howard
I have a couple of long, funky necklaces I enjoy, some chunky rings, a few big bracelets to cover my wrist tattoo when I'm speaking at First (fill-in-the-denomination) Church, USA. ~ Jen Hatmaker
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Jen Hatmaker
The music, and the banquet, and the wine
The garlands, the rose odors, and the flowers, The sparkling eyes, and flashing ornaments
The white arms and the raven hair
the braids, And bracelets; swan-like bosoms, and the necklace, An India in itself, yet dazzling not. ~ Lord Byron
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Lord Byron
I have a necklace around my neck that my lady gave me, so I try never to leave home without that. ~ Chad Michael Murray
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Chad Michael Murray
No one else noticed, or cared. It was just something they did. Taking other people's livestock. Other people's lives. She watched the soldiers, hating them. They were different in so many ways, white and black, yellow and brown, skinny, short, tall, small, but they were all the same. Didn't matter if they wore finger-bone necklaces, or baby teeth on bracelets, or tattoos on their chests to ward off bullets. In the end, they were all mangled with battle scars and their eyes were all dead. ~ Paolo Bacigalupi
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
What is he? A friend or an enemy? The alethiometer answered: He is a murderer. ~ Philip Pullman
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Philip Pullman
After university, I was working as a stylist in the Paris theatres when I had a flash of inspiration. I made necklaces from the bikinis designed for the cabaret performers of Folies Bergeres. I was so happy with them that it was only then that I sought out formal training in jewelry. ~ Paloma Picasso
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Paloma Picasso
I said: 'Thou thing of patches, rings,
Pins, necklaces and suchlike things,
Disguiser of the female form,
Thou paltry, gilded poisonous worm! ~ William Blake
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by William Blake
During the Mardi Gras carnival in New Orleans, drunk and drugged and sleepless for sex-driven nights and days, I saw leering clowns on gaudy floats tossing cheap necklaces to grasping hands that clutched and grabbed and tore them, spilling beads; and revelers crawled on littered streets, wrestling for them, bleeding for them on sidewalks; and beads fell on spattered blood like dirty tears - and I saw costumed revelers turn into angels, angels into demons, demons into clowning angels; and in a flashing moment the night split open into a deeper, darker chasm out of which soared demonic clowning angels laughing. ~ John Rechy
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by John Rechy
There weren't many amulet smugglers around these parts. They mostly served Regime territory down south, where the so-called "demons" reigned. If you didn't want a monster for a child, you'd pay a pretty penny for one of those necklaces. And if you were caught smuggling them, well, you'd pay with your pretty head. ~ Dean F. Wilson
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Dean F. Wilson
People love their animals so much so that they put little clothes on them and necklaces and booties and things like that. And if you love your animal, then you should feed them something that's not dangerous for them. There's a lot of poisonous stuff that they're putting in a lot of that food, those by-products. ~ Ellen DeGeneres
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
SUMMER SHOWER. A drop fell on the apple tree, Another on the roof; A half a dozen kissed the eaves, And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook, That went to help the sea. Myself conjectured, Were they pearls, What necklaces could be! The dust replaced in hoisted roads, The birds jocoser sung; The sunshine threw his hat away, The orchards spangles hung. The breezes brought dejected lutes, And bathed them in the glee; The East put out a single flag, And signed the fete away. ~ Emily Dickinson
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Emily Dickinson
He was forever dwelling on his failures. He held them up to the light and examined them in minute detail, like necklaces that had tangled in a drawer. ~ Elliott Holt
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Elliott Holt
You see, I'm not some shiny bauble to be strung onto a necklace and displayed for all the world to see. I'm too proud to ever be anyone's conquest. ~ Courtney Milan
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Courtney Milan
What can I give you, Aislinn? Shall I weave flowers into your hair?"
He opened his hand, letting go of her hair. An iris blossom sat in the palm of his hand. "Shall I bring you necklaces of gold? Delicacies mortals can only dream of? I'll do all those things anyway. Don't waste your wish. ~ Melissa Marr
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Melissa Marr
Watch out for the medallion, my diamonds are reckless,
Feels like a midget is hangin from my necklace! ~ Ludacris
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Ludacris
I have a belief that if I wear my placenta in a necklace, there's a possibility of me gaining second sight - like being psychic. I would be wearing it whether or not I was in the public eye. ~ Kesha
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Kesha
Mom asked me this morning if I'd made my New Year's resolution yet. I told her it's to get a tattoo on my butt cheek of half a heart, like those friendship necklaces, and trip was going to get the other half-we're still arguing over who gets the Best butt cheek and who gets the Friends cheek. Each has its own issues in isolation. I feel like there's a poem in there somewhere. ~ Jared Reck
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Jared Reck
In the name of what - except perhaps the coefficient of rarity - does man adorn himself with necklaces of shells and not spider's webs, with fox fur and not fox innards? In the name of what I don't know. Don't dirt, trash and filth, which are man's companions during his whole lifetime, deserve to be dearer to him and isn't it serving him well to remind him of their beauty? ~ Jean Dubuffet
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Jean Dubuffet
I wish you the sweetness of sticky kisses,
the fragrance of muddy bouquets of weeds,
the simplicity of macaroni necklaces,
the warmth of bedtime snuggles,
the promise of beautiful tomorrows.
I wish you the hope to carry your heart
through the hard times,
the grace to forgive your inevitable mistakes,
the strength to start again every morning,
the wisdom to enjoy the journey.
I wish you enough joy and laughter in the present
to fill the silence that comes too soon
when life grows quiet and rooms grow still
and your heart beats in constant prayer
for the once-small feet
that now choose their own path
guided by the whisper of their childhood. ~ L.R. Knost
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by L.R. Knost
I turn, concentrating on Jeb. "No matter what you think happened between the two of us, I love you. We share battle scars and hearts. I don't want to lose that."
He studies my necklaces and the soldered clump of metal at my neck. "Yeah, I see how well you took care of my heart." ~ A.G. Howard
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by A.G. Howard
My mother says that pain is hidden in everyone you see. She says try to imagine it like big bunches of flowers that everyone is carrying around with them. Think of your pain like a big bunch of red roses, a beautiful thorn necklace. Everyone has one. ~ Francesca Lia Block
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Francesca Lia Block
She'd been given gifts before. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Weekend trips to the Bahamas or a day at the spa. Expensive - but meaningless - trinkets that showed Dax didn't have a clue what to give her, that he didn't listen to her. Things that could be meant for any woman. Nothing that said she was special, that what she thought and wanted mattered.
A set of aluminum bleachers full of teenage boys meant more than any of those things combined. ~ Jeanette Murray
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Jeanette Murray
I was at a photo shoot, and I was wearing a cross necklace that my mom bought me, and somebody made a joke like, 'Why are you wearing a cross? Like you would be religious.' And then they took it away. I was really affected by that. The whole thing made me realize that I do want a cross with me at all times. ~ Kate Upton
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Kate Upton
I was actually very surprised after using some plastic necklaces on the strings, as the sound was very bright. Sometimes I just put something inside that lies next to me ... ~ Volker Bertelmann
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Volker Bertelmann
I pull back and tell him, "You're amazing."

He gives me a soft smirk. "That is the general consensus."

I smile. "And I love you."

He sets my feet on the floor but keeps his arms around my waist. "Good. Then you're going to let me put three locks on the door of whatever apartment you decide to move into. And a chain. And a dead bolt."

I smile wider. "Okay."

Drew slowly steps forward, backing me up toward the bed.

"And you're not going to bitch when I have a security system installed."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

We take another step together, almost like we're dancing.

"I'm thinking about buying you one of those 'I've fallen and I can't get up' necklaces too."

My eyes squint as I pretend to think about the idea. "We'll talk about it."

"And . . . you're going to let me walk you home from work every night."


The back of my legs make contact with the bed frame.

"I'm also going to come to every doctor's appointment with you."

"I didn't for a second imagine you wouldn't."

Drew cups my face in his hands. "And one day, I'm going to ask you to marry me. And you're going to know it's not because you're pregnant, or because of some misguided attempt to keep you."

Tears spring into my eyes as we gaze at each other.

In a rough voice, he continues, "You're going to know I'm asking because noth ~ Emma Chase
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Emma Chase
Since everyone around you agrees ever since there were people on earth that land is value, or labor is value, or learning is value, or title, degree, necklaces, murex shells, the ownership of slaves. Everyone knows bees sting and ghosts haunt and giving your robes away humiliates your rivals. That the enemies are barbarians. That wise men swim through the rock of the earth; that houses breed filth, airstrips attract airplanes, tornadoes punish, ancestors watch, and you can buy a shorter stay in purgatory. The black rock is holy, or the scroll; or the pangolin is holy, the quetzal is holy, this tree, water, rock, stone, cow, cross, or mountain--and it's all true. The Red Sox. Or nothing at all is holy, as everyone intelligent knows. ~ Annie Dillard
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Annie Dillard
He slid his hands to the back of her neck, fumbling for the necklace's clasp. He undid it and held the chain of rubies up, red and gold in the flickering candlelight. "No shackles for us," he said, "no matter how rich. ~ Susanna Fraser
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Susanna Fraser
I own a shameless number of ethnic necklaces acquired at local markets in developing countries or inherited from my grandmother. These have seen me through meetings in Davos and visits to refugee camps. ~ Leila Janah
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Leila Janah
I like necklaces that are short, the way skateboarders used to wear them in the seventies. ~ Elle Fanning
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Elle Fanning
His jewelry was custom designed for the very rich and tasteless, people who would find it necessary to buy hundred-thousand-dollar necklaces to wear to a thousand-dollar-a-plate charity dinner, and never grasp the irony. ~ Dean Koontz
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Dean Koontz
When you lose your face ... , it is like dropping your necklace down a well. The only way you can get it back is to fall in after it. ~ Amy Tan
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Amy Tan
The necklace is the anchor; it's the classification of jewelry that says what the whole idea is about. ~ Robert Lee Morris
Alethiometer Necklaces quotes by Robert Lee Morris
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