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#1. [c] As for praise and blame, these have just two objects. One is to incite a doer of good to repeat the like act which is willed to proceed from him; the second is to scare the one from whom the act has occurred from repeating the like of it, and [ensure] that the one from whom that act has not occurred will abstain from doing what is not willed to proceed from him, though it is in his capacity to do it. - Author: Avicenna
Abstain quotes by Avicenna
#2. We should not be held back by the thought that if they are not elect, they will not believe us and our efforts to convert them will fail. That is true; but it is none of our business and should make no difference to our action. In the first place, it is always wrong to abstain from doing good for fear that it might not be appreciated. In the second place, the nonelect in this world are faceless men as far as w are concerned. We know that they exist, but we do not and cannot know who they are, and it is as futile as it is impious for us to try and guess. The identity of the reprobate is one of God's 'secret things' into which his people may not pry. In the third place, our calling as Christians is not to love God's elect, and them only, but to love our neighbour, irrespective of whether he is elect or not. - Author: J.I. Packer
Abstain quotes by J.I. Packer
#3. I believe that every man who has ever been earnest to preserve his higher or poetic faculties in the best condition has been particularly inclined to abstain from animal food, and from much food of any kind. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Abstain quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#4. 1TH5.22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. - Author: Anonymous
Abstain quotes by Anonymous
#5. I myself eschew all stimulants. I also practically abstain from meat. - Author: Nikola Tesla
Abstain quotes by Nikola Tesla
#6. I'm pro-responsible choice. There is choice to abstain, choice to do contraception. There are all kind of good choices. - Author: Sharron Angle
Abstain quotes by Sharron Angle
#7. A prince, as I have said before, sooner becomes hated by being rapacious and by interfering with the property and with the women of his subjects, than in any other way. From these, therefore, he should abstain. For so long as neither their property nor their honour is touched, the mass of mankind live contentedly, and the prince has only to cope with the ambition of a few, which can in many ways and easily be kept within bounds.

A prince is despised when he is seen to be fickle, frivolous, effeminate, pusillanimous, or irresolute, against which defects he ought therefore most carefully to guard, striving so to bear himself that greatness, courage, wisdom, and strength may appear in all his actions. In his private dealings with his subjects his decisions should be irrevocable, and his reputation such that no one would dream of overreaching or cajoling him. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Abstain quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#8. Temperance referred not abstaining, but going the right length and no further ... of course it may be the duty of a particular Christian, or any Christian, at a particular time, to abstain from strong drink, either because he is the sort of man who cannot drink at all without drinking too much, or because he wants to give the money to the poor, or because he is with people who are inclined to drunkenness and must not encourage them by drinking himself. But the whole point he is abstaining, for a good reason, from something he does not condemn and which he likes to see other people enjoying. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Abstain quotes by C.S. Lewis
#9. The future not being born, my friend, we will abstain from baptizing it. - Author: George Meredith
Abstain quotes by George Meredith
#10. Every man who has ever been earnest to preserve his higher or poetic faculties in the best condition, has been particularly inclined to abstain from animal food - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Abstain quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#11. Let the mouth also fast from disgraceful speeches and railings. For what does it profit if we abstain from fish and fowl and yet bite and devour our brothers and sisters? The evil speaker eats the flesh of his brother and bites the body of his neighbor. - Author: John Chrysostom
Abstain quotes by John Chrysostom
#12. I have consistently urged my friends to abstain from reading it. - Author: Winston Churchill
Abstain quotes by Winston Churchill
#13. I hold it to be a proof of great prudence for men to abstain from threats and insulting words toward anyone, for neither diminishes the strength of the enemy. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Abstain quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#14. The reckoning what to do or abstain from in particular circumstances will constantly include a reference, implicit or explicit, to generalities. […] Because of it human conduct is not left to be distinguished from the behavior of other animals by the fact that in it calculation is used by which to ascertain the means to perfectly particular ends. The human wants things like health and happiness and science and fair repute and virtue and prosperity, he does not simply want, e.g., that such-and-such a thing should be in such-and-such a place at such-and-such a time. - Author: G.E.M. Anscombe
Abstain quotes by G.E.M. Anscombe
#15. Something they seem to omit to mention in Boston AA when you're new and out of your skull with desperation and ready to eliminate your map and they tell you how it'll all get better and better as you abstain and recover: they somehow omit to mention that the way it gets better and you get better is through pain. Not around pain, or in spite of it. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Abstain quotes by David Foster Wallace
#16. When you are in doubt abstain. - Author: Zoroaster
Abstain quotes by Zoroaster
#17. *And to keep her immune system strong she followed Dr. Goodhue's advice to abstain from alcohol, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and consume a nourishing diet, low in salt. Page 144
"Fear is good. In the right degree it prevents us from making fools of ourselves. But in the wrong measure it prevents us from fully living. Fear is our boon companion but never our master.". Page 204
"I've come to believe that how we choose to live with pain, or injustice, or death ... Is the true measure of the Divine within us." ... "I used to wonder, why did God give children leprosy? Now I believe: God doesn't give anyone leprosy. He gives us, if we choose to use it, the spirit to live with leprosy, and with the imminence of death. Because it is in our own mortality that we are most Divine.". Page 307
**"With wonder and a growing absence of fear she realized, I am more than I was an hour ago.". Page 372
**my favorite! - Author: Alan Brennert
Abstain quotes by Alan Brennert
#18. But the Spirit saith expressly, that in later times some shall fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons, [4:2] through the hypocrisy of men that speak lies, branded in their own conscience as with a hot iron; [4:3] forbidding to marry, [and commanding] to abstain from meats, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by them that believe and know the truth. - Author: Anonymous
Abstain quotes by Anonymous
#19. You already know it's hard to change old ways of behaving, however good your intentions. Or is it just me who has: sworn not to check email first thing in the morning, and nonetheless found myself in the wee small hours, my face lit by that pale screen glow; intended to find inner peace through the discipline of meditation, yet couldn't find five minutes to just sit and breathe, sit and breathe; committed to take a proper lunch break, and somehow found myself shaking the crumbs out of my keyboard, evidence of sandwich spillage; or decided to abstain from drinking for a while, and yet had a glass of good Australian shiraz mysteriously appear in my hand at the end of the day? - Author: Michael Bungay Stanier
Abstain quotes by Michael Bungay Stanier
#20. To abstain that we may enjoy is the epicurianism of reason. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Abstain quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#21. The prophet shows that, for the sake of silence, we are to abstain even from good talk. If this be so, how much more needful is it that we refrain from evil words, on account of the penalty of the sin! - Author: Benedict Of Nursia
Abstain quotes by Benedict Of Nursia
#22. When we are in doubt whether an action is good or bad, abstain from it. - Author: Zoroaster
Abstain quotes by Zoroaster
#23. The more princes abstain from touching the wealth of their people, the greater will be their resources in the wants of the state. - Author: Pulcheria
Abstain quotes by Pulcheria
#24. She observed the dumb-show by which her neighbour was expressing her passion for music, but she refrained from copying it. This was not to say that, for once that she had consented to spend a few minutes in Mme. de Saint-Euverte's house, the Princesse des Laumes would not have wished (so that the act of politeness to her hostess which she had performed by coming might, so to speak, 'count double') to shew herself as friendly and obliging as possible. But she had a natural horror of what she called 'exaggerating,' and always made a point of letting people see that she 'simply must not' indulge in any display of emotion that was not in keeping with the tone of the circle in which she moved, although such displays never failed to make an impression upon her, by virtue of that spirit of imitation, akin to timidity, which is developed in the most self-confident persons, by contact with an unfamiliar environment, even though it be inferior to their own. She began to ask herself whether these gesticulations might not, perhaps, be a necessary concomitant of the piece of music that was being played, a piece which, it might be, was in a different category from all the music that she had ever heard before; and whether to abstain from them was not a sign of her own inability to understand the music, and of discourtesy towards the lady of the house; with the result that, in order to express by a compromise both of her contradictory inclinations in turn, at one moment she would merely stra - Author: Marcel Proust
Abstain quotes by Marcel Proust
#25. Which is recorded of Socrates, that he was able both to abstain from, and to enjoy, those things which many are too weak to abstain from, and cannot enjoy without excess. But to be strong enough both to bear the one and to be sober in the other is the mark of a man who has a perfect and invincible soul. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
Abstain quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#26. The actions of Napoleon and Alexander, on whose words the event seemed to hang, were as little voluntary as the actions of any soldier who was drawn into the campaign by lot or by conscription. This could not be otherwise, for in order that the will of Napoleon and Alexander (on whom the event seemed to depend) should be carried out, the concurrence of innumerable circumstances was needed without any one of which the event could not have taken place. It was necessary that millions of men in whose hands lay the real power- the soldiers who fired, or transported provisions and guns should consent to carry out the will of these weak individuals, and should have been induced to do so by an infinite number of diverse and complex causes.
We are forced to fall back on fatalism as an explanation of irrational events (that is to say, events the reasonableness of which we do not understand). The more we try to explain such events in history reasonably, the more unreasonable and incomprehensible do they become to us.
Each man lives for himself, using his freedom to attain his personal aims, and feels with his whole being that he can now do or abstain from doing this or that action; but as soon as he has done it, that action performed at a certain moment in time becomes irrevocable and belongs to history, in which it has not a free but a predestined significance.
There are two sides to the life of every man, his individual life, which is the more free the more abstract its - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Abstain quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#27. And I profess still, that whatsoever the church of England (the church, I say, not every doctor) shall forbid me to say in matterof faith, I shall abstain from saying it, excepting this point, that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for my sins. As for other doctrines, I think it unlawful, if the church define them, for any member of the church to contradict them. - Author: Thomas Hobbes
Abstain quotes by Thomas Hobbes
#28. This is the Book (the Qur'aan), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allaah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allaah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)]. - Author: Anonymous
Abstain quotes by Anonymous
#29. In Sermons on the Statutes, Saint John Chrysostom reiterates this point saying: Do you fast? Give me proof of it by your works. If you see a poor man, take pity on him. If you see a friend being honored, do not envy him. Do not let only your mouth fast, but also the eye and the ear and the feet and the hands and all the members of our bodies. Let the hands fast, by being free of avarice. Let the feet fast, by ceasing to run after sin. Let the eyes fast, by disciplining them not to glare at that which is sinful. Let the ear fast, by not listening to evil talk and gossip. Let the mouth fast from foul words and unjust criticism. For what good is it if we abstain from birds and fishes, but bite and devour our brothers? May He who came to the world to save sinners strengthen us to complete the fast with humility, have mercy on us and save us. - Author: Michelle Allen Bychek
Abstain quotes by Michelle Allen Bychek
#30. If unable to abstain from drinking, a man may get drunk three times a month; if he does it more than three times he is culpable; if he gets drunk twice a month it is better; if once a month, this is still more laudable; and if one does not drink at all what can be better? But where can I find such a man? If such a man were found he would be worthy of the highest esteem. - Author: Genghis Khan
Abstain quotes by Genghis Khan
#31. So you wish to conquer in the Olympic Games, my friend? And I, too ... But first mark the conditions and the consequences. You will have to put yourself under discipline; to eat by rule, to avoid cakes and sweetmeats; to take exercise at the appointed hour whether you like it or not, in cold and heat; to abstain from cold drinks and wine at your will. Then, in the conflict itself you are likely enough to dislocate your wrist or twist your ankle, to swallow a great deal of dust, to be severely thrashed, and after all of these things, to be defeated. - Author: Epictetus
Abstain quotes by Epictetus
#32. Let our lives be firmly rooted in Truth. Abstain from lies. In this dark age of materialism, adherence to truth is the greatest austerity. We might have to tell lies now and then to protect somebody or to sustain dharma, but we must be careful not to speak lies for our own selfish purposes. - Author: Mata Amritanandamayi
Abstain quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#33. The precept: "Judge not, that ye be not judged" ... is an abdication of moral responsibility: it is a moral blank check one gives to others in exchange for a moral blank check one expects for oneself.
There is no escape from the fact that men have to make choices; so long as men have to make choices, there is no escape from moral values; so long as moral values are at stake, no moral neutrality is possible. To abstain from condemning a torturer, is to become an accessory to the torture and murder of his victims.
The moral principle to adopt in this issue, is: "Judge, and be prepared to be judged. - Author: Ayn Rand
Abstain quotes by Ayn Rand
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Abstain quotes by Rextercop78
#35. And while I initially resisted, the thought of touching her, of her wanting me to touch her . . . Well, damn, I just wasn't strong enough to abstain from that. - Author: Robin Constantine
Abstain quotes by Robin Constantine
#36. Abstain from animals. - Author: Pythagoras
Abstain quotes by Pythagoras
#37. If he be really and seriously seeking to live a good life, the first thing from which he will abstain will always be the use of animal food, because ... its use is simply immoral, as it involves the performance of an act which is contrary to the moral feeling - killing. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Abstain quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#38. ..they wait, impassive, for the hubbub to die down, for silence to fall, before finally beginning their talk with that cold clarity of those who, conscious of the fundamental import of what they have to say, abstain from any embellishment and simply describe, describe, describe... - Author: Maylis De Kerangal
Abstain quotes by Maylis De Kerangal
#39. Pleasure causes us to do base actions and pain causes us to abstain from doing noble actions. - Author: Aristotle.
Abstain quotes by Aristotle.
#40. When a man desires a thing too much, he at once becomes ill at ease. A proud and avaricious man never rests, whereas he who is poor and humble of heart lives in a world of peace. An unmortified man is quickly tempted and overcome in small, trifling evils; his spirit is weak, in a measure carnal and inclined to sensual things; he can hardly abstain from earthly desires. Hence it makes him sad to forego them; he is quick to anger if reproved. Yet if he satisfies his desires, remorse of conscience overwhelms him because he followed his passions and they did not lead to the peace he sought. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
Abstain quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#41. Solidarity is something much more than mercy: usually when you appease your conscience (donate money to starving children in Africa, to use the usual Starbucks example), you can go on with your daily life as if nothing really happened. However, once you are enacting solidarity you can even abstain from charity or mercy: even if you don't give a dollar to every beggar, you can't go on with your daily life as if nothing really happened. Why? Because you carry him in your life; you live with him not like with some "integrated reject" (as we live with immigrants or refugees today), but he is a part and even a presupposition for your very action: he can never be fully integrated, because injustice can't be integrated in acts of love. This is why solidarity already contains love. - Author: Srecko Horvat
Abstain quotes by Srecko Horvat
#42. You ask perhaps if one should take the maid herself?
Such a plan brings the greatest risk with it.
In one case, fresh from bed, she'll get busy, in another be tardy,
in one case you're a prize for her mistress, in the other herself.
There's chance in it: even if it favours the idea,
my advice nevertheless is to abstain.
I don't pick my way over sharp peaks and precipices,
no youth will be caught out being lead by me.
Still, while she's giving and taking messages,
if her body pleases you as much as her zeal,
make the lady your first priority, her companion the next:
Love should never be begun with a servant. - Author: Ovid
Abstain quotes by Ovid
#43. Let us not believe that an external fast from visible food alone can possibly be sufficient for perfection of heart and purity of body unless with it there has also been united a fast of the soul. For the soul also has its foods that are harmful. Slander is its food and indeed one that is very dear to it. A burst of anger also supplies it with miserable food for an hour and destroys it as well with its deadly savor. Envy is food of the mind, corrupting it with its poisonous juices and never ceasing to make it wretched and miserable at the prosperity and success of another. Vanity is its food which gratifies the mind with a delicious meal for a time but afterward strips it clear and bare of all virtue. Then vanity dismisses it barren and void of all spiritual fruit. All lust and shift wanderings of heart are a sort of food for the soul, nourishing it on harmful meats but leaving it afterwards without a share of its heavenly bread and really solid food. If then, with all the powers we have, we abstain from these in a most holy fast our observance of the bodily fast will be both useful and profitable. - Author: John Cassian
Abstain quotes by John Cassian
#44. How is it that mankind can engineer condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs and not be able to invent some sort of emotional safeguard? Is it even possible to abstain from falling in love? - Author: Daria Snadowsky
Abstain quotes by Daria Snadowsky
#45. We have not, it seems, the power to abstain from worship. Instead, we swallow the sweet poison, substituting lesser gods for God. - Author: Philip Yancey
Abstain quotes by Philip Yancey
#46. Only by fully preparing oneself for people's absence can one be at ease with their presence. A recluse, I have begun to understand, is not a person for whom a connection with another person is unattainable or meaningless, but one who feels she must abstain from people because a connection is an affliction, or worse, an addiction. It has not occurred to me, until I met Trevor, to ask: 'Will I see you again?' What had precluded me from asking is this: 'Perhaps I won't see you again, and if so, goodbye for now and goodbye forever. - Author: Yiyun Li
Abstain quotes by Yiyun Li
#47. The medicine-man, having given him the once-over, had ordered him to abstain from all alcoholic liquids, and in addition to tool down the hill to the Royal Pump-Room each morning at eight-thirty and imbibe twelve ounces of warm crescent saline and magnesia. It doesn't sound much, put that way, but I gather from contemporary accounts that it's practically equivalent to getting outside a couple of little old last year's eggs beaten up in sea-water. And the thought of Uncle George, who had oppressed me sorely in my childhood, sucking down that stuff and having to hop out of bed at eight-fifteen to do so was extremely grateful and comforting of a morning.
At four in the afternoon he would toddle down the hill again and repeat the process, and at night we would dine together and I would loll back in my chair, sipping my wine, and listen to him telling me what the stuff had tasted like. In many ways the ideal existence. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Abstain quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#48. Everything's so repressive now - it's the No generation. You can't do anything, you can't eat anything, you have to abstain. - Author: Michael Douglas
Abstain quotes by Michael Douglas
#49. The baneful consequences which flow from inattention to health during infancy, and youth, extend further than is supposed, dependence of body naturally produces dependence of mind; and how can she be a good wife or mother, the greater part of whose time is employed to guard against or endure sickness; nor can it be expected, that a woman will resolutely endeavour to strengthen her constitution and abstain from enervating indulgences, if artificial notions of beauty, and false descriptions of sensibility, have been early entangled with her motives of action. Most men are sometimes obliged to bear with bodily inconveniences, and to endure, occasionally, the inclemency of the elements; but genteel women are, literally speaking, slaves to their bodies, and glory in their subjection. - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Abstain quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#50. The word cod is of unknown origin. For something that began as food for good Catholics on the days they were to abstain from sex, it is not clear why, in several languages, the words for salt cod have come to have sexual connotations. In the English-speaking West Indies, saltfish is the common name for salt cod. In slang, saltfish means "a woman's genitals", and while Caribbeans do love their salt cod, it is this other meaning that is responsible for the frequent appearance of the word saltfish in Caribbean songs such as the Mighty Sparrow's "Saltfish". - Author: Mark Kurlansky
Abstain quotes by Mark Kurlansky
#51. For a long time I didn't have a defined Dana doctrine to describe this approach; it was more a ball of string. Then one morning at a hotel I came back to my room for bed after a speaking event, and the hotel staff had placed a Zen card with a Buddhist saying on my pillow (this will make Gutfeld roll his eyes). It read, "Say little. But when you speak, utter gentle words that touch the heart. Be truthful. Express kindness. Abstain from vanity. This is the way." I had an "Aha!" moment when I read those words, because it captured how I was trying to live my life most productively and happily. I carried the card with me for months until I tacked it in my medicine cabinet, and I still see it every morning and night when I brush my teeth. The card is a little worn, but its message never gets old. In the morning it helps set my intention for the day, and at night it reminds me to forgive myself if I haven't lived up to it (usually because I've let Bob Beckel push my buttons). - Author: Dana Perino
Abstain quotes by Dana Perino
#52. Cannibal: epicures who abstain from alcohol and tobacco. As moral guides, they are underutilized in the police forces of modern societies. - Author: Bauvard
Abstain quotes by Bauvard
#53. Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it I even carry it so far as to totally abstain from total abstinence itself. - Author: Mark Twain
Abstain quotes by Mark Twain
#54. We have the power to abstain from destructive behavior. - Author: Sylvia Earle
Abstain quotes by Sylvia Earle
#55. When I am giving the relation of a thing, remember to abstain from altering either in the matter or manner of speaking, so much, as that, if every one, afterwards, should alter as much, it would at last come to be properly false. - Author: Jonathan Edwards
Abstain quotes by Jonathan Edwards
#56. Abstain from all thinking about other people's faults, unless your duties as a teacher or parent make it necessary to think about them. Whenever the thoughts come unnecessarily into one's mind, why not simply shove them away? And think of one's own faults instead? For - Author: C.S. Lewis
Abstain quotes by C.S. Lewis
#57. GENERAL MAXIMS FOR HEALTH. Rise early. Eat simple food. Take plenty of exercise. Never fear a little fatigue. Let not children be dressed in tight clothes; it is necessary their limbs and muscles should have full play, if you wish for either health or beauty. Avoid the necessity of a physician, if you can, by careful attention to your diet. Eat what best agrees with your system, and resolutely abstain from what hurts you, however well you may like it. A few days' abstinence, and cold water for a beverage, has driven off many an approaching disease. If you find yourself really ill, send for a good physician. Have nothing to do with quacks; - Author: Lydia Maria Francis Child
Abstain quotes by Lydia Maria Francis Child
#58. I am obliged to renounce violence, and abstain from it altogether. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Abstain quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#59. In order to have a spiritual life, you need not enter a seminary, or fast, or abstain, or take a vow of chastity. All you have to do is have faith and accept God. From then on, each of us becomes a part of His path. We become vehicles for His miracles. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Abstain quotes by Paulo Coelho
#60. TANTRA is a field that says neither abstain nor be obsessed. This can be handled by a few, even if you have mastered it - Author: Anupama Garg
Abstain quotes by Anupama Garg
#61. Henderson Jakes, the founder of the Eyrie, had envisioned a cadre of elite soldiers dedicated to celibacy, the empire, and the art of war. He had to settle for two out of three. Young men and women willing to leap off massive birds into burning buildings at a mere nod from a commanding officer grew violently rebellious when required to abstain from sex. - Author: Brian Staveley
Abstain quotes by Brian Staveley
#62. For as they who use no bodily exercises are awkward and unwieldy in the actions of the body, so they who exercise not their minds are incapable of the noble actions of the mind, and have not courage enough to undertake anything worthy of praise, nor command enough over themselves to abstain from things that are forbid. - Author: Xenophon
Abstain quotes by Xenophon
#63. THAT you abstain from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and sexual immorality. If you keep yourselves, from these you do well." Acts 15:29 - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Abstain quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#64. Zoroaster said, when in doubt abstain; but this does not always apply. At cards, when in doubt take the trick. - Author: Josh Billings
Abstain quotes by Josh Billings
#65. But though such is our character (Oh. why should I speak of things unfit to be uttered?), the things said of us are an example of the proverb, 'The harlot reproves the chaste.' For those who have set up a market for fornication and established infamous resorts for the young for every kind of vile pleasure - who do not abstain even from males, males with males committing shocking abominations, outraging all the noblest and comeliest bodies in all sorts of ways, so dishonoring the fair workmanship of God. - Author: Athenagoras Of Athens
Abstain quotes by Athenagoras Of Athens
#66. To abstain from sin when one can no longer sin is to be forsaken by sin, not to forsake it. - Author: Saint Augustine
Abstain quotes by Saint Augustine
#67. Shall we not, then, lay down a law, in the first place, that boys shall abstain altogether from wine till their eighteenth year, thereby teaching that it is wrong to add fire to fire, as through a funnel, pouring it into their body and soul before they proceed to the labor of life, thus exercising a caution as to the maddening habits of youth. - Author: Plato
Abstain quotes by Plato
#68. This was her original state; and then, as I was saying, and as the lovers of knowledge are well aware, philosophy, seeing how terrible was her confinement, of which she was to herself the cause, received and gently comforted her and sought to release her, pointing out that the eye and the ear and the other senses are full of deception, and persuading her to retire from them, and abstain from all but the necessary use of them, and be gathered up and collected into herself, bidding her trust in herself and her own pure apprehension of pure existence, and to mistrust whatever comes to her through other channels and is subject to variation; for such things are visible and tangible, but what she sees in her own nature is intelligible and invisible. - Author: Plato
Abstain quotes by Plato
#69. To abstain completely from all enjoyments may be easy. Yet to enjoy life and retain spiritual integrity - there is the challenge. - Author: Abraham Joshua Heschel
Abstain quotes by Abraham Joshua Heschel
#70. He'd come to recognize the bizarre phenomenon of Zoya's beauty, the way men loved to create stories around it. They said she was cruel because she'd been harmed in the past. They claimed she was cold because she just hadn't met the right fellow to warm her. Anything to soften the edges and sweeten her disposition--and what was the fun in that? Zoya's company was like strong drink. Bracing--and best to abstain if you couldn't handle the kick. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Abstain quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#71. If there is any society
among robbers and murderers, they must at least ... abstain
from robbing and murdering one another. So beneficence
is less essential than justice is to the existence of society; a
lack of beneficence will make a society uncomfortable, but
the prevalence of injustice will utterly destroy it. - Author: Adam Smith
Abstain quotes by Adam Smith
#72. Part of treatment for drugs and alcohol is you abstain from these, but with eating disorders you can't abstain from food so the treatment is longer than drugs and alcohol. - Author: Carre Otis
Abstain quotes by Carre Otis
#73. Thus once more I found confirmed on all sides the simple, clear, important, and practical meaning of the words of Jesus. Once more, in place of an obscure sentence, I had found a clear, precise, important, and practical rule: To make no distinction between compatriots and foreigners, and to abstain from all the results of such distinction, - from hostility towards foreigners, from wars, from all participation in war, from all preparations for war; to establish with all men, of whatever nationality, the same relations granted to compatriots. All this was so simple and so clear, that I - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Abstain quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#74. so bad a thing is it to invade God's property, and so cautious should we be to abstain from all appearances of this evil. - Author: Matthew Henry
Abstain quotes by Matthew Henry
#75. Dear Teens at Starbucks wearing 'Abstain from Sex 2 Attain Ur Goals' t-shirts: Doesn't it depend on what my goals are? - Author: John Green
Abstain quotes by John Green
#76. In doubt if an action is just, abstain. - Author: Zoroaster
Abstain quotes by Zoroaster
#77. Just as your body has self-regulating mechanisms, like perspiring to cool you down and shivering to warm you up, you can regulate your emotions according to the circumstances. You can abstain from over-reacting, and you know how to set boundaries and how to say "no. - Author: Susan C. Young
Abstain quotes by Susan C. Young
#78. A perfect historian must possess an imagination sufficiently powerful to make his narrative affecting and picturesque; yet he must control it so absolutely as to content himself with the materials which he finds, and to refrain from supplying deficiencies by additions of his own. He must be a profound and ingenious reasoner; yet he must possess sufficient self-command to abstain from casting his facts in the mould of his hypothesis. - Author: Thomas B. Macaulay
Abstain quotes by Thomas B. Macaulay
#79. How can we abstain from sexual immorality? Only God can give us the grace. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Abstain quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#80. Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul. (1 PETER 2:11) - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
Abstain quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#81. To abstain from condemning a torturer, is to become an accessory to the torture and murder of his victims. - Author: Ayn Rand
Abstain quotes by Ayn Rand
#82. But his Lordship [tells]us that God is wholly here, and wholly there, and wholly every where; because he has no parts. I cannot comprehend nor conceive this. For methinks it implies also that the whole world is also in the whole God, and in every part of God. Norcan I find anything of this in the Scripture. If I could find it there, I could believe it; and if I could find it in the public doctrine of the Church, I could easily abstain from contradicting it. - Author: Thomas Hobbes
Abstain quotes by Thomas Hobbes
#83. Let hunger sharpen your awareness. Abstain liquor and frivolous recreation, which dull the mind and weaken the body. - Author: Laura Joh Rowland
Abstain quotes by Laura Joh Rowland
#84. Belief, thus, in the supernatural, great as are the services which it rendered in the early stages of human development, cannot be considered to be any longer required, either for enabling us to know what is right and wrong in social morality, or for supplying us with motives to do right and to abstain from wrong. - Author: John Stuart Mill
Abstain quotes by John Stuart Mill
#85. Christ sayeth not, Abstain from the flesh, from marrying, from housekeeping, etc., as the Papists teach, for that were even to invite the devil and all his fellows to a feast. - Author: Martin Luther
Abstain quotes by Martin Luther
#86. The solemn pledge to abstain from telling the truth was called socialist realism. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Abstain quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#87. I add, that those who are bent on restoring the whole church ought to be well instructed in the word, and to abstain from doing anything under the pretext of simplicity. - Author: John Nelson Darby
Abstain quotes by John Nelson Darby
#88. I had never before spent a night with a woman, had someone lying by my side in the quietness of the dark, hearing her breath and feeling her warmth beside me.
It is a sin, and it is a crime. I say it frankly, for I have been taught so all my life, and only madmen have said otherwise. The Bible says it, the fathers of the church have said it, the prelates now repeat it without end, and all the statues of the land prescribe punishment for what we did that night. Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul. It must be so, for the Bible speaks only God's truth. I sinned against the law, against God's word reported, I abused my family and exposed them even more to risk of public shame, I again risked permanent exclusion from those rooms and books which were my delight and my whole occupation; yet in all the years that have passed since I have regretted only one thing: that it was but a passing moment, never repeated, for I have never been closer to God, nor felt His love and goodness more. - Author: Iain Pears
Abstain quotes by Iain Pears
#89. To abstain from violence toward the violent is to become their accomplice. - Author: Maurice Merleau Ponty
Abstain quotes by Maurice Merleau Ponty
#90. There is nothing inherently irrational about preferring pleasure now to pleasure later. After all, the You on Tuesday is no less worthy of a chocolate bar than the You on Wednesday. On the contrary, the You on Tuesday is more worthy. If the chocolate bar is big enough, it might tide you over, so eating it on Tuesday means that neither You is hungry, whereas saving it for Wednesday consigns you to hunger on Tuesday. Also, if you abstain from chocolate on Tuesday, you might die before you wake, in which case neither the Tuesday You nor the Wednesday You gets to enjoy it. Finally, if you put the chocolate away, it might spoil or be stolen, again depriving both Yous of the pleasure. All things being equal, it pays to enjoy things now. - Author: Steven Pinker
Abstain quotes by Steven Pinker
#91. The Widow Russell apparently took her at-home retirement so far as the abstain from receiving guests in the formal parlors: Theo was shown to a pink-papered upstairs room where she sat in an armchair whose chintz upholstery featured roses twining daintily on a white ground. She was head-to-toe in black, of course, and for a moment he had the very odd impression of a spider lurking in a rose bouquet. - Author: Cecilia Grant
Abstain quotes by Cecilia Grant
#92. Beware! Abstain from shedding blood without a valid cause. There is nothing more harmful than this which brings about one's ruin. The blood that is willfully shed shortens the life of a state. On the Day of Judgement it is this crime for which one will have to answer first. So, beware! Do not wish to build the strength of your state on blood for, it is this blood which ultimately weakens the state and passes it into other hands. Before me and my God no excuse for willful killing can be entertained. - Author: Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
Abstain quotes by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
#93. Remember that it is not enough to abstain from lying by word of mouth; for the worst lies are often conveyed by a false look, smile, or act. - Author: Abraham Cahan
Abstain quotes by Abraham Cahan
#94. We must continue in prayer if we are to get an outpouring of the Spirit. Christ says there are some things we shall not get, unless we pray and fast, yes, "prayer and fasting." We must control the flesh and abstain from whatever hinders direct fellowship with God. - Author: Bonar Law
Abstain quotes by Bonar Law
#95. Those who have castrated themselves from all sin for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, are blessed; they abstain from the world. - Author: Clement Of Alexandria
Abstain quotes by Clement Of Alexandria
#96. It is true that the reluctance to abstain from animal food, in those who have been long accustomed to its stimulus, is so great in some persons of weak minds, as to be scarcely overcome; but this is far from bringing any argument in its favour - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
Abstain quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#97. you must reclaim the ability to abstain because within it is your clarity and self-control. - Author: Ryan Holiday
Abstain quotes by Ryan Holiday
#98. In spite of conflicting signals - and in spite of a popular culture that sometimes puts down their innocence - most of our kids are good kids. Large numbers do volunteer work. Nearly all believe in God, and most practice their faith. Teen pregnancy and violence are actually going down. Across America, under a program called True Love Waits, nearly a million teens have pledged themselves to abstain from sex until marriage. - Author: George W. Bush
Abstain quotes by George W. Bush
#99. We urge President Bush to abstain from the National Missile Defense, just as we urge China, India and Pakistan to discontinue their nuclear arsenals. - Author: Anna Lindh
Abstain quotes by Anna Lindh
#100. The poor girl liked to be thought clever, but she hated to be thought bookish; she used to read in secret and, though her memory was excellent, to abstain from showy reference. She had a great desire for knowledge, but she really preferred almost any source of information to printed page; she had an immense curiosity about life and was constantly staring and wondering. She carried herself with a great fund of life, and her deepest enjoyment was to feel the continuity between the movements of her own soul and agitations of the world. - Author: Henry James
Abstain quotes by Henry James
#101. Abstain from beans. There be sundry interpretations of this symbol. But Plutarch and Cicero think beans to be forbidden of Pythagoras, because they be windy and do engender impure humours and for that cause provoke bodily lust. - Author: Richard Taverner
Abstain quotes by Richard Taverner
#102. The only way to really have safe sex is to abstain. From drinking. - Author: Wendy Liebman
Abstain quotes by Wendy Liebman
#103. Could the activity of thinking as such, the habit of examining whatever happens to come to pass or to attract attention, regardless of results and specific content, could this activity be among the conditions that make men abstain from evil-doing? - Author: Hannah Arendt
Abstain quotes by Hannah Arendt
#104. All philosophers can do is to abstain from helping the aggressors and to enjoin social scientists to tell the truth instead of joining the choir of liars and hypocrites. - Author: Mario Bunge
Abstain quotes by Mario Bunge
#105. If only my heart could abstain
from love.

The more I seethe with desire
The more I seem to attract. - Author: Hilda Ismail
Abstain quotes by Hilda Ismail
#106. Call the Sabbath a delight: 13 a delight to the soul and a delight to the body. Since there are so many acts which one must abstain from doing on the seventh day, "you might think I have given you the Sabbath for your displeasure; I have surely given you the Sabbath for your pleasure." To sanctify the seventh day does not mean: Thou shalt mortify thyself, but, on the contrary: Thou shalt sanctify it with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy senses. "Sanctify the Sabbath by choice meals, by beautiful garments; delight your soul with pleasure and I will reward you for this very pleasure." 14 - Author: Abraham Joshua Heschel
Abstain quotes by Abraham Joshua Heschel
#107. Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain. - Author: Johanna De Silentio
Abstain quotes by Johanna De Silentio
#108. The British government has urged its citizens to abstain from alcohol at least two days a week. Or to make it easier to remember, whenever they brush their teeth. - Author: Conan O'Brien
Abstain quotes by Conan O'Brien
#109. The realization that a bad marriage might be bad enough to cause a painful split provided ammunition to those women who preferred to abstain from marriage than to enter a flawed one. What - Author: Rebecca Traister
Abstain quotes by Rebecca Traister
#110. Prohibition is to abstain from intoxicating liquor, as it makes us morbid and sometimes drunk. But we get drunk every day, nevertheless, not so much by the strength of what we sip from the cup, but that which we eat, the water we drink, and the air we inhale, which at fermentation conspire at eventide to make us so drunk and tired that we lose control of ourselves and fall asleep. Everybody is a drunkard, and if we were to enforce real prohibition we should all be dead. - Author: Marcus Garvey
Abstain quotes by Marcus Garvey
#111. What wisdom can there be to choose, what continence to forbear without the knowledge of evil? He that can apprehend and consider vice with all her baits and seeming pleasures, and yet abstain, and yet distinguish, and yet prefer that which is truly better, he is the true wayfaring Christian. - Author: John Milton
Abstain quotes by John Milton
#112. Every wicked man is in ignorance as to what he ought to do, and from what to abstain, and it is because of error such as this that men become unjust and, in a word, wicked. - Author: Aristotle.
Abstain quotes by Aristotle.
#113. The Gingerbread House has four walls, a roof, a door, a window, and a chimney. It is decorated with many sweet culinary delights on the outside.
But on the inside there is nothing - only the bare gingerbread walls.
It is not a real house - not until you decide to add a Gingerbread Room.
That's when the stories can move in.
They will stay in residence for as long as you abstain from taking the first gingerbread bite. - Author: Vera Nazarian
Abstain quotes by Vera Nazarian
#114. I want to use this practice:
Whenever I express my views, thoughts or anything I deeply believe, I will welcome any opposing view or thought. I will listen with caring attention to what the other says, accepting it no matter how different or antagonistic it seems to be.
I will also deeply and sincerely thank them.
I will abstain from feeling accused or judged.
I will acknowledge the other as my shadow, an integral part of me who has accepted to relate with me.
I believe that a vision in order to manifest requires its opposite, the other polarity.
If my vision is truly holistic, I am not in a condition to oppose any alternative vision.
I intend to learn to accept what appears to be opposite, no matter how unpleasant or contrary it is. I believe that only in the paradox of this acceptance, in releasing the urge to be right, unity can be experienced and manifested.
I have tried all other options, and they have not worked, and this is the only I have left.
And for this purpose I am open to be patient, promoting the gestation of this healing process, for I know that all is one. - Author: Franco Santoro
Abstain quotes by Franco Santoro
#115. You shall abstain, shall abstain. That is the eternal song. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Abstain quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#116. We ought to observe that practice which is the hardest of all-especially for young physicians-we ought to throw in no medicine at all-to abstain-to observe a wise and masterly inactivity. - Author: John Randolph Of Roanoke
Abstain quotes by John Randolph Of Roanoke
#117. Perfectly good sex?" Cam interrupted us, drawing both our gazes. His voice was low with some unnamed emotion. "Abstain?" His now heated eyes ran the length of me before returning to meet mine. "Then he isn't doing it right. - Author: Samantha Young
Abstain quotes by Samantha Young
#118. All philosophy lies in two words, sustain and abstain. - Author: Epictetus
Abstain quotes by Epictetus
#119. John J. Hendee of Blackman, Michigan, argued that he was entitled to a job simply because he was "governed by the principles" outlined on an enclosed card. Labeled, "God's Commands," the manifesto called on its bearers to worship God, tell the truth, abstain from "intoxicating drinks," and avoid marrying "blood relation[s]." The list of commandments ended with the warning: "Waste not your strength in any unnatural manner" - in other words, do not masturbate. - Author: Harold Holzer
Abstain quotes by Harold Holzer
#120. Acid is not for every brain ... Only the healthy, happy, wholesome, handsome, hopeful, humorous, high-velocity should seek these experiences. This elitism is totally self-determined. Unless you are self-confident, self-directed, self-selected, please abstain. - Author: Timothy Leary
Abstain quotes by Timothy Leary
#121. To demand that the intelligence abstain from judging mutilates its faculty of understanding.
It is in the value judgment that understanding culminates. - Author: Nicolas Gomez Davila
Abstain quotes by Nicolas Gomez Davila
#122. It takes more to abstain than to err, more to avoid mistakes than to make mistakes; but the good thing is that it gets better with practice. - Author: Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Abstain quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#123. Consider another abstinence product: a gold rose pin handed out in schools or at Christian youth events. The pin is attached to a small card that reads, "You are like a beautiful rose. Each time you engage is pre-marital sex a previous petal is stripped away. Don't leave your future husband holding a bare stem. Abstain."Do we really want to teach our daughters that without their virginity they're nothing but a "bare stem"? - Author: Jessica Valenti
Abstain quotes by Jessica Valenti
#124. It makes him hated above all things, as I have said, to be rapacious, and to be a violator of the property and women of his subjects, from both of which he must abstain. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Abstain quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#125. When you doubt, abstain. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Abstain quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#126. The people are the best guardians of their own rights and it is the duty of their executive to abstain from interfering in or thwarting the sacred exercise of the lawmaking functions of their government. - Author: William Henry Harrison
Abstain quotes by William Henry Harrison
#127. We live only to dance. If living were not an essential prerequisite, we would abstain. - Author: Toni Bentley
Abstain quotes by Toni Bentley
#128. You crazy girl," Angela said. "Other people name their children after their best friends. I am going to name my ulcer after you! I am going to be forced to drink milk and take antacids and abstain from spicy food, and every time I want Indian takeout I will shake my fist at the sky and shout, 'Damn you, Kami.' Don't ever do that again. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Abstain quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#129. Dad handed me his empty glass and patted my shoulder. "Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul." Then he picked up his work gloves, shook off the dirt, and headed for the garage.
"Wait!" I started to follow him but stopped when he didn't answer or even turn. "I guess that's a no."
From that day on, Dad spoke in nothing but Bible verses. It was like living inside a sermon. - Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
Abstain quotes by Jeri Smith-Ready
#130. God has given this way of life to Israel: to abstain from everything which is contrary to nature, that is to say, anger, fits of passion, jealousy, hatred and slandering the brethren; in short, everything that is characteristic of the old man. - Author: Poemen
Abstain quotes by Poemen
#131. In early Judaism, the priesthood was maintained within various families and passed down from father to son, thus necessitating marriage. But this is the old covenant, and even within this model priests were required to abstain from having sex with their wives during the time they served in the Temple. Catholics believe that priests fulfill this Temple relationship ever day - the Mass and the Eucharist mean they are serving in the Temple every day of their ordained lives. - Author: Michael Coren
Abstain quotes by Michael Coren
#132. I know not how to abstain from reading. - Author: Samuel Pepys
Abstain quotes by Samuel Pepys
#133. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. - Author: Hippocrates
Abstain quotes by Hippocrates
#134. Couples should abstain from sexual relations at least 2 or 3 days a week. Gradually try to reach a stage of celibacy most days. - Author: Mata Amritanandamayi
Abstain quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#135. If someone knows from experience that daily Communion increases fervor without lessening reverence, then let him go every day. But if someone finds that reverence is lessened and devotion not much increased, then let him sometimes abstain, so as to draw near afterwards with better dispositions. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
Abstain quotes by Thomas Aquinas
#136. Hell is full of musical amateurs: music is the brandy of the damned. May not one lost soul be permitted to abstain? - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Abstain quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#137. Avoid the necessity of a physician, if you can, by careful attention to your diet. Eat what best agrees with your system, and resolutely abstain from what hurts you, however well you may like it. A few days' abstinence, and cold water for a beverage, has driven off many an approaching disease. - Author: Lydia M. Child
Abstain quotes by Lydia M. Child
#138. Vanda (as Dunayev): I am a pagan. I am a Greek. I love the ancients not for their pediments or their poetry, but becausein their world Venus could love Paris one day and Anchises the next. Because they're not the moderns, who live in their mind, and because they're the opposite of Christians, who live on a cross. I don't live in my mind, or on a cross. I live on this divan. In this dress. In these stockings and these shoes. I want to live the way Helen and Aspasia lived, not the twisted women of today, who are never happy and never give happiness. Who won't admit that they want love without limit. Why should I forgo any possible pleasure, abstain from any sensual experience? I'm young, I'm rich, and I'm beautiful and I shall make the most of that. I shall deny myself nothing.

Thomas (as Kushemski): I certainly respect your devotion to principle.

Vanda (as Dunayev): I don't need your respect, excuse me. I'll take happiness. My happiness, not society's happiness. I will love a man who pleases me, and please a man who makes me happy--but only as long as he makes me happy, not a moment longer. - Author: David Ives
Abstain quotes by David Ives
#139. As a general rule, I abstain from reading reports of attacks upon myself, wishing not to be provoked by that to which I cannot properly offer an answer. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
Abstain quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#140. All that a good government aims at ... is to add no unnecessary and artificial aid to the force of its own unavoidable consequences, and to abstain from fortifying and accumulating social inequality as a means of increasing political inequalities. - Author: James F. Cooper
Abstain quotes by James F. Cooper
#141. It is not difficult for an unwise mother quite unintentionally to centre the heterosexual feelings of a young son upon herself, and it is true that, if this is done, the evil consequences pointed out by Freud will probably ensue. This is, however, much less likely to occur if the mother's sexual life is satisfying to her, for in that case she will not look to her child for a type of emotional satisfaction which ought to be sought only from adults. The parental impulse in its purity is an impulse to care for the young, not to demand affection from them, and if a woman is happy in her sexual life she will abstain spontaneously from all improper demands for emotional response from her child. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Abstain quotes by Bertrand Russell
#142. In view of the meaning given to this honor in the community to which I belong, I should abstain from the undeserved prize that has been awarded to me. Do not meet my voluntary refusal with ill will. - Author: Boris Pasternak
Abstain quotes by Boris Pasternak

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