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love is just a synonym for absinthe.
absinthe is a synonym for 'i don't
know what i'm doing anymore. ~ Salma Deera
Agonized Synonym quotes by Salma Deera
Agonized by her longing to go on thinking of her lover, and her fear of damnation if she does, she has hit on the idea of praying God to make her forget him and as she keeps on making this prayer every minute of the day, she's found a way of never letting him out of her mind. ~ Pierre-Ambroise Choderlos De Laclos
Agonized Synonym quotes by Pierre-Ambroise Choderlos De Laclos
The power of imagination makes us infinite. ~ John Muir
Agonized Synonym quotes by John Muir
In Sanskrit, "independent woman" is a synonym for a harlot. Hence the woman who is unattached to a man is not only a universal feminine type but a sacral type in antiquity. ~ Erich Neumann
Agonized Synonym quotes by Erich Neumann
The Synonym of Job is Compulsion!! ~ M. Azeem Pasha
Agonized Synonym quotes by M. Azeem Pasha
There is no closer bond than the one that gratefulness celebrates, the bond between giver and thanksgiver. Everything is a gift. Grateful living is a celebration of the universal give-and-take of life, a limitless yes to belonging. Can our world survive without gratefulness? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: to say an unconditional yes to the mutual belonging of all beings will make this a more joyful world. This is the reason why Yes is my favorite synonym for God. ~ David Steindl-Rast
Agonized Synonym quotes by David Steindl-Rast
Transgressions are to be understood and corrected, not dwelt upon or agonized over. ~ Barbara Ann Kipfer
Agonized Synonym quotes by Barbara Ann Kipfer
The commentator may be excused for repeating what he has stressed in his own books and lectures, namely that "offensive" is frequently but a synonym for "unusual;" and a great work of art is of course always original, and thus by its very nature should come more or less as a shocking surprise. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Agonized Synonym quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
I am not averse to generalizing the notion of "modern" to designate a certain way of life, rather than making it purely a synonym of 'contemporary'. There are moments and places in history to which 'we moderns' could return without too greatly disturbing the harmony of those times, without seeming objects infinitely curious and conspicuous ... creatures shocking, dissonant, and unassailable. ~ Paul Valery
Agonized Synonym quotes by Paul Valery
Everything turned on the word "we", a synonym for love, the thing that saves us all. ~ Marisa De Los Santos
Agonized Synonym quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
Everything-less. The lack of everything. Synonym to nothing. I am everything-less without you. ~ Aundrea Ascencio
Agonized Synonym quotes by Aundrea Ascencio
Observe, in politics, that the term extremism has become a synonym of "evil," regardless of the content of the issue (the evil is not what you are extreme about, but that you are "extreme" - i.e., consistent). ~ Ayn Rand
Agonized Synonym quotes by Ayn Rand
In fact, among the people I met, the term soviet served essentially as a synonym for 'fucked up'. I'd been in the country about three days when a car that was sent to take me to an interview failed to start. After several attempts to get it going, the driver turned to me, smiled wearily and explained: 'Soviet car'. By that time, that was all the explanation I needed. ~ Anthony DeCurtis
Agonized Synonym quotes by Anthony DeCurtis
Dying's easy." Illyan's drawn features grew distant. How much did he remember of his agonized pleading to Miles for an easy death, so few weeks ago? "Living's hard. Let the son of a bitch stand his court-martial. Every last eternal minute of it. ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
Agonized Synonym quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
The protagonist, Amanda, discusses her sex relationship with her husband, John Paul
As long as it's done with honesty and grace, John Paul doesn't mind if I go to bed with other men. Or with other girls, as is sometimes my fancy. What has marriage got to do with it? Marriage is not a synonym for monogamy any more than monogamy is a synonym for ideal love. To live lightly on the earth, lovers and families must be more flexible and relaxed. The ritual of sex releases its magic inside or outside the marital bond. I approach that ritual with as much humility as possible and perform it whenever it seems appropriate. As for John Paul and me, a strange spurt of semen is not going to wash our love away. ~ Tom Robbins
Agonized Synonym quotes by Tom Robbins
Ideation is not a synonym for innovation, conformity is not its simple antonym, and innovation is not the automatic consequence of "creative thinking.". ~ Theodore Levitt
Agonized Synonym quotes by Theodore Levitt
When a traveler from the future must talk, he does not talk but whimpers. He whispers tortured sounds. He is agonized. For if he makes the slightest alteration in anything, he may destroy the future. At the same time, he is forced to witness events without being part of them, without changing them. He envies the people who live in their own time, who can act at will, oblivious of the future, ignorant of the effects of their actions. But he cannot act. He is an inert gas, a ghost, a sheet without soul. He has lost his personhood. He is an exile of time. ~ Alan Lightman
Agonized Synonym quotes by Alan Lightman
The clash of discord between mood and matter here was forced painfully home to the heart; and, as in laughter there are more dreadful phases than in tears, so was there in the steadiness of this agonized man an expression deeper than a cry. ~ Thomas Hardy
Agonized Synonym quotes by Thomas Hardy
All health, beauty, intelligence, and social grace has been teased from a vast butcher's yard of unbounded carnage, requiring incalculable eons of massacre to draw forth even the subtlest of advantages. This is not only a matter of the bloody grinding mills of selection, either, but also of the innumerable mutational abominations thrown up by the madness of chance, as it pursues its directionless path to some negligible preservable trait, and then - still further - of the unavowable horrors that 'fitness' (or sheer survival) itself predominantly entails. We are a minuscule sample of agonized matter, comprising genetic survival monsters, fished from a cosmic ocean of vile mutants, by a pitiless killing machine of infinite appetite. (This is still, perhaps, to put an irresponsibly positive spin on the story, but it should suffice for our purposes here.) ~ Nick Land
Agonized Synonym quotes by Nick Land
I'll have you know Southern isn't a synonym for stupid. ~ Janice Lane Palko
Agonized Synonym quotes by Janice Lane Palko
To mention Boston we use 'Boston' or a synonym, and to mention 'Boston' we use ' 'Boston' ' or a synonym. ' 'Boston' ' contains six letters and just one pair of quotation marks; 'Boston' contains six letters and no quotation marks; and Boston contains some 800,000 people. ~ Willard Van Orman Quine
Agonized Synonym quotes by Willard Van Orman Quine
Blessing: just another synonym for her existence ~ Ismaaciil C. Ubax
Agonized Synonym quotes by Ismaaciil C. Ubax
It is permissible with certain precautions to speak in print of coitus, but it is not permissible to employ the monosyllabic synonym for this word. ~ Bertrand Russell
Agonized Synonym quotes by Bertrand Russell
I am an anarchist in politics and an impressionist in art as well as a symbolist in literature. Not that I understand what these terms mean, but I take them to be all merely synonyms of pessimist. ~ Henry Adams
Agonized Synonym quotes by Henry Adams
Sarah Palin's book is big, 400 pages. She wrote the book herself and agonized over every word, and so will you. ~ David Letterman
Agonized Synonym quotes by David Letterman
There would be no point asking Sarah because she was incapable of making a decision. If Cecilia asked her if she wanted tea or coffee, she would sit for a full minute, her forehead furrowed as she agonized over the pros and cons of each beverage, before finally saying, "Coffee! No, wait, tea!" A decision like this one would give her a seizure. ~ Liane Moriarty
Agonized Synonym quotes by Liane Moriarty
In the wake of the Longitude Act, the concept of "discovering the longitude" became a synonym for attempting the impossible. ~ Dava Sobel
Agonized Synonym quotes by Dava Sobel
I think sometimes people think cheerful is a synonym for dumb, so no one is ever cheerful. ~ Mindy Kaling
Agonized Synonym quotes by Mindy Kaling
When someone uses the phrase 'the prick one', and you know immediately that this is a synonym for the word 'metaphorically', you are entitled to wonder whether you know the speaker too well. You are even entitled to wonder whether you should know her at all. ~ Nick Hornby
Agonized Synonym quotes by Nick Hornby
A brick could be used to say hello in a foreign language. Like most great words, it'd also have synonyms. One such synonym would be the word "Duck!" Not a Feathery Quack Maker, but Get down! ~ Jarod Kintz
Agonized Synonym quotes by Jarod Kintz
To call the world God is not to explain it; it is only to enrich our language with a superfluous synonym. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Agonized Synonym quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
I'm not a great one for chatting people up, because it's phony. I don't want people to feel at ease. You want a bit of edge. There are quite long, agonized silences. I love it. Something strange might happen. I mean, taking photographs is a very nasty thing to do. It's very cruel. ~ Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl Of Snowdon
Agonized Synonym quotes by Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl Of Snowdon
Renounce and give up. What did Christ say? "He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." Again and again did he preach renunciation as the only way to perfection. There comes a time when the mind awakes from this long and dreary dream-the child gives up its play and wants to go back to its mother. Renunciation is not asceticism. Are all beggars Christ? Poverty is not a synonym for holiness; often the reverse. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Agonized Synonym quotes by Swami Vivekananda
Is there then any terrestrial paradise where, amidst the whispering of the olive-leaves, people can be with whom they like and have what they like and take their ease in shadows and in coolness? Or all men's lives like the lives of us good people - like the lives of the Ashburnhams, of the Dowells, of the Ruffords - broken, tumultuous, agonized, and unromantic lives, periods punctuated by screams, by imbecilities, by deaths, by agonies? Who the devil knows? ~ Ford Madox Ford
Agonized Synonym quotes by Ford Madox Ford
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