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Better to mock the game than to play and lose. ~ George R R Martin
Airmech Game quotes by George R R Martin
It will have to be a universal movement, and that will never be ... because the big-league game, as it is now, is overrun with Southern blood. These fellows would have to stop at the same hotels, eat in the same dining rooms, and sleep in the same train compartments with the colored players. There'd be trouble for sure. ~ Jud Wilson
Airmech Game quotes by Jud Wilson
There is an old Yiddish phrase I find apropos - but not by choice: "Man plans, God laughs." I am a prime example. My life was pretty much laid out for me. I was a basketball star my entire childhood, destined to be an NBA player for the Boston Celtics. But in my very first preseason game, Big Burt Wesson slammed into me and ruined my knee. I tried gamely to come back, but there is a big difference between gamely and effectively. My career was over before I hit the parquet floor. I ~ Harlan Coben
Airmech Game quotes by Harlan Coben
But it is a black man's game, and it will be forever. ~ Larry Bird
Airmech Game quotes by Larry Bird
He was full of ironical admiration of his childishness and innocence in letting a wandering and characterless and scandalous American load him up with deceptions of so transparent a character that they ought not to have deceived the housecat. On the other hand, he was remorselessly severe upon me for beguiling him, by studied and discreditable artifice, into bragging and boasting about his poor game in the presence of a professional expert disguised in lies and frauds, who could empty more balls in billiard pockets in an hour than he could empty into a basket in a day. ~ Mark Twain
Airmech Game quotes by Mark Twain
Everyone has his reasons." Octave (Jean Renoir) in "The Rules of the Game. ~ Jean Renoir
Airmech Game quotes by Jean Renoir
Anybody's position on an issue, anything they've said about an issue, and any way they've voted on an issue is fair game. You have every right to question that and go after it aggressively. ~ Roger Ailes
Airmech Game quotes by Roger Ailes
Despite the amount of suffering, pain, misery, sorrow and travail which can exist in life, the reason for existence is the same reason as one has to play a game-interest, contest, activity and possession. The truth of this assertion is established by an observation of the elements of games and then applying these elements to life itself. ~ L. Ron Hubbard
Airmech Game quotes by L. Ron Hubbard
It was high school. Evil is kind of the name of the game. ~ Jennifer Weiner
Airmech Game quotes by Jennifer Weiner
Any physical practice can be a competitive sport. What level you can take postures to create the maximum challenge and show your maximum skill, maximum control - it's not a combat game. It's a benefit to you. ~ Rajashree Choudhury
Airmech Game quotes by Rajashree Choudhury
It's a game of integrity. There's no referees out there. We all respect each other. ~ Jordan Spieth
Airmech Game quotes by Jordan Spieth
It says, I think, that at root that we're children, or we'd like to be. And the best of us each keep as much of that childhood with us as we grow into adulthood, as we can muster ... And even after we're past the point of being able to play the game with any skill, if we love it, then it's like Peter Pan - we remain boys forever, we don't die. ~ John Thorn
Airmech Game quotes by John Thorn
Active management is little more than a gigantic con game. ~ Ronald Ross
Airmech Game quotes by Ronald Ross
The Super Bowl is a game. Life is for real. What I went through helped me get to where I am today. I won't forget. I can't forget. Because a man who forgets his past sometimes loses his soul and forgets where to go in the future. ~ Junior Seau
Airmech Game quotes by Junior Seau
Briefly, Scarlett let herself imagine what it would be like to go to Legend's private isle, to play the game and win the wish. Freedom. Choices. Wonder. Magic. ~ Stephanie Garber
Airmech Game quotes by Stephanie Garber
When you join the NFL, you start from scratch. As long as I've been playing - which has been since I was eight years old - the game becomes harder at every level. Little league, high school, college - they're different stages you have to go through, and professional sport is completely different again. ~ Reggie Bush
Airmech Game quotes by Reggie Bush
A yoga session is harder than a football practice easily for me. Probably in some ways just as intense, not from a physical standpoint of hitting ,but from a game, the intensity is the same. ~ Andrew Whitworth
Airmech Game quotes by Andrew Whitworth
Weirdness is not my game. I'm just a square boy from Wisconsin. ~ Willem Dafoe
Airmech Game quotes by Willem Dafoe
When I look at the records and see where my place in the history of the game (in Japan with Orix) might be, I guess you could say it was a good decision to come here. It's not just me. Maybe I'll have an effect on others in the international part of the game. ~ Ichiro Suzuki
Airmech Game quotes by Ichiro Suzuki
Hockey s a funny game. You have to prove yourself every shift, every game. It's not up to anybody else. You have to take pride in yourself. ~ Paul Coffey
Airmech Game quotes by Paul Coffey
I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves ~ Bobby Fischer
Airmech Game quotes by Bobby Fischer
If you give the game a good score, they'll say you're in the thrall of your evil beau, the flashy marketing big shot at Saturnine. And if you give it a shitty score..." "All hell breaks loose." "In a manner of speaking. ~ Colin F. Campbell
Airmech Game quotes by Colin F. Campbell
A great deal of it is mental, the ability to learn within the game, to perform at a high level - often with injury - and to weather the ups and downs of an emotional game through a 16-game season. Also, there is the willingness to prepare in the offseason, the film room, to learn the scheme and execute without a lot of repetition - that's football character. ~ Brendan Daly
Airmech Game quotes by Brendan Daly
In your room where time stands still
Or moves at your will.
Will you let the morning come soon,
Or will you leave me lying here?

In your favorite darkness,
Your favorite half-light,
Your favorite consciousness,
Your favorite slave.

In your room where souls disappear
Only you exist here.
Will you lead me to your armchair,
Or leave me lying here?

Your favorite innocence,
Your favorite prize,
Your favorite smile,
Your favorite slave.

In your room your burning eyes
Cause flames to arise.
Will you let the fire die down soon,
Or will I always be here?

Your favorite passion,
Your favorite game,
Your favorite mirror,
Your favorite slave.

I'm hanging on your words,
Living on your breath,
Feeling with your skin.
Will I always be here? ~ Martin L. Gore
Airmech Game quotes by Martin L. Gore
All it takes," said Crake, "is the elimination of one generation. One generation of anything. Beetles, trees, microbes, scientists, speakers of French, whatever. Break the link in time between one generation and the next, and it's game over forever. ~ Margaret Atwood
Airmech Game quotes by Margaret Atwood
Last night I dreamed of the "happy hunting ground." I passed through a place of bones that looked human, but weren't--the skulls were wrong. Then I came to a place where the days were the best of every season, the sweetest air and water in spring, then the dry heat where deer make dust in the road, the fog of fall with good leaves. And you could shoot without a gun, never kill, but the rabbits would do a little dance, all as if it were a game, and they were playing it too. Then winter came with heavy powder-snow, and big deer, horses, goats and buffaloes--all white--snorted, tossed their heads, and I lay down with my Army blanket, made my bed in the snow, then dreamed within the dream. I dreamed I was at Fleety's, and she told me the bones were poor people killed by bandits, and she took me back to the place, and under a huge rock where no light should have shown, a cave almost, was a dogwood tree. It glowed the kind of red those trees get at sundown, the buds were purple in that weird light, and a madman came out with an axe and chopped at the skulls, trying to make them human-looking. Then I went back to the other side of both dreams. --from a letter to his mother, Helen Pancake, where he describes a dream that seems to encapsulate the play between violence and gentleness in his life. ~ Breece D'J Pancake
Airmech Game quotes by Breece D'J Pancake
Love and memory last and will so endure till the game is called because of darkness. ~ Gene Fowler
Airmech Game quotes by Gene Fowler
The lion snorted. 'You treat all as a game. That is why they sent for me - Malcador cannot trust you. No one can trust you. Your Legion is a rabble that would brawl among themselves if you were not there to smack their heads together.' 'If only they were more like yours,' said Russ, mockingly. 'Yes,' replied the Lion, exasperated. 'Yes. Is that so hard to imagine?'

Russ loosened his arms, letting Krakenmaw swing lazily before him. 'I know why you do this. I know why you conquer, world after world, driving your sons after every campaign Malcador finds for you. But our father won't do it, brother. He won't choose a favourite. And if He did, it wouldn't be you - it would be Sanguinius, or Rogal, or Horus. So you're wasting yourself, trying to be noticed. It doesn't work like that.'

The Lion let slip a scornful laugh. 'Not all of us are so without friends in the Palace, Leman, and you have no idea who our father favours. ~ Chris Wraight
Airmech Game quotes by Chris Wraight
Release me of my vow," I say, forcing myself to meet his gaze. "We both know I'll never have feelings for you. So why even play this game? There's nothing between us." If I can say it to his face, maybe it will be true.
He leans in so his wings cast us both in shade, and his jewels flash a blinding red. "I'll prove you wrong. The moment this war is over, when I have you to myself for twenty-four hours. You'll never again question what we have between us. ~ A.G. Howard
Airmech Game quotes by A.G. Howard
The ball is round, the game is long. ~ Bjorn Borg
Airmech Game quotes by Bjorn Borg
The way to work with a bully is to take the ball and go home. First time, every time. When there's no ball, there's no game. Bullies hate that. So they'll either behave so they can play with you or they'll go bully someone else. ~ Seth Godin
Airmech Game quotes by Seth Godin
The message that society sends to black women is that their hair does not belong to them but is fair game to be discussed, mocked, judged, used, and abused, and it serves as a home for people's preconceived notions about blackness, as if it is an abstract concept that is not connected to living, breathing, and feeling human beings. ~ Phoebe Robinson
Airmech Game quotes by Phoebe Robinson
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