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#1. The world's full of people with unusual beliefs, Julia. Scientologists, Rastafarians, Catholics, Moonies, Mormons, Baptists, Tories, dentists, captains of industry - every madness has its cheerleader. The asylums and parliament are crammed full of delusionists, and only a madman would want to eliminate them. - Author: Hanif Kureishi
Addled Parliament quotes by Hanif Kureishi
#2. On a craggy bluff above the majestic Ottawa River stands the remarkable embodiment of our system of governance: Parliament. - Author: John Allen Fraser
Addled Parliament quotes by John Allen Fraser
#3. Free speech is a unitary issue in which there are no possible divisions. The moral standing of the speaker has no relevance, other than in our correlated free right to judge him in turn for his actions, and it should not matter whether the person speaking is the finest man who has ever lived or the worst, nor whether or not a majority concurs with his sentiment. It must not matter whether a writer is brilliant or moronic, or a cartoonist witty or bigoted, because it is not up to power, authority, plurality or orthodoxy to make that distinction. Parliament can not be the architect of its own opposition, nor the offended the authors of their own offense. Put bluntly, the law must not distinguish between the writings of Hitler and those of Shakespeare. - Author: Charles C.W. Cooke
Addled Parliament quotes by Charles C.W. Cooke
#4. Any attempts by any government to change Community legislation to its own wishes are doomed to failure following the extension of policy areas now subject to majority voting ... In our opinion, this must have serious implications for the traditional view of Parliament as a legislative body sovereignty. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
Addled Parliament quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#5. I will take a short time out from being in Parliament when the baby is born but I'll still be doing my constituency work - just with another baby in tow. - Author: Lucy Powell
Addled Parliament quotes by Lucy Powell
#6. Writing again, he stressed that the events of war are always uncertain. Then, paraphrasing a favorite line from the popular play Cato by Joseph Addison - a line that General Washington, too, would often call upon - Adams told her, We cannot insure success, but we can deserve it. - Author: David McCullough
Addled Parliament quotes by David McCullough
#7. More than six people cannot agree on anything, three is better and one is perfect for a job that one can do. This is why parliamentary bodies all through history, when they accomplished anything, owed it to a few strong men who dominated the rest. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Addled Parliament quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#8. Basically, I have no place in organized politics. By coming to the British Parliament, I've allowed the people to sacrifice me at the top and let go the more effective job I should be doing at the bottom. - Author: Bernadette Devlin
Addled Parliament quotes by Bernadette Devlin
#9. The absence of political personalities in the government will help rather than hinder a solid base of support for the government in parliament and in the political parties because it will remove one ground for disagreement. - Author: Mario Monti
Addled Parliament quotes by Mario Monti
#10. Parliament of the country is the repository of the sovereign will of the people, and its successful functioning is a joint responsibility of both the government and the Opposition. - Author: Pratibha Patil
Addled Parliament quotes by Pratibha Patil
#11. May it please your Majesty I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as the House is pleased to direct me whose servant I am here. - Author: William Lenthall
Addled Parliament quotes by William Lenthall
#12. But in all that suffering, the most painful suffering of all was the consciousness that it was all banal, had all been discovered a long time ago, and was known to all the generations past, all just a repeated series, stamped out by our genes. That the universe was filled to its edges with groans as alike as two notes, that those particular groans formed one great groan similar to the shrill parliament of the sparrows and that groan became an interstellar roar, the inaudible groan of the aging cosmos. - Author: Tadeusz Konwicki
Addled Parliament quotes by Tadeusz Konwicki
#13. following morning with her age-addled body so stiff she was barely able to stand upright without assistance? No, Edie needed taking care of, someone to watch over her. 'Oooh, good for you!' Nancy said, sounding - Author: Alexandra Brown
Addled Parliament quotes by Alexandra Brown
#14. You behold a range of exhausted volcanoes. Not a flame flickers on a single pallid crest. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
Addled Parliament quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#15. We have decreased the salaries of everybody who partakes in politics, from the president to the prime minister to the MPs [members of Parliament]. We have cut expenditures that have to do with parliament. Everybody knows we are serious. - Author: Antonis Samaras
Addled Parliament quotes by Antonis Samaras
#16. I've got four lovely children, ten lovely grandchildren, and I left parliament to devote more time to politics, and I think that what is really going on in Britain is a growing sense of alienation. People don't feel anyone listens to them. - Author: Tony Benn
Addled Parliament quotes by Tony Benn
#17. Get into Parliament, make tiresome speeches; you will have great offers; do not accept them at first, then do: then make great provision for yourself and family, and then call yourself an independent country gentleman. - Author: Hans Stanley
Addled Parliament quotes by Hans Stanley
#18. The mob is primarily a group in which the residue of all classes are represented. This makes it so easy to mistake the mob for the people, which also comprises all strata of society. While the people in all great revolutions fight for true representation, the mob always will shout for the "strong man," the "great leader." For the mob hates society from which it is excluded, as well as Parliament where it is not represented. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Addled Parliament quotes by Hannah Arendt
#19. We will have to embark on a change so radical, a revolution so quiet and yet so total, that it will go far beyond the programme for a parliament - Author: Edward Heath
Addled Parliament quotes by Edward Heath
#20. We need a global parliament, a global government and possibly a global ministry for security. - Author: Lech Walesa
Addled Parliament quotes by Lech Walesa
#21. By virtue of his celebrity, he would be coddled by worshipful cops, pumped up by star-fucking attorneys, indulged by a spineless judge, and adored by jurors every bit as addled by racial hatred as their counterparts on the Rodney King jury. O. J. Simpson slaughtered two innocent people, and he walked free - right past the most massive and compelling body of physical evidence ever assembled against a criminal defendant. I am not bitter. I am angry. - Author: Marcia Clark
Addled Parliament quotes by Marcia Clark
#22. After that his Majesty was beheaded, the Parliament for some years effected nothing either for the publick peace or tranquillity of the nation, or settling religion as they had formerly promised. - Author: William Lilly
Addled Parliament quotes by William Lilly
#23. Parliament itself would not exist in its present form had people not defied the law. - Author: Arthur Scargill
Addled Parliament quotes by Arthur Scargill
#24. But the nation's business must go forward, and this is how: an act to give Wales members of Parliament, and make English the language of the law courts, and to cut from under them the powers of the lords of the Welsh marches. - Author: Hilary Mantel
Addled Parliament quotes by Hilary Mantel
#25. Devilish men should not be allowed to hold kittens, babies, or bouquets of wildflowers. There ought to be an Act of Parliament. - Author: Tessa Dare
Addled Parliament quotes by Tessa Dare
#26. The reason why I'm in Parliament is not really to see my colleagues win power; it is to see us at last in a position where we can give it up. - Author: Michael Gove
Addled Parliament quotes by Michael Gove
#27. Man, that's a killer strategy, that is, an awesome way to persuade the incognoscenti that we're not crazed hokum junkies, high on hackwork, trying to pimp our addled euphoria to anyone who passes. Yeah, vehement denial that we've got anything to do with the crack-whore pump-daddy beast of a thousand cocks locked in the closet. Bitter accusations of snootcocking snipewankery when they point out that crack-whore pimp-daddy beast of a thousand cocks in the closet. Offended outrage when they assume the mindfuck we're touting is a cheap handjob, just because we're, like, standing on a street corner dressed to sell our arses. And because our first words to a prospective customer just happens to be, 'Hey, big boy. - Author: Hal Duncan
Addled Parliament quotes by Hal Duncan
#28. We find that at present the human race is divided into one wise man, nine knaves, and ninety fools out of every hundred. That is, by an optimistic observer. The nine knaves assemble themselves under the banner of the most knavish among them, and become 'politicians'; the wise man stands out, because he knows himself to be hopelessly outnumbered, and devotes himself to poetry, mathematics, or philosophy; while the ninety fools plod off under the banners of the nine villains, according to fancy, into the labyrinths of chicanery, malice and warfare. It is pleasant to have command, observes Sancho Panza, even over a flock of sheep, and that is why the politicians raise their banners. It is, moreover, the same thing for the sheep whatever the banner. If it is democracy, then the nine knaves will become members of parliament; if fascism, they will become party leaders; if communism, commissars. Nothing will be different, except the name. The fools will be still fools, the knaves still leaders, the results still exploitation. As for the wise man, his lot will be much the same under any ideology. Under democracy he will be encouraged to starve to death in a garret, under fascism he will be put in a concentration camp, under communism he will be liquidated. - Author: T.H. White
Addled Parliament quotes by T.H. White
#29. I am glad to learn that the Parliament Bill has been passed for the Darlington Railway. - Author: George Stephenson
Addled Parliament quotes by George Stephenson
#30. We study the glory of God, and the honour and liberty of parliament, for which we unanimously fight, without seeking our own interests ... I profess I could never satisfy myself on the justness of this war, but from the authority of the parliament to maintain itself in its rights; and in this cause I hope to prove myself an honest man and single-hearted. - Author: Oliver Cromwell
Addled Parliament quotes by Oliver Cromwell
#31. Little is known about the love lives of the undead. Really, past the brain-eating, reanimated corpse angle, not much is said for the zombie's perspective. So they ate brains - big deal! Sure, they were corpses - so what? Indeed, there was the smell, but whose fault was that?
At first glance they were brain-hungry cannibals, (Mmm, brains. Maybe with a little cilantro or a garlic rub - mashed potatoes and brainsloaf - brains pot pie - penne a la brains...) but in reality, zombies were not the mindless man-eaters or virus-addled lunatics jonesing for human flesh depicted in the movies. Just like everything in life - or rather, unlife - things were more complicated. Zombies were, until very recently, people. And with that came wants, desires, longings. Needs.
Asher had been troubled by the zombie loneliness until Brenda, the attractive corpse he'd met in a less animated state earlier, pulled him into the cemetery, threw him down on a slab and shagged him silly. - Author: Daniel Younger
Addled Parliament quotes by Daniel Younger
#32. Naturally, the common people don't want war ... but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country. - Author: Hermann Goring
Addled Parliament quotes by Hermann Goring
#33. We can either have a free Parliament or a free people. Personal freedom requires that all authority is restrained by long-run principles which the opinion of the people approves. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
Addled Parliament quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#34. Not in the constitution, but I would propose a law to the French parliament that provides for reducing the budget deficit year by year, until we have reached a balanced budget by 2017. - Author: Francois Hollande
Addled Parliament quotes by Francois Hollande
#35. Quite apart from the problem of the vote, it's bad for the image of Parliament that people take the trouble to come up and are not allowed to see their MP - Author: Vince Cable
Addled Parliament quotes by Vince Cable
#36. Private Eye continued to report that the stench in the Houses of Parliament was just as strong as it had been on the day when the birds flew away and the rodents fled. - Author: Stephen Vizinczey
Addled Parliament quotes by Stephen Vizinczey
#37. For comprehensive Earth action, an all-of-the-Earth representative democracy is required. That is, a global parliament. - Author: Bob Brown
Addled Parliament quotes by Bob Brown
#38. At the beginning of the year 1859 it was estimated that more than 120,000 native officers and soldiers had perished, and more than 200,000 civilian natives, who paid with their lives for their participation - often doubtful - in this insurrection. Terrible reprisals these; and perhaps, on that occasion, Mr. Gladstone had some reason on his side when he protested so energetically against them in Parliament. It was important, for the better understanding of our story, that the death-list on both sides should be given as above, to make the reader comprehend the unsatiated hatred which still remained in the hearts of the conquered, thirsting for vengeance, as well as in those of the conquerors, who, ten years afterwards, were still mourning the victims of Cawnpore and Lucknow. As - Author: Jules Verne
Addled Parliament quotes by Jules Verne
#39. [After her election to the British Parliament and being welcomed to 'the most exclusive men's club in Europe':] It won't be exclusive long. When I came in, I left the door wide open! - Author: Nancy Astor
Addled Parliament quotes by Nancy Astor
#40. The mark of a single currency is not only that all other currencies must be extinguished but that the capacity of other institutions to issue currencies must also be extinguished ... In the case of the United Kingdom, that would involve Parliament binding its successors in a way that it has hitherto regarded as unconstitutional. - Author: Norman Tebbit
Addled Parliament quotes by Norman Tebbit
#41. The Government and the Parliament, even the House of Lords, will consent to a large increase of electors; and men who have not considered the subject fully will imagine they have gained much by the concession. - Author: John Bright
Addled Parliament quotes by John Bright
#42. The longer the title, the less important the job. - Author: George McGovern
Addled Parliament quotes by George McGovern
#43. He may be incensed, said Dizzy. I've never doubted the old parson's faith, but it has no place in politics. Good God, just imagine if each man allowed himself to be swayed by moral compunctions; we'd never get a damned thing accomplished in Parliament. - Author: Carol K. Carr
Addled Parliament quotes by Carol K. Carr
#44. Media populism means appealing to people directly through media. A politician who can master the media can shape political affairs outside of parliament and even eliminate the mediation of parliament. - Author: Umberto Eco
Addled Parliament quotes by Umberto Eco
#45. [W]hen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia. - Author: George Mason
Addled Parliament quotes by George Mason
#46. Each Act of Parliament intended to address harassment and discrimination has faced objections on the basis of 'you'll never be able to prove ... ' and 'there's too much legislation already ... '. In no case has this line of reasoning ever been sustained. - Author: Tim Field
Addled Parliament quotes by Tim Field
#47. We need female advocates. I'd love to live in a world where there are as many women in parliament as men. - Author: Emma Watson
Addled Parliament quotes by Emma Watson

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