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#1. We are becoming so accustomed to millions and billions of dollars that 'thousands' has almost passed out of the dictionary. - Author: Everett Dirksen
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Everett Dirksen
#2. I didn't like Dali: now, like you, I do. Like you, I began to drink my Coke with a pinch of salt . Like you, I stopped bothering about ironed clothes. Like you, I sit with a dictionary while reading the papers. Like you, I sit on the compound wall after a bath. - Author: Sachin Kundalkar
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Sachin Kundalkar
#3. I assume you're aware of the definition of the word hypocrite? Because I'm thinking if we looked it up in the dictionary, your picture would be right next to it. - Author: Jt Geissigner
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Jt Geissigner
#4. Now that I can see it's the queen's new clothes Now that I can hear all your poison prose Now that I can talk with my tongue unfroze I'm not so sure of Santa or the buck tooth fairy There are no words for me inside your dictionary - Author: Andy Partridge
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Andy Partridge
#5. In fact," I add, "if George Clooney is ever accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb, that activity is immediately getting added to my bucket list. "As in, 'Have you ever been George Clooneyed?'" Oliver asks. "Exactly. 'We went for a walk, and then George Clooneyed until around two. Good night. - Author: Christina Lauren
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Christina Lauren
#6. The thoughts from a finite mind can at times be very similar to the clouds that move about over the surface of the earth. Both can cover a lot of ground, and can either disperse or increase in formation. Likewise - both are heavily influenced by the surrounding climate. Furthermore - a hard wind increases a fire's spread, thunder proceeds a lightning strike, and when atmospheric water vapor accumulates, it produces clouds. Then, after an abundance of water has been condensed, the clouds will at some point release moisture; the rain/precipitation amount will range from the degree of abundance condensed.
Similarly: an abundance of thoughts can also accumulate - eventually resulting in an overflow of emotion. The overflow can either be positive or negative - the determining factor relying on the characterization of the thoughts - whether they be positive or negative. - Author: Calvin W. Allison
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Calvin W. Allison
#7. As technology accumulates and people in more parts of the planet become interdependent, the hatred between them tends to decrease, for the simple reason that you can't kill someone and trade with him too. - Author: Steven Pinker
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Steven Pinker
#8. For me, I get a part of an idea here and a little bit of an idea there, and then finally it accumulates into a movie. - Author: James Gray
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by James Gray
#9. Opening and closing the pages of a celestial dictionary at will and always falling upon the words hair fur and sex until a bunch of distant images arise at the same time as June when she kneels in front of me her tongue making little cross-strokes in my full-moon fur my enchanted-lake fur we should do it again so that I too can stroke through June's fur. - Author: Nicole Brossard
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Nicole Brossard
#10. I'm beginning to think a dictionary would have been a far more advantageous birthday gift for you."
"More advantageous than being eaten alive by a giant, carnivorous bunny? Yes, most things fall in that category, I think. - Author: William Ritter
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by William Ritter
#11. If you look up the definition of greatness in the dictionary, it will say Michael Jordan. - Author: Elgin Baylor
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Elgin Baylor
#12. I like everything that has no style: dictionaries, photographs, nature, myself and my paintings. (Because style is violent, and I am not violent.) - Author: Gerhard Richter
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Gerhard Richter
#13. My head was spinning. I could think of nothing better to calm it down than the Oxford English Dictionary. - Author: Alan Bradley
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Alan Bradley
#14. I am a star in the firmament
that observe the world, despises the world
and consumed in its heat.
I am the sea by night in a storm
the sea shouting that accumulates new sins
and to the ancient makes recompense.
I am exiled from your world
of pride polite, by pride defrauded,
I am the king without crown.
I am the passion without words
without stones of the hearth, without weapons in the war,
is my same force that make me sick - Author: Hermann Hesse
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Hermann Hesse
#15. Since you cannot always carry and display your diploma. Kindly act like you have one. Professionalism. Include that to your dictionary. - Author: Joshua De Vera Bautista
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Joshua De Vera Bautista
#16. Oh.My. Every illegal swear word in the dictionary, God. What is it with older men? don't they ever look in the mirror? - Author: Diane Messidoro
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Diane Messidoro
#17. I would like a dictionary though. A dictionary contains all the books ever written and all the books that will ever be written. That's something isn't it? The words aren't in the right order, of course, but it's still something. - Author: Kevin Brooks
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Kevin Brooks
#18. The greatest masterpiece in literature is only a dictionary out of order. - Author: Jean Cocteau
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Jean Cocteau
#19. I will use big words from time to time, the meanings of which I may only vaguely perceive, in hopes such cupidity will send you scampering to your dictionary: I will call such behavior 'public service'. - Author: Harlan Ellison
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Harlan Ellison
#20. A woman not yet seen, but whose perfume accumulates on the horizon like a storm cloud. - Author: Fernand Dumont
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Fernand Dumont
#21. Have you thought about retiring early?" "I've thought about it. I would lose a fair amount of my pension if I did. Besides, what would I do with myself?" "You could work for me." "Work ... as a ranch hand?" She laughed, genuinely amused by the image of herself in a cowboy hat cutting cattle that popped into her head. "I can't even walk in the snow without help." He glared at her. "You're a fantastic rider." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Are you truly offering me a job?" He stopped shoveling, rested on the hay fork, gave her a lopsided grin. "I would if it would keep you around." Something about that felt more romantic to her than a dozen red roses. "Jack West, you are a charming man." "Me?" He shook his head, got back to shoveling. "I think you need to look that word up in the dictionary, angel. - Author: Pamela Clare
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Pamela Clare
#22. My favourite book is my dictionary. It excites me. Each time I open it, the endless possibilities come tumbling out. It's Alice falling into Wonderland. It's an artist's paint box. It's a new day. - Author: Stephen Moore
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Stephen          Moore
#23. A wise board accumulates rational wisdom, embraces unconventional wisdom and sharpens system wisdom. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Pearl Zhu
#24. My lad chewed and swallowed a dictionary. We gave him Epsom salts - but we can't get a word out of him. - Author: Les Dawson
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Les Dawson
#25. The multiplicity of facts and writings is become so great that every thing must soon be reduced to extracts and dictionaries. - Author: Voltaire
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Voltaire
#26. I love Twitter, and my little corner of it is heavily weighted in favour of women, many of them writers: Caitlin Moran, India Knight, Lauren Laverne, Grace Dent, Deborah Orr, Marina Hyde, Suzanne Moore. I look at that list of names and think, 'Here comes the fun - fun that knows its way around a dictionary.' - Author: John Niven
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by John Niven
#27. The doctors told me that the neuronal activity in my brain was excessive - too much - a dictionary definition for my entire life. - Author: Shinji Moon
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Shinji Moon
#28. Opinions are not to be learned by rote, like the letters of an alphabet, or the words of a dictionary. They are conclusions to be formed, and formed by each individual in the sacred and free citadel of the mind, and there enshrined beyond the arm of law to reach, or force to shake; ay! and beyond the right of impertinent curiosity to violate, or presumptuous arrogance to threaten. - Author: Frances Wright
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Frances Wright
#29. And because they had mass, they became simpler," said Beatty. "Once, books appealed to a few people, here, there, everywhere. They could afford to be different. The world was roomy. But then the world got full of eyes and elbows and mouths. Double, triple, quadruple population. Films and radios, magazines, books leveled down to a sort of paste pudding norm, do you follow me?" "I think so." Beatty peered at the smoke pattern he had put out on the air. "Picture it. Nineteenth-century man with his horses, dogs, carts, slow motion. Then, in the twentieth century, speed up your camera. Books cut shorter. Condensations. Digests, Tabloids. Everything boils down to the gag, the snap ending." "Snap ending." Mildred nodded. "Classics cut to fit fifteen-minute radio shows, then cut again to fill a two-minute book column, winding up at last as a ten- or twelve-line dictionary resume. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Ray Bradbury
#30. Music is a language, and it's like a dictionary that has a lot of words, but if you limited yourself to a couple of definitions you would be illiterate. If one limits oneself to a peculiar definition like 'new music,' 'avant-garde,' or something like that, I think it's like cutting out half the dictionary. - Author: Archie Shepp
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Archie Shepp
#31. You'll find sympathy in the dictionary between sh*t and suicide. - Author: Roddy Piper
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Roddy Piper
#32. Universities are full of knowledge; the freshmen bring a little in and the seniors take none away, and knowledge accumulates. - Author: A. Lawrence Lowell
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by A. Lawrence Lowell
#33. Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary? - Author: Russell M. Nelson
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Russell M. Nelson
#34. To dispatch one's friends to a dictionary from time to time is one of the more sophisticated pleasures of life, but it is one that must be indulged in sparingly: to do it too often may result in accusations of having swallowed one's own dictionary, which is not a compliment, whichever way one looks at it. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#35. Neither is a dictionary a bad book to read. There is no can't in it, no excess of explanation, and it is full of suggestion, the raw material of possible poems and histories. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#36. I don't have many friends, not the living, breathing sort at any rate. And I don't mean that in a sad and lonely way; I'm just not the type of person who accumulates friends or enjoys crowds. I'm good with words, but not spoken kind; I've often thought what a marvelous thing it would be if I could only conduct relationships on paper. And I suppose, in a sense, that's what I do, for I've hundreds of the other sort, the friends contained within bindings, pages after glorious pages of ink, stories that unfold the same way every time but never lose their joy, that take me by the hand and lead me through doorways into worlds of great terror and rapturous delight. Exciting, worthy, reliable companions - full of wise counsel, some of them - but sadly ill-equipped to offer the use of a spare bedroom for a month or two. - Author: Kate Morton
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Kate Morton
#37. The dictionary definition of popularity is "to be liked by many." Based on this definition, you might predict that popular students are the cheeriest and most agreeable people in a school: kind to everyone and always willing to lend a helping hand. Such a conclusion couldn't be further from the truth! In the novel How to Be Popular by Meg Cabot, the protagonist's mother naively asks, "Aren't the most popular kids the nicest at your school? - Author: Alex L. Freedman
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Alex L. Freedman
#38. What she did NOT appreciate was the homework. Captain Wilkes had scrounged textbooks for her to study. Not just Marine manuals, either. Math, science, English. Chemistry. Yuck! With weekly tests. And he was making her do all her platoon reports, then "annotating" them. He had given her a dictionary and thesaurus, among other things, and after the first report after giving them to her told her she was "not allowed words of more than two syllables." It was worse than fucking school. "Recess" was killing zombies. - Author: John Ringo
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by John Ringo
#39. I wrote about the things I discovered along the way and about how whether we believe it or not, everything we need to succeed in life is already present inside us. We just have to find the few. - Author: Andrew Kendall
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Andrew Kendall
#40. Most people have a perception that winners are born great. Winners aren't born great. They have become great by the virtue of doing a little extra to achieve greatness. That little extra effort accumulates to one day giving them the winning results when compared to the ordinary efforts of others. - Author: Kevin Abdulrahman
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Kevin Abdulrahman
#41. You were born with your head in the clouds,
your future wide open,
feeling almost weightless. Almost.


You had dreams even before you had memories:
a cloud of fantasies and ambitions
of secret plans and hidden potential,
visions of who you are,
and what your life will be.

They keep your spirits high,
floating somewhere above your life,
where the world looks faintly hypothetical,
almost translucent.

But every time you reach for the sky
and come away with nothing,
you start to wonder what's holding them up.
"Surely it would have happened by now?!"

You feel time starting to slip,
pulling you back down to earth.
even as you tell yourself,
don't look down.

You don't have the luxury of floating through life,
because you may not have the time.
The future is already rushing toward you,
and it's not as far away as you think.

It feels like your life is flashing before your eyes,
but it's actually just the opposite:
you're thinking forward, to everything you still haven't done,
the places you had intended to visit,
the life goals you'd eventually get around to,
some day in the future.

You start dropping your delusions one by one,
like tossing ballast overboard.
And soon the fog lifts,
and everything becomes clear -
right until the moment you - Author: The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows
#42. Whatever wisdom I have has been hard-earned – each meaning carefully culled out of the dictionary of human experiences and emotions and put in its precise place in the matrix. Meaning doesn't come easy. The Great Crossword Setter in the Sky is capricious and wilful, demanding absolute obedience. You can waste the better part of a lifetime arguing about the randomness of the clues, the setting of the squares, why a certain square is black and not white as you need it to be, question the whole point of doing the crossword – what, after all, is to be gained by solving it. Only after all the chattering is over and you give your complete attention to it, does the perfection of the pattern reveal itself. As is, where is, everything fits. And at the end, when it's all done, there is no reward to be had – the joy of doing it right is all the reward there ever is. (A Deepavali Gift) - Author: Manjul Bajaj
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Manjul Bajaj
#43. Repertitious has not had nearly the success in entering the language that serendipitous has had, most likely because its PR team isn't nearly as good. The noun form of the latter, serendipity, was made up in the 1750s by the novelist Horace Walpole, based on Serendip (a former name for Sri Lanka). Repertitious, on the other hand, has its first mention in Thomas Blount's dictionary of 1656. Writers - 1, lexicographers - 0. Resentient - Author: Ammon Shea
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Ammon Shea
#44. Then idiots talk ... of Energy. If there is a word in the dictionary under any letter from A to Z that I abominate, it is energy. It is such a conventional superstition, such parrot gabble! What the deuce! ... But show me a good opportunity, show me something really worth being energetic about, and I'll show you energy. - Author: Charles Dickens
Accumulates Dictionary quotes by Charles Dickens

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