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This desperate act was inevitable. This act is a direct result of the oppression, both political and economic, imposed by our government. You crush hope. Yes, you! You destroy opportunity. You eradicate dignity. You do all that so you may maintain your filthy bigoted anti-democratic society. You leave the rest of us no choice. We are not allowed to protest. ~ Peter F. Hamilton
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Peter F. Hamilton
Leadership was not an act of bravery but rather forbearance and the strength to move forward with humility in the belief of what is righteous ~ Soroosh Shahrivar
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Soroosh Shahrivar
I'm a very lucky girl who gets to act for a living! So why sit around griping and grousing about what's not there. ~ Melissa Leo
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Melissa Leo
John Adams, by then one of the country's founding fathers, wrote to a friend: I know not why we should blush to confess that molasses was an essential ingredient in American independence. Many great events have proceeded from much smaller causes. ~ Tom Standage
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Tom Standage
So your husband's home with the little ones? - it'll be good for him, let him see what it's like with kids all day, right? men never understand until you ask them to do it and then they say, Well, the kids only act like this with me, it has to be much easier when you're with them, isn't that the truth? They're really thinking, You can't possibly put up with this day after day, can you? ~ Alice McDermott
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Alice McDermott
A newly elected representative quickly discovers that his job in government-aside from making new laws-is to act as a broker, middleman, special pleader and finagler. ~ William Greider
Act Utilitarianism quotes by William Greider
Every actor knows that tragedy, being linear and inevitable, is taxing - but comedy, which depends on the element of surprise, is the hardest act of all. ~ Robin Morgan
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Robin Morgan
Where did this whole thing begin? If what we think of as reality is just a pattern that somebody brought Outside, and the universe just popped into bring, then whoever it was is probably still wandering around giving off universes wherever she goes So where did she come from? And what was there before she started doing it? And how did Outside come to exist, for that matter?"
That's Inspace thinking," said Olhado. "That's the way you conceive of things when you still believe in space and time as absolutes. You think of everything starting and stopping, of things having origins, because that's the way it is in the observable universe. The thing is, Outside there's no rules like that at all. Outside was always there and always will be there. The number of philotes there is infinite, and all of them always existed. No mater how many of them you pull out and put into organized universes, there'll be just as many left as there always were"
But somebody had to start making universes."
Why?" asked Olhado.
Because-because I-"
Nobody ever started. It's always been going on. I mean, if it weren't already going on, it couldn't start. Outside where there weren't any patterns, it would be impossible to conceive of a pattern. They can't act, by definition, because they literally can't even find themselves."
But how could it have always been going on?"
Think of it as this moment in time, the reality we live in at this moment, this condition of the entire un ~ Orson Scott Card
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Orson Scott Card
And we love you but I have to ask you to help me, to help us, please."

"How?" I asked, "By pretending nothing ever happened? Act as if she and I were strangers? Stand the way your sister acts towards me after all of what we had? Forget my story by her side? Are you asking me for that, Gabriel, for God's sake?"

"It sounds pretty bad when you put it like that…" Gabriel said, "but yes, pretty much. ~ Emiliano Campuzano
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Emiliano Campuzano
If you do an act of kindness to one person each day of the year, you're making 365 people's live happier. ~ Amy
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Amy
You have to act like a responsible professional in the industry regardless of your age. ~ Josh Schwartz
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Josh Schwartz
An infinite God ought to be able to protect himself, without going in partnership with state legislatures. Certainly he ought not so to act that laws become necessary to keep him from being laughed at. No one thinks of protecting Shakespeare from ridicule, by the threat of fine and imprisonment. It strikes me that God might write a book that would not necessarily excite the laughter of his children. In fact, I think it would be safe to say that a real God could produce a work that would excite the admiration of mankind. Surely politicians could be better employed than in passing laws to protect the literary reputation of the Jewish God. ~ Robert G. Ingersoll
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
This Federal Reserve Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President (Wilson) signs this bill the invisible government of the Monetary Power will be legalized. ~ Charles August Lindbergh
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Charles August Lindbergh
An act of love is not an act for you and not for me. It is an act for you as well as for me. Love is for us. ~ Vironika Tugaleva
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
An individual's torments only have meaning within his or her personal experience. Faced with the collective we are as naked and helpless as the day we were born. Our individual development depends on realizing that others cannot understand our experience. Sometimes the obstacles we meet tempt us to place our destiny in the hands of another. But we cannot live by proxy, we must take everything on our own shoulders. Then we know we are alone. We must allow this sensation to fill our being and live like abandoned children because only thus is our life in our own hands. From time to time a mirage will surface of some way of life that will free us from the feeling of abandonment; but a mirage is exactly what it will remain.

We can of course live solely within the collective, with the illusion of speaking a common language and of not being alone, but this deception can cost our lives. If we act according to the general rule, we are following a code that is not our own. Everyone must find his or her own tune, accepting the resulting abandonment by those who continue singing in concert. Great artists create modes of expression that are uniquely their own: they enter so deeply into their sense of life that preexisting modes no longer serve their purpose. They invent new ways of writing poetry, of painting and making music. ~ Aldo Carotenuto
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Aldo Carotenuto
It is in your act that you exist, not in your body. Your act is yourself, and there is no other you. ~ Antoine De Saint Exupery
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
They talk about adrenaline, but Marder knew it was much more than adrenaline; it was a mystical cocktail that comes only from this one act, from killing men at the risk of yourself dying, a Pleistocene inheritance, disgusting and marvelous at the same time. Sports, even violent sports, were just a pale shadow of this. Why they'd never abolish war. ~ Michael Gruber
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Michael Gruber
Not leaving: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children. ~ Markus Zusak
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Markus Zusak
I look at rap as an opportunity to act. My head is full of different characters - in each song I'm auditioning a character. ~ Nicki Minaj
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Nicki Minaj
One of the things that has changed my life - and this comes from someone who was highly self-critical and a type-A personality - is meditating. The simple act of making my brain shut off for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night may not seem like much, but what ends up happening, besides creating space in your day, is your awake posture begins to replicate your meditative posture, ~ Sheryl Crow
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Sheryl Crow
Forgiveness is an act of giving love to those who don't deserve your love. ~ Debasish Mridha
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Debasish Mridha
We are wide open and vulnerable and in all likelihood an activist judge will strike down our Defense of Marriage Act, our state law against gay marriage, this year. And in all likelihood, we will have gay marriage in 2004 in Minnesota , if we don't get this amendment on the ballot for November. ~ Michele Bachmann
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Michele Bachmann
The act of policing is, in order to punish less often, to punish more severely. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
Whether you call yourself a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu or an Atheist, if you have kindness in your heart and compassion in your act, you are on the right path of religion. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Abhijit Naskar
Human use of fossil fuels is altering the chemistry of the atmosphere; oceans are polluted and depleted of fish; 80 per cent of Earth's forests are heavily impacted or gone yet their destruction continues. An estimated 50,000 species are driven to extinction each year. We dump millions of tonnes of chemicals, most untested for their biological effects, and many highly toxic, into air, water and soil. We have created an ecological holocaust. Our very health and survival are at stake, yet we act as if we have plenty of time to respond. ~ David Suzuki
Act Utilitarianism quotes by David Suzuki
I think our lives are mapped out for us. They are too complex, too perfect to be an accident of randomness. They have an inescapable narrative - a beginning , middle and end - unnecessary except by design. Birth, life and death, neatly seperated and sequenced. Authored, if you will, by the universe's own hand. We are gifted existence in three acts, but we can only ever understand our middle third. We cannot control our birth, yet though we have no power over this first act of ours we believe we can manipulate our second act, our life, to control our death. We cannot choose either, and it is right we cannot. We think we are the lightning or the thunder, but we're merely raindrops in a storm. We forget we are ordained a time to live and a time to die. They are chosen for us, only when that time is right. ~ Tom Wood
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Tom Wood
If you act your faith, you may look foolish for five minutes; but if you don't act your faith, you may be foolish forever. ~ Chris Oyakhilome
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Chris Oyakhilome
I act according to the requirements of the character, and if I try to play the role, then I play it truthfully. In my daily life, I'm a laid-back, peaceful guy. I'm just doing my job to act. ~ Donnie Yen
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Donnie Yen
Does anyone beside me experience a deep sorrow that someone called a "Hero for the Planet" and a "star of the sustainability movement" is designing truck factories and Nike headquarters? Ninety percent of the large fish in the ocean are gone. Ninety-seven percent of the world's native forests have been cut. There are 2 million dams just in the United States. Once-mighty flocks of passenger pigeons are gone. Islands full of great aucks, gone. Rich runs of salmon, gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. The oceans are filled with plastic. Every stream in the United States is contaminated with carcinogens. The world is being killed, and this is the respond? Not only am I angry, not only am I disgusted, I am also deeply, deeply sorrowful.
And I am deeply ashamed.
We need to act differently. ~ Derrick Jensen
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Derrick Jensen
Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything. ~ George Lois
Act Utilitarianism quotes by George Lois
Always remember what Heraclitus said: 'The death of earth is the birth of water, the death of water is the birth of atmosphere, the death of atmosphere is fire, and conversely.' Remember, too, his image of the man who forgets the way he is going; and: 'They are at variance with that with which they most continuously have converse (Reason which governs the Universe), and the things they meet with every day appear alien to them'; and again: 'We suppose that we act and speak'; and: 'We must not be like children with parents,' that is, accept things simply as we have received them. ~ Marcus Aurelius
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Marcus Aurelius
I can feel guilty about the past,
Apprehensive about the future,but only in the present can I act.The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness. ~ Abraham H. Maslow
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Abraham H. Maslow
True, duels were fought by convention at dawn in isolated locations to ensure the privacy of the gentlemen involved. But were they fought behind ash heaps or in scrapyards? Of course not! They were fought in a clearing among the birch trees with a dusting of snow. Or on the banks of a winding rivulet. Or at the edge of a family estate where the breezes shake the blossoms from the trees. . . . That is, they were fought in settings that one might have expected to see in the second act of an opera. ~ Amor Towles
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Amor Towles
Waris said it's crazy that people are so stupid to think over one and a half billion Muslims all think and act the same way, a Muslim man carries out a mass shooting or blows people up and he's called a terrorist, a white man does the same thing and he's called a mad man

both sets are mad, Yazz ~ Bernardine Evaristo
Act Utilitarianism quotes by Bernardine Evaristo
Difference making, by its very nature, is the art of taking something good and making it better. It's an act of fine-tuning, improving, and refining, not starting from zero. ~ David Sturt
Act Utilitarianism quotes by David Sturt
The constitution controls any legislative act repugnant to it. ~ John Marshall
Act Utilitarianism quotes by John Marshall
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