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You can't enjoy sipping of success without first enduring failure's fire ~ Phillip Gary Smith
Aleppo Gary quotes by Phillip Gary Smith
I am a person who holds the aesthetic high. I have suits made in Savile Row. ~ Gary Kemp
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Kemp
That's what every young kid thinks about when they first put on a uniform - is to play in the Major League and then, ultimately, play in a World Series. To me, that was the ultimate, winning in '86. ~ Gary Carter
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Carter
Building human-centered organizations doesn't imply a return to the paternalistic, corporate welfare practices of the 19th century. Most of us don't want to be nannied. ~ Gary Hamel
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Hamel
Obviously, certain sins often may escape detection. Homosexuals who practice behind closed doors are out-of-bounds for the courts, of course, unless others witness their criminal behavior. Such behavior may not be dealt with by courts in history, but will be dealt with by God, either in history (e.g., AIDS) or eternity. The law that requires the death penalty for homosexual acts effectually drives the perversion of homosexuality underground, back to the closet, to the dark realm of shameful activity. ~ Gary DeMar
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary DeMar
If the milk industry can make their product seem sexy and increase consumer demand, there must be hope for music. ~ Gary Arnold
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Arnold
I'm not saying there's not darkness in there still, but it's happening from outward factors more than inward. Maybe things are terrifying, but they're beautiful, too. The world is extremely surprising. ~ Gary Lightbody
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Lightbody
Don't drink your bathwater and don't pee on your feet. ~ James Gary Vineyard
Aleppo Gary quotes by James Gary Vineyard
There is something wrong with our culture when the view that marriage is between one man and one woman, a view shared by half the nation, is portrayed as evidence of hatred. ~ Gary Bauer
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Bauer
Unlike President Obama, I am not afraid to state, without a wink or a nod, that the government has no right to tell us who we can marry or not marry. ~ Gary Johnson
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Johnson
In the area of linguistics, there are major language
groups: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English, Portuguese,
Greek, German, French, and so on. Most of us grow up
learning the language of our parents and siblings, which
becomes our primary or native tongue. Later, we may learn
additional languages but usually with much more effort.
These become our secondary languages. We speak and
understand best our native language. We feel most
comfortable speaking that language. The more we use a
secondary language, the more comfortable we become
conversing in it. If we speak only our primary language and
encounter someone else who speaks only his or her
primary language, which is different from ours, our
communication will be limited. We must rely on pointing,
grunting, drawing pictures, or acting out our ideas. We can
communicate, but it is awkward. Language differences are
part and parcel of human culture. If we are to communicate
effectively across cultural lines, we must learn the language
of those with whom we wish to communicate.
In the area of love, it is similar. Your emotional love
language and the language of your spouse may be as
different as Chinese from English. No matter how hard you
try to express love in English, if your spouse understands
only Chinese, you will never understand how to love each
other. My friend on the plane was speaking the language of< ~ Gary Chapman
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Chapman
I parody myself every chance I get. I try to make fun of myself and let people know that I'm a human being, and these things that have happened to me are real. I'm not just some cartoon who exists and suddenly doesn't exist. ~ Gary Coleman
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Coleman
If I were a dominatrix I would force my submissive to do my washing up and clean the fridge and brush the cats and whenever he tried to say the safety word ("banana") to make me stop because it wasn't what he wanted I would chuckle softly and say, "No, Gary. That's definitely not the safety word," and I would tighten the leash and hand him a mop and I'd say, "So your wife won't do this for you? That's so sad. Now finish the floors and go pick up my dry-cleaning." It would be ten years later and I'd still have someone to pick me up at the airport and do all the shit I didn't want to do and then on his deathbed I'd say, "Hey, Gary? I was just kidding. The secret word really was 'banana,'" and then we'd laugh and laugh. ~ Jenny Lawson
Aleppo Gary quotes by Jenny Lawson
If Real Madrid land on Manchester airport, then the airport will be surely flooded just to see one player whom fans want most. Everyone knows the name, I don't need to tell it. He is the Prince and legend of Manchester,The King and legend of Real(Madrid). 'CRISTIANO RONALDO' ~ Gary Neville
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Neville
I've found that obedience to God creates quiet fulfillment in the present. There is a spiritual satisfaction that comes even in the midst of our trials. It is a demeanor that may not be as "showy" as gleeful happiness, but it is much less subject to moods and makes for much more permanent a disposition. ~ Gary L. Thomas
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary L. Thomas
I don't think my playing style has really changed over the years; it's just gotten better. I can hear the improvement in comparing older records and later records. I'm referring to soloing ability, to having a better sound, to knowing chords better, and getting rhythmically stronger. It also has to do with ideas - learning how to edit your ideas and being better able to follow ideas out to a logical conclusion. ~ Gary Bartz
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Bartz
We always looked forward to playing Aston Villa to hear him mangle Ugo Ehiogu's name. "Make sure you pick up Ehugu, Ehogy, whatever his name is." ~ Gary Neville
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Neville
Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen ~ Gary Paulsen
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Paulsen
Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways. - Psalm 17:7 ~ Gary Chapman
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Chapman
We do not think clearly about our moral obligations to animals. ~ Gary L. Francione
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary L. Francione
Living is the act of continuous creation moment by moment, day by day. ~ Gary M. Douglas
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary M. Douglas
I genuinely believe that any business can create a competitive advantage through giving outstanding customer care. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
As we become multi sensory,
we move beyond the limitations of the five senses
and we now are evolving to a different mechanism
in the exploration of physical reality. ~ Gary Zukav
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Zukav
My music and lyrics became an extension of this Indian philosophy. ~ Gary Wright
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Wright
That in the face of smarter women it was best to beat a continuous retreat, to slash and burn one's own personal convictions before their sure-footed advance. ~ Gary Shteyngart
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Shteyngart
Like many, you probably think Do-It-Yourself projects are difficult, dangerous, and expensive. You might watch TV shows that claim to make DIY easy, and you watch them throw ~ Gary Nealon
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Nealon
Mutual funds dare to be average. In fact, they dare to be lousy. They have long since ceased striving for anything resembling perfection when it comes to managing your money. ~ Gary Weiss
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Weiss
SuperMemo is based on the insight that there is an ideal moment to practice what you've learned. Practice too soon and you waste your time. Practice too late and you've forgotten the material and have to relearn it. The right time to practice is just at the moment you're about to forget. ~ Gary Wolf
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Wolf
When you break something, is your first impulse to throw it away? Or do you repair it but feel a sadness because it is no longer "perfect"? Whatever the case, you might want to consider the way the Japanese treated the items used in their tea ceremony. Even though they were made from the simplest materials... these teacups and bowls were revered for their plain lines and spiritual qualities. There were treated with the utmost care, integrity and respect.

For this reason, a cup from the tea ceremony was almost never broken. When an accident did occur and a cup was broken, there were certain instances in which the cup was repaired with gold.

Rather than trying to restore it in a what they would cover the gace that it ahad been broken, the cracks were celebrated in a bold and spirited way. The thin paths of shining gold completely encircled the ceramic cup, announcing to the world that the cup was broken and repaired and vulnerable to change.

And in this way, its value was even further enhanced. ~ Gary Thorp
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Thorp
Being a 911 operator means balancing seemingly contradictory skills. On one hand, operators have to be fanatically precise and well-organized. On the other, they must be able to establish rapport with panicky callers. ~ Gary Wolf
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Wolf
Gary's eyes narrowed. "I'm pretty sure I don't like you."
"My world is crumbling," Ryan said. I might have laughed. Because sass. ~ T.J. Klune
Aleppo Gary quotes by T.J. Klune
No one is self-made ~ Gary Keller
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Keller
I look at two things while angel investing. Are you solving an important problem? Do you care about the end users. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
Aleppo Gary quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
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