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My brother and I are huge fans of foreign horror. Some of the most interesting movies are coming from overseas. I guess if there was one change we'd like to see, it would be more original horror films made by the studio system and less of a reliance on remakes. ~ Michael Rasmussen
Aiping Studio quotes by Michael Rasmussen
I tour more than I need to, more than is good for you. But it's my favorite part of music. I much prefer it to studio work. ~ Gil Scott-Heron
Aiping Studio quotes by Gil Scott-Heron
I would like to see more Bollywood films! The more stylized musicals are a new trend in the U.S. We are beginning to make musicals again after a long break, practically since the days of the studio structure, so perhaps we can learn a few things from Bollywood about this fun style of film-making. ~ Maggie Grace
Aiping Studio quotes by Maggie Grace
The way we got Phil Collins for 'Tarzan' was that we heard around the studio that he was looking for a Disney project, and we got him. It seemed like a perfect match. Phil is a great musician. ~ Kevin Lima
Aiping Studio quotes by Kevin Lima
I don't have a formal home recording studio, but I can record tracks on my computer upstairs in my office. ~ Huey Lewis
Aiping Studio quotes by Huey Lewis
Don't forget, I've been fired by studios; I'm not the studio's guy. I'm a guy who can work with studios, but if you ask any studio, I stand up to these people. ~ Glen Mazzara
Aiping Studio quotes by Glen Mazzara
I''ve got guests in my studio. I don't know how they undid my secure barricade made of cardboard signs that said KEEP OUT! and SECRET ROOM! in all caps with an exclamation point, but it's my program director, Lauren, and some man I've never seen bef - but no, I have seen him before. ~ Joseph Fink
Aiping Studio quotes by Joseph Fink
The dream world of sleep and the dream world of music are not far apart. I often catch glimpses of one as I pass through a door to the other, like encountering a neighbor in the hallway going into the apartment next to one's own. In the recording studio, I would often lie down to nap and wake up with harmony parts fully formed in my mind, ready to be recorded. I think of music as dreaming in sound. ~ Linda Ronstadt
Aiping Studio quotes by Linda Ronstadt
I think the purpose of test screenings is different for the studio and for the filmmaker. For the studio, I think they want to know whether the film works or not. ~ Michel Gondry
Aiping Studio quotes by Michel Gondry
I wanted to do with Antarctica was say let's hit the reset button on that and see what happens to your creative process. Let's go to the most remote place that you can imagine, set up a studio and see what music comes out of it. ~ DJ Spooky
Aiping Studio quotes by DJ Spooky
There's too much insecurity on studio sets, with all the people standing around, whispering. ~ Illeana Douglas
Aiping Studio quotes by Illeana Douglas
I was never actually signed to the label; I was just the annoying rapper that was always around at the studio sessions. ~ JD Era
Aiping Studio quotes by JD Era
Democracy in the studio is overrated. What you wind up getting is compromise on everybody's part, which means that nobody has their way, and that means nobody wins, including the fans. ~ Paul Stanley
Aiping Studio quotes by Paul Stanley
I haven't heard anything new that I've liked on the show. A lot of the bands we play with are just bad, especially those alternative rock bands. They can do it in the studio but they can't play live... I see the audience applauding while they're playing, and I wonder if it's just because they're fans of the band and don't care, or out of spite. Because it certainly isn't because they sound good.

Branford Marsalis on the musical acts booked on The Tonight Show. ~ Branford Marsalis
Aiping Studio quotes by Branford Marsalis
If you can't categorize a film for a studio, it's really difficult for them to wrap their heads around it and give you the money. ~ Sandra Bullock
Aiping Studio quotes by Sandra Bullock
I've been in every disco in the world. I saw a picture of my wife Shakira and I dancing in Studio 54; I didn't even know someone had taken that picture. ~ Michael Caine
Aiping Studio quotes by Michael Caine
Writing screenplays is not my business. I've written half a dozen, and maybe half of those were made. But it was never a satisfying experience. It was just work. You're an employee. You would be told what to do. Studio execs would cross out my dialogue and put in their dialogue. ~ Elmore Leonard
Aiping Studio quotes by Elmore Leonard
Martha would come over every week and check on Mia and work with her on relaxation and breathing exercises to prepare for the natural labor. Jenny was on board with the natural thing too, so of course she and Mia dragged Tyler and me to the Bradley Birthing Method classes.

It was hysterical; we had to get in all kinds of weird poses with the girls while they mimicked being in labor. We would massage their backs while they were perched on all fours, moaning. One of the hardest things I've ever done is contain my laughter during those classes. Mia was the freakin' teacher's pet because she was taking it so seriously.

Right around the third class, they showed us a video of a live birth. I had nightmares for a week after that. Tyler and I agreed that we had to find a way to get out of going to the classes.

We hadn't mutually agreed on a plan, so during the fifth class, Tyler took it upon himself and used his own bodily gifts to get us into a heap of trouble. Tyler is lactose intolerant, and he has to take these little white tablets every time he eats cheese. The morning of the class, he stopped by the studio with a half-eaten pizza. I didn't even think twice about it until that night in class during our visualization exercises when this god-awful, horrendous odor overtook our senses.

At first everyone kept quiet and just looked around for the source. There wasn't a sound to accompany the lethal attack, so everyone went into investigatio ~ Renee Carlino
Aiping Studio quotes by Renee Carlino
I was certainly a better actor after my five years in Hollywood. I had learned to be natural - never to exaggerate. I found I could act on the stage in just the same way as I had acted in a studio: using my ordinary voice, eliminating gestures, keeping everything extremely simple. ~ Walter Huston
Aiping Studio quotes by Walter Huston
I used to go to work and take heroin in the studio and then stop when I came home, ~ Damon Albarn
Aiping Studio quotes by Damon Albarn
In making a record there are so fewer people involved - at least in our case. There were no more than three or four people in the studio at once. So I really feel like I can stand by everything on the record and say this is something that I personally endorse. ~ Zooey Deschanel
Aiping Studio quotes by Zooey Deschanel
Day One, Morning The Dempsey Penthouse, New York On the morning the ships came, Meyer Dempsey found himself preoccupied with drugs, sex, and business. It would have been hard to believe that just six days later, only one of the three would seem to matter. "You're not listening to me, Heather," he said into the phone. "I'm going to be in LA from Friday to Tuesday. I've already booked time with the studio on Monday. The whole reason I'm coming early is - " Heather cut him off, probably to feed her need for a zinger more than a reply that couldn't wait. Heather was always "on," never really able to take a break and just be a person for once. It was one of the reasons they hadn't been able to stay married. It was like living with a jester. "Because you want to do the Walk ~ Sean Platt
Aiping Studio quotes by Sean Platt
At present I am using a good sized bedroom in the 2 bedroom house here as a studio, and it is large enough to step back from my canvases, and has a good north light. It should serve very well until I can afford to have the storeroom half of the back building lined and insulated and a chimney put in. That may be in about two years. ~ E. J. Hughes
Aiping Studio quotes by E. J. Hughes
In my opinion, there's this new phenomenon where guys used to talk about cars a lot in the past. But, more and more it's becoming them talking about recording studios. ~ Fred Armisen
Aiping Studio quotes by Fred Armisen
The key for me is really just to stay in a child-like state in the rehearsal studio. I'm really goofy and really silly and crazy. If I get too serious, I start hitting a wall. ~ Derek Hough
Aiping Studio quotes by Derek Hough
If the studio wants to spend money on making your movie better, let them. ~ Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
Aiping Studio quotes by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
I loved writing fiction. I mean, once I found the character, or the characters, and knew who they were and knew their back-stories, it really - I mean, I went into my studio every day, thinking, 'What's gonna happen to Billy today?' ~ Ruth Reichl
Aiping Studio quotes by Ruth Reichl
One gets the impression that Elvis Presley does what his business advisors think will be most profitable. My advice to them: Put Elvis Presley in the studio with a bunch of good, contemporary rockers, lock the studio up, and tell him he can't come out until he's done made an album that rocks from beginning to end. ~ Jon Landau
Aiping Studio quotes by Jon Landau
I thought it would be a lot of fun and I wasn't going to do the movie without Johnny. The studio suggested a couple people, and I'd never met Johnny, but I thought we'd be a perfect team for this movie because we're both a little bit unpredictable. ~ Sean William Scott
Aiping Studio quotes by Sean William Scott
I was in the studio so much, it was about the search for air in a metaphoric sense, and the breathing has more to do with travel for me, about the search musically for open air. ~ Keren Ann
Aiping Studio quotes by Keren Ann
To be fair, I did come out of nowhere. 'Ghost' was the first song I ever did in a studio, my first time ever cutting a professional vocal. ~ Halsey
Aiping Studio quotes by Halsey
I always have a ping-pong table in the studio. If you're with an artist and you notice the situation is going south a little bit, it's like, 'You wanna play ping-pong or foosball?' Or, 'You wanna go grab somethin' to eat?' And then you just like talk to them and relax them and get them comfortable and get yourself comfortable. ~ Benny Blanco
Aiping Studio quotes by Benny Blanco
I don't use any real vintage hardware any longer. That's always been the object as far as gaining control of the studio environment, going back to when I built my first studio, Secret Sound, in New York City. The whole point was to not have to pay studio bills anymore and not be looking at the clock. ~ Todd Rundgren
Aiping Studio quotes by Todd Rundgren
Sometimes you're a psychiatrist and sometimes you're a group therapist. The dynamics in between people and the misgivings sometimes that artists have when they get into the studio because they're under a different level of scrutiny. A lot of them can be insecure about it. My job is not simply to make musical determinations but sometimes to just keep people from flipping out during the process. ~ Todd Rundgren
Aiping Studio quotes by Todd Rundgren
Over a period of time, if you have a successful show, then you have a devoted audience. I feel you owe something to them. That goes for everybody - writers, camera operators, actors, studio executives, etc. Sadly, I've realized it's a responsibility that very few people live up to. ~ Raymond Burr
Aiping Studio quotes by Raymond Burr
Of course I will look at anything, but I have not got the time or the patience to keep on looking at art that I know could be better. I don't want art that needs fixing, I want art that sends me back to the studio to fix my own. ~ Walter Darby Bannard
Aiping Studio quotes by Walter Darby Bannard
My mother had been baking more often in general, but she took plates of desserts to the carpentry studio, where her boss, thank God, had a sweet tooth. He just loved the cheesecake, she'd tell me, shining. He ate all of my oatmeal cookies. Some charmed combination of the woodwork, and the studio people, and the splinter excising time with her son kept her going back to Silver Lake even when she hit her usual limits, and every night, tucked into bed, I would send out a thank-you prayer to the carpentry boss for taking in what I could not. But this morning I was the only one, and it was the weekend, and carpentry rested, and the whole kitchen smelled of hometown America, of Atlanta's orchards and Oregon's berry bushes, of England's pie legacy, packed with the Puritans over the Mayflower. ~ Aimee Bender
Aiping Studio quotes by Aimee Bender
Now, the edges of these memories sharpen.
I see the cracks in the studio floor beneath her feet,
The lack of turnout in her fifth position. ~ Stasia Ward Kehoe
Aiping Studio quotes by Stasia Ward Kehoe
I'm fortunate in one respect; that I don't have a lot of work in my studio. Most of it's out, gone; either sold or in galleries. I work with a lot of galleries. ~ Robert Barry
Aiping Studio quotes by Robert Barry
I spend a lot of time working in the studio as a producer, not just a singer. ~ Vonda Shepard
Aiping Studio quotes by Vonda Shepard
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