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#1. In the last week of April 2004, a handful of the Abu Ghraib photographs were broadcast on 60 minutes and published in The New Yorker, and within a couple of days they had been rebroadcast and republished pretty much everywhere on earth. Overnight, the human pyramid, the hooded man on the box, the young woman soldier with a prisoner on a leash, and the corpse packed in ice had become the defining images of the Iraq war...Never before had such primal dungeon scenes been so baldly captured on camera...But above all, it was the posing soldiers, mugging for their buddies' cameras while dominating the prisoners in trophy stances, that gave the photographs the sense of unruly and unmediated reality. The staging was part of the reality they documented. And the grins, the thumbs-up, the arms crossed over puffed-out chests - all this unseemly swagger and self-regard was the height of amateurism. These soldier-photographers stood, at once, inside and outside the events they recorded, watching themselves take part in the spectacle, and their decision not to conceal but to reveal what they were doing indicated that they were not just amateur photographers, but amateur torturers.
So the amateurism was not merely a formal dimension of the Abu Ghraib pictures. It was part of their content, part of what we saw in them, and it corresponded to an aspect of the Iraq War that troubled and baffled nearly everyone: the reckless and slapdash ineptitude with which it had been prosecuted. It was - Author: Philip Gourevitch
Abu Huwa quotes by Philip Gourevitch
#2. So is he a radical?" non-Muslims often asked when I told them about the Sheikh. "Not at all," I'd say, assuming we were all speaking in post-9/11 code. "Of course not."

And I'd meant it. He is not a radical. Or rather, not their kind of radical.

His radicalism is of entirely another caliber. He's an extremist quietist, calling on Muslims to turn away from politics and to leave behind the frameworks of thought popularised by Islamists in recent centuries. Akram's call for an apolitical Islam unpicked the conditioning of a generation of Muslims, raised on the works of Abu l'Ala Maududi and Sayyid Qutb and their nineteenth-century forerunners. These ideologues aimed to make Islam relevant to the sociopolitical struggles facings Muslims coping with modernity. Their works helped inspire revolutions, coups, and constitutions. But while these thinkers equated faith with political action, the Sheikh believed that politics was puny. He was powered by a certainty that we are just passing through this earth and that mundane quests for land or power miss Islam's point. Compared with the men fighting for worldly turf, Akram was far more uncompromising: turn away from quests for nation-states or parliamentary seats and toward God. "Allah doesn't want people to complain to other people," he said. "People must complain to Allah, not to anyone else."

All the time spent fulminating, organising, protesting? It could be saved for prayer. So unjust governments run - Author: Carla Power
Abu Huwa quotes by Carla Power
#3. (12) TWELVTH SIGN: Another sign of the learned man of the next world is that he saves himself from innovations even though the people are unanimous on innovations and novelties. He is rather diligent in studying the conditions of the companions, their conduct and character and their deeds. They spent their lives in jihad, meditation, avoidance of major and minor sins, observation of their outer conduct and inner self. But the greater object of thought of the learned men of the present time is to teach, compose books, to make argumentation, to give Fatwa, to become mutawali of Waqf estates, enjoy the properties of orphans, frequent the rulers and enjoy their company. - Author: Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
#4. Ali ruled from 656 to 661 but believed Muhammad intended him to succeed him originally in 632, rather than Abu Bakr. - Author: Zephyros Press
Abu Huwa quotes by Zephyros Press
#5. Sirine puts a forkful of sweet potatoes into her mouth. The potatoes are soft as velvet, the gravy satiny. It is as if she can taste the life inside all those ingredients: the stem that the cranberries grew on, the earth inside the bread, even the warm blood inside the turkey. It comes back to her, the small secret that was always hers, for years, the only truth she seemed to possess- that food was better than love: surer, truer, more satisfying and enriching. As long as she could lose herself in the rhythms of peeling an onion, she was complete and whole. And as long as she could cook, she would be loved. - Author: Diana Abu-Jaber
Abu Huwa quotes by Diana Abu-Jaber
#6. She stares at her knife and wishes she were smarter about things. Wishes she knew how to say something wise or consoling to him, something that wouldn't sound frightened or awkward. But then she remembers the time after her parents' death, when people would approach her and try to explain her loss to her; they said things that were supposed to cure her of her sadness, but that had no effect at all. And she knew then, even when she was nine years old, that there was no wise or consoling thing to say. There were certain helpful kinds of silences, and some were better than others. - Author: Diana Abu-Jaber
Abu Huwa quotes by Diana Abu-Jaber
#7. Your friends are three and your enemies are three. Your friends are: your friend, the friend of your friend, and the enemy of your enemy. Your enemies are: your enemy, the enemy of your friend, and the friend of your enemy. - Author: Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
Abu Huwa quotes by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
#8. The word "Allah" can be seen as the same singular God that is referred to in the Torah in Hebrew as Elohim, or spoken by Jesus in Aramaic as the strikingly similar Allaha. Allah is neither female nor male, for He is beyond anything in creation and transcends all the limits that the human mind can create. Since in Arabic there is not a gender-neutral pronoun such as "it," Allah uses huwa or "He" in reference to Himself because in Arabic the male gender form is inclusive of the female, not exclusive. - Author: A. Helwa
Abu Huwa quotes by A. Helwa
#9. Denial helps the bystander. We don't want to know what the boys we send to Iraq have done to others out of terror, or what others have done to them. We would rather not know about terror or be confronted with evil. This is as true about Abu Ghraib as it is about person assaults and more private crimes, the crimes that occur inside families.

But the victim, too, cannot bear to believe. She may bury or dissociate from or disown her pain...to be raped or abused or threatened with violent death; to be treated as an object in a perpetrator's dream, rather than the subject of your own - these are bad enough. But when observers become complicit in the victim's desire to forget, they become perpetrators, too.

When authorities disbelieve the victim, when bystanders refute what they cannot bear to know, they rob the victim of normal existence on the earth. Bystander and victim collude in denial or forgetting, and in so doing, repeat the abuse. Life for the victim now begins anew. In this new world, the victim can no longer trust the evidence of her senses. Something seems to have happened, but what? The ground disappears. This is the alchemy of denial: terror, rage, and pain are replaced with free-floating shame. The victim will being to wonder: What did I do? She will being to believe: I must have done something bad. But the sensation of shame is shameful itself, so we dissociate that, too. In the end, a victim who has suffered the denial of others will come to - Author: Jessica Stern
Abu Huwa quotes by Jessica Stern
#10. I'm in my junior year but I can't take it anymore. The beige walls, the scent of linoleum and used lockers, the shrill bell between classes. High school is sucking the life out of me. - Author: Diana Abu-Jaber
Abu Huwa quotes by Diana Abu-Jaber
#11. American journalists and politicians made a perfect spectacle of themselves in discussing the Abu Ghraib prison controversy. - Author: Tony Snow
Abu Huwa quotes by Tony Snow
#12. If I were you I would face my clothes, to make sure that no one runs off with them! - Author: Abu Hanifa
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Hanifa
#13. The Muslim leaders swallow the advice of the Western powers and bodies like the IMF and World Bank, even when it is bad for their countries and they know this. - Author: Abu Bakar Bashir
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Bakar Bashir
#14. But my foster mother never explained to me that there can be a deep loneliness in modern sanity too. That madness can be its own form of solace. - Author: Diana Abu-Jaber
Abu Huwa quotes by Diana Abu-Jaber
#15. The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty. - Author: Abu Bakr
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Bakr
#16. For the Bible and the Qur'aan to be the divine word of God, they must be free from inexplicable contradictions, and there should be no doubt about their content nor about their authors... - Author: Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
#17. We are ready to train new Iraqi forces outside Iraq. We did it in Abu Dhabi. - Author: Joschka Fischer
Abu Huwa quotes by Joschka Fischer
#18. The sky is white. - Author: Diana Abu-Jaber
Abu Huwa quotes by Diana Abu-Jaber
#19. I have been given the authority over you, and I am not the best of you. If I do well, help me; and if I do wrong, set me right. Sincere regard for truth. - Author: Abu Bakr
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Bakr
#20. He once thought that Manchester United were a band because I've mentioned that they had Giggs. - Author: Abdullah Abu Snaineh
Abu Huwa quotes by Abdullah Abu Snaineh
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Abu Huwa quotes by Mahluili
#22. Maybe a thing that you do not like is really in your interest. It is possible that a thing that you may desire may be against your interest. - Author: Abu Bakr
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Bakr
#23. Sadism dominates the culture. It runs like an electric current through reality television and trash-talk programs, is at the core of pornography, and fuels the compliant, corporate collective. Corporatism is about crushing the capacity for moral choice and diminishing the individual to force him or her into an ostensibly harmonious collective. This hypermasculinity has its logical fruition in Abu Ghraib, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our lack of compassion for our homeless, our poor, the mentally ill, the unemployed, and the sick ... We accept the system handed to us and seek to find a comfortable place within it. We retreat into the narrow, confined ghettos created for us and shut our eyes to the deadly superstructure of the corporate state. - Author: Chris Hedges
Abu Huwa quotes by Chris Hedges
#24. It is Allah's word just as it is in the Koran. We are also not allowed to translate it. It is unimportant whether what it says is well received or not. We are not allowed to question even a single word. - Author: Abdul Sattar Abu Risha
Abu Huwa quotes by Abdul Sattar Abu Risha
#25. One day you'll thank Allah for the door that closed. You'll be grateful that it didn't work out. Allah's plans are better than our wishes. - Author: Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
#26. Pedro Teixeira, the great Portuguese merchant-adventurer, wrote a beautiful description of a coffeehouse with windows overlooking the Tigris and the ruins of old Baghdad. That was in 1604, and he's visiting the same street that I write about in the book, named after Abu Nuwas, though it wasn't called that back then. - Author: Annia Ciezadlo
Abu Huwa quotes by Annia Ciezadlo
#27. One of the bitterest ironies of life is that one truly appreciates a blessing only after having been deprived of it or imagining that. - Author: Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
#28. Wars stopped slavery in America and liberated Europe and put an end to Japanese imperialism and killed Hitler and Mussolini and Pol Pot and Che Guevara and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. That's why we have them. - Author: David NMI Stone
Abu Huwa quotes by David NMI Stone
#29. Generosity is to help a deserving person without his request, and if you help him after his
request, then it is either out of self-respect or to avoid rebuke. - Author: Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib
Abu Huwa quotes by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib
#30. Knowledge is the life of the mind. - Author: Abu Bakr
Abu Huwa quotes by Abu Bakr

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