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#1. Four times during the first six days they were assembled and briefed and then sent back. Once, they took off and were flying in formation when the control tower summoned them down. The more it rained, the worse they suffered. The worse they suffered, the more they prayed that it would continue raining. All through the night, men looked at the sky and were saddened by the stars. All through the day, they looked at the bomb line on the big, wobbling easel map of Italy that blew over in the wind and was dragged in under the awning of the intelligence tent every time the rain began. The bomb line was a scarlet band of narrow satin ribbon that delineated the forward most position of the Allied ground forces in every sector of the Italian mainland.

For hours they stared relentlessly at the scarlet ribbon on the map and hated it because it would not move up high enough to encompass the city.

When night fell, they congregated in the darkness with flashlights, continuing their macabre vigil at the bomb line in brooding entreaty as though hoping to move the ribbon up by the collective weight of their sullen prayers. "I really can't believe it," Clevinger exclaimed to Yossarian in a voice rising and falling in protest and wonder. "It's a complete reversion to primitive superstition. They're confusing cause and effect. It makes as much sense as knocking on wood or crossing your fingers. They really believe that we wouldn't have to fly that mission tomorrow if someon - Author: Joseph Heller
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Joseph Heller
#2. The Italians were getting so accustomed to tragedies and disasters that their appetite for sensation was becoming jaded. - Author: Timothy Holme
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Timothy Holme
#3. It's just that I'm the kind of person,' Rebecca continued, 'that thinks if you took a map of the whole world and put a pin in it for every person, there wouldn't be a pin for me. - Author: Elizabeth Strout
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#4. It is very odd to be standing in a locked room in the Penitentiary, speaking with a strange man about France and Italy and Germany. A travelling man. He must be a wanderer, like Jeremiah the peddler. But Jeremiah travelled to earn his bread, and these other sorts of men are rich enough already. They go on voyages because they are curious. They amble around the world and stare at things, they sail across the oceans as if there's nothing to it at all, and if it goes ill with them in one place they simply pick up and move along to another. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Margaret Atwood
#5. But the gray ridge of the mountains that sliced through the map was a weight on her heart, an obstacle to be met. - Author: Mindy McGinnis
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#6. A sad Italian history of corruption by local leaders and exploitation by foreign dominators, all of which has generally led Italians to draw the seemingly accurate conclusion that nobody and nothing in this world can be trusted. Because the world is so corrupted, misspoken, unstable, exaggerated and unfair, one should trust only what one can experience with one's own senses, and this makes the senses stronger in Italy than anywhere in Europe. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#7. I thought I could describe a state; make a map of sorrow. Sorrow, hoever, turns out to be not a state but a process. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by C.S. Lewis
#8. In Italy, I had an Afro, and a lot of the kids came up and felt my hair. It really was funny. I wish I had understood Italian. - Author: Sugar Ray Leonard
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Sugar Ray Leonard
#9. The war will not only change the map of the world but it will affect the destiny of every one I care about. Already, even before the war had broken out, we were scattered to the four winds, those of us who had lived and worked together and who had no thought to do anything but what we were doing. My friend X, who used to be terrified at the very mention of war, had volunteered for service in the British Army; my friend Y, who was utterly indifferent and who used to say that he would go right on working at the Bibliothèque Nationale war or no war, joined the Foreign Legion; my friend Z, who was an out and out pacifist, volunteered for ambulance service and has never been heard of since; some are in concentration camps in France and Germany, one is rotting away in Siberia, another is in China, another in Mexico, another in Australia. When we meet again some will be blind, some legless, some old and white-haired, some demented, some bitter and cynical. Maybe the world will be a better place to live in, maybe it'll be just the same, maybe it'll be worse than it is now - who knows? The strangest thing of all is that in a universal crisis of this sort one instinctively knows that certain ones are doomed and that others will be spared. - Author: Henry Miller
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Henry Miller
#10. No one, no social group, can today avoid the commitment to contribute to the clean up of public finances in order to prevent the financial collapse of Italy. The sacrifices will not be in vain, especially if the economy begins to grow again. - Author: Giorgio Napolitano
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Giorgio Napolitano
#11. The "No bullshit" version of who you are can work with a compass. Your ego needs a map because it does not quite understand the wise words of Paul Jarvis, "Nobody is successful because they took somebody else's roadmap and copied it. - Author: Srinivas Rao
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Srinivas Rao
#12. All you need is a twenty in your pocket and a bus ticket.
All you need is someone on the other end of the map, thinking about the supple
curves of your body, to guide you to a home that stretches out for miles
and miles on end. - Author: Shinji Moon
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Shinji Moon
#13. Writing a novel takes creativity. Publishing it takes courage - Author: M.L. Kilian
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by M.L. Kilian
#14. When I grew up in Italy in the 1950s, it was still very agricultural. Food was very important; produce was very important. Everyone made their own olive oil. It took me a long time after I moved here to understand that Americans are much further away from their food. - Author: Isabella Rossellini
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Isabella Rossellini
#15. So this is Canada," I said, looking outside my car door.
"For the last time, it's not Canada," Sydney replied, rolling her eyes. "It's northern Michigan."
I glanced around, seeing nothing but enormous trees in every direction. Despite it being a late August afternoon, the temperature could've easily passed for something in autumn. Craning my head, I just barely caught a glimpse of gray waters beyond the trees to my right: Lake Superior, according to the map I'd seen.
"Maybe it's not Canada," I conceded. "But it's exactly how I always imagined Canada would look. Except I thought there'd be more hockey. - Author: Richelle Mead
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Richelle Mead
#16. We know the Republicans are happy to keep the country in the dark, and if we Democrats are to recapture the power necessary to assert our values, we must find the energy, courage, creativity and unity to map out a brighter day for the people we sincerely want to serve. - Author: John Yarmuth
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by John Yarmuth
#17. I do go back to Russia frequently, about twice a year. I hate the flight, but it's worth it. My parents have a home in a little village of 12 houses. It's not on any map, so unless you know it's there, you won't find it. Nothing works there; no Internet, no cell phone, and the land line only works sometimes. It's great! - Author: Olesya Rulin
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Olesya Rulin
#18. A storm in Scotland was like nothing she'd ever experienced in London. Here, the elements felt alive, sentient. This storm was a raging monster that had grown in fury since yesterday.
Sometimes, she thought Scotland was more than a country, more than a rough and magnificent land with a border created by men, written on a map, and defended for hundreds of years. Scotland was almost a living creature that could turn and bite your hand if you didn't speak about it in fond and loving tones.
When she walked the hills and glens surrounding Drumvagen, she sometimes felt like she was being watched. Not by living inhabitants, but those who'd gone before, proud men and women who hated the English and now hovered over their land to protest her appearance.
For all her imagination, she didn't believe in the hundreds of folktales Brianag told the children. The trees weren't alive; they were simply trees. Brownies didn't do chores for obedient children. Sea creatures in the shape of horses didn't bedevil the coast.
Yet something about this storm was otherworldly, as if God were punishing them. - Author: Karen Ranney
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Karen Ranney
#19. A mental image gives you a framework upon which to work. It is like the drawing of the architect, or the map of the explorer. Think over this for a few moments until you get the idea firmly fixed in your mind. - Author: William Walker Atkinson
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by William Walker Atkinson
#20. There are no maps. You can't map a sense of humor. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Terry Pratchett
#21. Life did not take over the world by combat,
but by networking. - Author: Lynn Margulis
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Lynn Margulis
#22. The appeal of the antifascist resistance required the United States and United Kingdom to move quickly, and often brutally, to dismantle the resistance and its accomplishments, particularly in northern Italy, where workers had taken over plants and the germs of a free self-governing society were beginning to flourish. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Noam Chomsky
#23. Even a child, if he looks at a map of the world, can point out that the Indonesian archipelago forms one unity. On the map, there can be shown a unity of the group of islands between two great oceans - the Pacific Ocean and the Indies Ocean - and between two continents - the continent of Asia and the continent of Australia. - Author: Sukarno
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Sukarno
#24. The first time I passed through the country (Switzerland) I had the impression it was swept down with a broom from one end to the other every morning by housewives who dumped all the dirt in Italy. - Author: Ernesto Sabato
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Ernesto Sabato
#25. At the core of every moral code there is a picture of human nature, a map of the universe, and a version of history. To human nature (of the sort conceived), in a universe (of the kind imagined), after a history (so understood), the rules of the code apply. - Author: Walter Lippmann
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Walter Lippmann
#26. A woman I have never seen before
Steps from the darkness of her town-house door
At just that crux of time when she is made
So beautiful that she or time must fade.
What use to claim that as she tugs her gloves
A phantom heraldry of all the loves
Blares from the lintel? That the staggered sun
Forgets, in his confusion, how to run?
Still, nothing changes as her perfect feet
Click down the walk that issues in the street,
Leaving the stations of her body there
Like whips that map the countries of the air. - Author: Richard Wilbur
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Richard Wilbur
#27. Language is like looking at a map of somewhere. Love is living there and surviving on the land. - Author: Simon Van Booy
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Simon Van Booy
#28. The Tuscan countryside whizzed by in a kaleidoscopic whirl of shapes and colors. Green grass and trees melded with blue sky, purple and yellow wildflowers, peachy-orange villas, brown-and-gray farmhouses, and the occasional red-and-white Autogrill, Italy's (delicious) answer to fast food. - Author: Jenny Nelson
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Jenny Nelson
#29. We see the sea as this place of leisure and this place, you know, a blue patch on the map to fly over because we all go by plane these days, mostly. And we don't really see it as a place of industry anymore. - Author: Rose George
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Rose George
#30. The islands of Italy combine all the elements - fire, water, earth, and air - and that is irresistible. - Author: Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
#31. Moving from Wales to Italy is like moving to a different country. - Author: Ian Rush
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Ian Rush
#32. Learn to follow your own map, enjoy being yourself. Forge a life of connected moments. - Author: Tracy Malone
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Tracy Malone
#33. There she was, the mother of me, like a lit plinth,
Heavenly, though I was reared to find this kind
Of visitation impractical; she was an unbearable detail
Of the supreme celestial map,
Of which I had been taught that there was
No such thing. - Author: Lucie Brock-Broido
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Lucie Brock-Broido
#34. The Italians are very unmusical. If I go to a Protestant church in London or Amsterdam or listen to a black choir, I hear four-part harmony. Italians could never do that. In Italy, we all have to sing the melody because we cannot harmonise. - Author: Gian Carlo Menotti
Albertazzi Italy Map quotes by Gian Carlo Menotti

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