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#1. meantime, here is a list of degrees for five of the nerdiest writers: J. STEWART BURNS BS Mathematics, Harvard University MS Mathematics, UC Berkeley DAVID S. COHEN BS Physics, Harvard University MS Computer Science, UC Berkeley AL JEAN BS Mathematics, Harvard University KEN KEELER BS Applied Mathematics, Harvard University PhD Applied Mathematics, Harvard University JEFF WESTBROOK BS Physics, Harvard University PhD Computer Science, Princeton University - Author: Simon Singh
Al Jean quotes by Simon Singh
#2. I have to say that The Simpsons comes from a huge number of great writers headed by Al Jean, the show-runner, and the work that they do is really fantastic. It's a blast just to sit around with them in the writers' room and listen to all the filthy jokes that will never get on the air. - Author: Matt Groening
Al Jean quotes by Matt Groening
#3. I'm not cs747," she whispered defiantly as she shifted on her cot in order to lean back against the wall. "My name is Jean. - Author: Anne Bishop
Al Jean quotes by Anne Bishop
#4. (While accepting the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award) I've been thinking about why you have to get famous to get an award for helping other people ... If your name is John Doe, and you work night and day doing things for your helpless neighbors, what you get for your effort is tired. So, Mr. and Mrs. Doe, and all of you who give of yourselves, to those who carry too big a burden to make it on their own, I want you to reach out and take your share of this ... Because if I have earned it, so too have you. - Author: Frank Sinatra
Al Jean quotes by Frank Sinatra
#5. In the state I was in, if someone had come and told me I could go home quietly, that they would leave me my life whole, it would have left me cold: several hours or several years of waiting is all the same when you have lost the illusion of being eternal. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Al Jean quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#6. I loathe my childhood and all that remains of it.
Jean-Paul Sartre, Words - Author: Carole Seymour-Jones
Al Jean quotes by Carole Seymour-Jones
#7. It is a great and beautiful spectacle to see a man somehow emerging from oblivion by his own efforts, dispelling with the light of his reason the shadows in which nature had enveloped him, rising above himself, soaring in his mind right up to the celestial regions, moving, like the sun, with giant strides through the vast extent of the universe, and, what is even greater and more difficult, returning to himself in order to study man there and learn of his nature, his obligations, and his end. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Al Jean quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#8. It's hard to really articulate what the parameters are that make one song parody-able and another song not, but if I can come up with a good enough idea for it, I go for it, and if not, then I have to move on. - Author: Al Yankovic
Al Jean quotes by Al Yankovic
#9. Al Gore announced he is finishing up a new book about global warming and the environment. Yeah, the first chapter talks about how you shouldn't chop down trees to make a book that no one will read. - Author: Conan O'Brien
Al Jean quotes by Conan O'Brien
#10. I am essentially an amateur medecin, and this to me is almost a mania. - Author: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Al Jean quotes by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
#11. Grief is a powerful thing, and sometimes, if it's ignored, we can become lost in it. - Author: Emiko Jean
Al Jean quotes by Emiko Jean
#12. A hare is not caught with a drum. - Author: Jean De La Fontaine
Al Jean quotes by Jean De La Fontaine
#13. I am further back, surrounded on all sides by wailing men, their faces shiny with tears. Uncle Al promised three dollars and a bottle of Canadian whiskey to the man who puts on the best show. You've never seen such grief
even the dogs were howling. - Author: Sara Gruen
Al Jean quotes by Sara Gruen
#14. When the crops were thriving, Squanto took the men to the open forests where the turkey dwelled. He pointed out the nuts, seeds, and insects that the iridescent birds fed upon.
He showed them the leaf nests of the squirrels and the hideouts of the skunks and raccoons. Walking silently along bear trails, he took them to the blueberry patches.
He told them that deer moved about at sundown and sunrise. He took them inland to valleys where the deer congregated in winter and were easy to harvest. He walked the Pilgrims freely over the land.
To Squanto, as to all Native Americans, the land did not belong to the people, people belonged to the land.
He took the children into the meadows to pick wild strawberries. He showed them how to dig up the sweet roots of the wild Jerusalem artichoke. In mid-summer he led them to cranberry bogs and gooseberry patches. Together they gathered chestnuts, hickory nuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts in September.
He paddled the boys into the harbor in his dugout canoe to set lobster pots made of reeds and sinew. While they waited to lift their pots, he taught them the creatures of the tidal pools. - Author: Jean Craighead George
Al Jean quotes by Jean Craighead George
#15. Some enterprising youth should go from door to door on Christmas morning peddling batteries. - Author: Jean Kerr
Al Jean quotes by Jean Kerr
#16. A legend - now I am like a unicorn. - Author: Jean Giraud
Al Jean quotes by Jean Giraud
#17. Every newspaper editor owes tribute to the devil. - Author: Jean De La Fontaine
Al Jean quotes by Jean De La Fontaine
#18. In the dim past, Atticus had owned an old canvas-top touring car, and once when he was taking Jem, Henry, and Jean Louise swimming, the car rolled over a particularly bad hump in the road and deposited Jem without. Atticus drove serenely on until they reached Barker's Eddy, because Jean Louise had no intention of advising her father that Jem was no longer present, and she prevented Henry from doing so by catching his finger and bending it back. - Author: Harper Lee
Al Jean quotes by Harper Lee
#19. Vincent had ten major ideas every week: three brilliant, five good, and two ridiculous. - Author: Jean-Dominique Bauby
Al Jean quotes by Jean-Dominique Bauby
#20. I have a coach but there's nobody at my level in Gaza. I have to do most of my training sessions on my own. - Author: Nader Al-Masri
Al Jean quotes by Nader Al-Masri
#21. The record from the Vostok core shows that CO2 levels and temperatures have varied in tandem. Current CO2 levels are unprecedented in the last 420,000 years. Credit: J.R. Petit et al, Nature, vol. 399 (1999). - Author: Elizabeth Kolbert
Al Jean quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#22. Who would prefer peace to the glory of hunger and thirst, of wading through mud, and dying in the service of one's country? - Author: Jean Giraudoux
Al Jean quotes by Jean Giraudoux
#23. Martina's gone with people who don't want to be out, and it drives her crazy because she'd rather be open. - Author: Billie Jean King
Al Jean quotes by Billie Jean King
#24. Truth is no road to fortune. - Author: Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
Al Jean quotes by Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
#25. Women take fewer financial risks than men do, but not because we're wusses. Both sexes secrete the hormone oxytocin in stressful situations, but women secrete more of it, which helps us stay calmer. - Author: Jean Chatzky
Al Jean quotes by Jean Chatzky
#26. They say ... the stopwatch never lies. Speed kills but absolute speed kills absolutely. - Author: Al Davis
Al Jean quotes by Al Davis
#27. While it may be true that the UAE has been an ally since the September 11, 2001, attacks, the American people know it has also harbored and aided some of the al Qaeda agents who were involved in that attack. - Author: Bart Gordon
Al Jean quotes by Bart Gordon
#28. The loneliness of command had made Eisenhower emotionally self-sufficient. - Author: Jean Edward Smith
Al Jean quotes by Jean Edward Smith
#29. [Al-Qaeda's supporters] are aware of the cracks in the Western financial system as they are aware of the lines in their own hands - Author: Osama Bin Laden
Al Jean quotes by Osama Bin Laden
#30. There are certain moments when we might wish the future were built by men of the past. - Author: Jean Rostand
Al Jean quotes by Jean Rostand
#31. I may not hate al of the people all the time, but I hate all of them some of the time, and I hate some of them all of the time. - Author: Kathy McCullough
Al Jean quotes by Kathy McCullough
#32. May the devil himself splatter you with dung. - Author: Jean Cocteau
Al Jean quotes by Jean Cocteau
#33. One of my biggest personal holdings is Rotana. That company has a very dominant force in the Middle East. It has around 45% of all the movie industry and around 75% of all the music. - Author: Al-Waleed Bin Talal
Al Jean quotes by Al-Waleed Bin Talal
#34. A man who does not trust himself will never really trust anybody. - Author: Jean Francois Paul De Gondi
Al Jean quotes by Jean Francois Paul De Gondi
#35. What makes our opponents useful is that they allow us to believe that without them we would be able to realize our goals. - Author: Jean Rostand
Al Jean quotes by Jean Rostand
#36. What I picked up on Michael Jackson - because I study people when I watch them - the way that he counts his rhythm with his feet and his neck at the same time is crazy ... so he's hearing multiple things at once. And I don't know anybody who does that. - Author: Wyclef Jean
Al Jean quotes by Wyclef Jean
#37. From this time on, the universe is built up into an aggregate of permanent objects connected by causal relations that are independent of the subject and are placed in objective space and time. - Author: Jean Piaget
Al Jean quotes by Jean Piaget
#38. What changed in the United States with Hurricane Katrina was a feeling that we have entered a period of consequences. - Author: Al Gore
Al Jean quotes by Al Gore
#39. The warm sound of her laughter stole through Khalid's skin, heating the coldest reaches of his soul. - Author: Renee Ahdieh
Al Jean quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#40. I'm a foreigner in the world and I don't understand the language. It's a miserable feeling. I've had it all my life. At the high school the girls would stand in groups and just look at me. I was queer and different and everybody knew it. - Author: Jean Webster
Al Jean quotes by Jean Webster
#41. Whoever finds that they're not prepared to give their all should draw the inescapable conclusion from that and stop. - Author: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Al Jean quotes by Jean-Christophe Maillot
#42. What good is it looking for our happiness in the opinion of others if we can find it in ourselves? - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Al Jean quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#43. Hollywood is ten million dollars worth of intricate and high ingenious machinery functioning elaborately to put skin on baloney. - Author: George Jean Nathan
Al Jean quotes by George Jean Nathan
#44. As a new president takes office and elevates global warming alarmism to official federal policy, much of America is experiencing record low temperatures. While the deep freeze amounts to little more than irony, Americans should nevertheless take what could well be a last opportunity to reconsider the cliff off which Barack Obama, Al Gore and the rest of the global warming industry want us to jump. - Author: Steven Milloy
Al Jean quotes by Steven Milloy
#45. I
lived through beautiful times, Busayna. It was a different age. Cairo
was like Europe. It was clean and smart and the people were well
mannered and respectable and everyone knew his place exactly. I was
different too. I had my station in life, my money, all my friends were of
a certain niveau, I had my special places where I would spend the
evening - the Automobile Club, the Club Muhammad Ali, the Gezira
Club. What times! Every night was filled with laughter and parties and
drinking and singing. There were lots of foreigners in Cairo. Most of
the people living downtown were foreigners, until Abd el Nasser threw
them out in 1956."
"Why did he throw them out?"
"He threw the Jews out first, then the rest of the foreigners got
scared and left. By the way, what's your opinion of Abd el Nasser?"
"I was born after he died. I don't know. Some people say he was a
hero and others say he was a criminal."
"Abd el Nasser was the worst ruler in the whole history of Egypt.
He ruined the country and brought us defeat and poverty. The damage
he did to the Egyptian character will take years to repair. Abd el Nasser
taught the Egyptians to be cowards, opportunists, and hypocrites."
"So why do people love him?"
"Who says people love him?"
"Lots of people that I know love him."
"Anyone who loves Abd el Nasser is either an ignoramus or did
well out of him. The Free Officers wer - Author: Alaa Al Aswany
Al Jean quotes by Alaa Al Aswany
#46. I must be without remorse or regrets as I am without excuse; for from the instant of my upsurge into being, I carry the weight of the world by myself alone without help, engaged in a world for which I bear the whole responsibility without being able, whatever I do, to tear myself away from this responsibility for an instant. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Al Jean quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#47. All the world says of a coxcomb that he is a coxcomb; but no one dares to say so to his face, and he dies without knowing it. - Author: Jean De La Bruyere
Al Jean quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#48. In the beginning was the word. It was only afterwards that the Silence came.
The end itself has disappeared... - Author: Jean Baudrillard
Al Jean quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#49. Bin Laden is dead, and most of his friends are dead. But did it need to cost a trillion dollars and two land wars, including one that didn't have to do with Al Qaeda? Probably not. - Author: Richard Engel
Al Jean quotes by Richard Engel

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