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That is what I want our young nascent readers to become: expert, flexible code switchers -- between print and digital mediums now and later between and among the multiple future communication mediums....I conceptualize the initial development of learning to think in each medium as largely separated into distinct domains in the first school years, until a point in time when the particular characteristics of the two mediums are each well developed and internalized.

That is an essential point. I want the child to have parallel levels of fluency, if you will, in each medium, just as if he or she were similarly fluent in speaking Spanish and English. In this way the uniqueness of the cognitive processes honed by each medium would be there from the start. ~ Maryanne Wolf
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Maryanne Wolf
Bells Screamed all off key, wrangling together as they collided in midair, horns and whistles mingled shrilly with cries of human distress; sulphur-colored light ex-ploded through the black windowpane and flashed away in darkness. Miranda waking from a dreamless sleep asked without expecting an answer, "What is happening?" for there was a bustle of voices and footsteps in the corridor, and a sharpness in the air; the far clamour went on, a furious exasperated shrieking like a mob in revolt.

The light came on, and Miss Tanner said in a furry voice, "Hear that? They're celebrating . It's the Armistice. The war is over, my dear." Her hands trembled. She rattled a spoon in a cup, stopped to listen, held the cup out to Miranda. From the ward for old bedridden women down the hall floated a ragged chorus of cracked voices singing, "My country, 'tis of thee…"

Sweet land… oh terrible land of this bitter world where the sound of rejoicing was a clamour of pain, where ragged tuneless old women, sitting up waiting for their evening bowl of cocoa, were singing, "Sweet land of Liberty-"

"Oh, say, can you see?" their hopeless voices were asking next, the hammer strokes of metal tongues drowning them out. "The war is over," said Miss Tanner, her underlap held firmly, her eyes blurred. Miranda said, "Please open the window, please, I smell death in here. ~ Katherine Anne Porter
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Katherine Anne Porter
U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt has been described as founder of the Bull Moose Party, the man who led his troops up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, a big game hunter, family man, civic servant and a host of other things. ~ Zig Ziglar
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Zig Ziglar
The real reason we ended up getting into that type of music was our dad worked for an oil company so we spent a year overseas when we were young kids. Because of that, it was all Spanish TV and radio so we ended up having these '50s and '60s tapes, tapes of that music. ~ Zac Hanson
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Zac Hanson
In French literature, you can choose a la carte; in Spanish literature, there is only the set meal. ~ Jose Bergamin
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Jose Bergamin
Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, my wife speaks five languages: Russian, English, French, Italian and, out of self-defense, Spanish. I watched her learn Spanish in three months. ~ Cheech Marin
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Cheech Marin
[The POUM] posters, designed for a wider public (posters are important in Spain, with its large illiterate population). ~ George Orwell
Abrigar Spanish quotes by George Orwell
Spanish girls make wonderful wives. I've never had one so I know. ~ Ernest Hemingway,
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
I've done quite a few adverts. I've also done some presenting and acting work in Spain. I did a lot of Spanish education videos for people wanting to learn English. ~ Christopher Parker
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Christopher Parker
No one gives Cameron Diaz a hard time for not speaking Spanish. ~ Jessica Alba
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Jessica Alba
I know Spanish pretty well. I'm half-Puerto Rican - my mom is from Puerto Rico - so I have a lot of family there, and my mom's first language is Spanish. But growing up in the States, and with my dad being from the States, I'm kind of just like this white kid. ~ David Lambert
Abrigar Spanish quotes by David Lambert
The silence in the giant redwood forest near my house draws me...At eight in the morning, the great trees stand rooted in a silence so absolute that one's inmost self comes to rest. An aged silence. Some mornings I sleep through two alarms and awaken only after the first buses have arrived. I go anyway. There are hundreds of people in the woods before me. People speaking French, German, Spanish; people marveling to each other and calling to their children in Japanese, Swedish, Russian, and some languages I do not know. And children shrieking in the universal language of childhood. But the silence is always there, unchanged. It is as impervious to these passing sounds as the trees themselves. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
The first parts of Europe 'to emerge from barbarism,' Briffault says, were those most directly under the influence of 'Moorish' culture: the Spanish Marches of Catalonia, Provence, and Sicily. ~ S.E. Al-Djazairi
Abrigar Spanish quotes by S.E. Al-Djazairi
Please receive in the name of the Spanish government and the people of Spain our warmest congratulations for your election as Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church and my best wishes for the Papacy which you begin today. [to Pope Benedict XVI] ~ Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
How do I speak Spanish? Not too well. ~ Adam Sandler
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Adam Sandler
Another significant factor that increased pressure on the Jews was the rise of the mendicant orders of preaching friars, the Dominicans and the Franciscans. The Dominicans in particular were to become leaders in the campaign against the Jews. Saint Dominic probably never imagined that his order would initiate the Spanish Inquisition and oversee the public immolation of heretics. The only torment he advocated was self-directed. ~ Jeffrey Gorsky
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Jeffrey Gorsky
Babies: more like the Spanish Inquisition than you think. ~ Cassandra Clare
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Cassandra Clare
My first trip to Mexico was with my dad because of his Spanish records. That was back in 1958. I found a picture of me when I was eight dressed as a little senorita. ~ Natalie Cole
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Natalie Cole
What is the Spanish word for wife? Esposa.
What is the Spanish word for handcuffs? Esposas.
That's not a coincidence. ~ Peter Rogers
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Peter Rogers

"The arrabal (a term used for poor neighbourhoods in Argentina and Uruguay) and carpa (informal mobile theatre set up inside tents, once common in Latin America), with their caliente (hot) rhythms such as the rumba or the cha-cha-cha, were conquering audiences all over the world, a trend allegorised in song lyrics about their popularity among the French and other non-Latin Americans - "The Frenchman has fun like this/as does the German/and the Irishman has a ball/as does even the Muslim" ("Cachita") - even as they filtered in the presence of a blackness - "and if you want to dance/look for your Cachita/and tell her "Come on negrita"/let's dance" - denied in the official discourse of those Spanish=speaking countries wielding the greatest economic power in the region: namely, Argentina and Mexico, the latter of which would eventually incorporate Afro-Latin American culture into its cinema - although being careful to mark it as Cuban and not Mexican. ~ Robert McKee Irwin
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Robert McKee Irwin
My father was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. His family is from Spain. My father never taught me how to speak Spanish when I was little. That's very disappointing to me. I'm still planning on learning it on my own. I really want to travel to Spain and immerse myself in the culture and learn it on my own. ~ Kether Donohue
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Kether Donohue
I would like to spend more time with Spanish poetry. I know French better than Spanish, but Spanish was my first language, and my father spoke it to us. ~ Helen Vendler
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Helen Vendler
They could not help loving anything that made them laugh. The Lisbon earthquake was "embarrassing to the physicists and humiliating to theologians" (Barbier). It robbed Voltaire of his optimism. In the huge waves which engulfed the town, in the chasms which opened underneath it, in volcanic flames which raged for days in the outskirts, some 50,000 people perished. But to the courtiers of Louis XV it was an enormous joke. M. de Baschi, Madame de Pompadour's brother-in-law, was French Ambassador there at the time. He saw the Spanish Ambassador killed by the arms of Spain, which toppled onto his head from the portico of his embassy; Baschi then dashed into the house and rescued his colleague's little boy whom he took, with his own family, to the country. When he got back to Versailles he kept the whole Court in roars of laughter for a week with his account of it all. "Have you heard Baschi on the earthquake? ~ Nancy Mitford
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Nancy Mitford
First grade was - I spoke only Spanish, and second grade - probably a bit more English. And by the time I hit third grade, I was learning, of course, much, much more English. ~ Juan Felipe Herrera
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Juan Felipe Herrera
I grew up in a highly Hispanic neighborhood. It was very rare to find any race other than Mexicans. I feel very comfortable around Spanish speakers and people from Mexico and people who don't always feel comfortable living in the U.S. because they are in fear of being deported. ~ Emily Rios
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Emily Rios
Sin looked over at Boyd through sleepy looking, heavy lidded eyes. "Callate la boca, blanquito."
Hearing Sin speak Spanish didn't help any; he sounded especially sexy when he was drawling those words fluidly in his low, velvety voice. "What does that mean?" he asked, half with an edge and half just curious.
Full lips turned up into a small smirk and Sin raised an eyebrow at him before turning back to the window. "It's a secret."
"Putain de beau gosse," Boyd muttered under his breath in mild annoyance, flipping forward several pages. ~ Santino Hassell
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Santino Hassell
Here is the irony: Europe dominated the world, but it failed to dominate itself. For five hundred years Europe tore itself apart in civil wars, and as a result there was never a European empire - there was instead a British empire, a Spanish empire, a French empire, a Portuguese empire, and so on. ~ George Friedman
Abrigar Spanish quotes by George Friedman
-Can a man be brave when he is afraid?- Bran asked after a moment's thought. -"It's the only time he can be brave,"- his father said. ~ George R.R. Martin
Abrigar Spanish quotes by George R.R. Martin
On occassion, slaves in Spanish New Orleans owned slaves, whose labor they could appropriate toward purchasing their own freedom, or whose ownership they could trade as a partial payment on their own freedom. ~ Ned Sublette
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Ned Sublette
Sometimes you can do things with Spanish - like verbs and genders - easier than you can in English. ~ Juan Felipe Herrera
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Juan Felipe Herrera
I love Spanish cities, particularly Barcelona, Madrid and Palma, which has the most amazing cathedral that I once went to for a wedding. ~ Louise Nurding
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Louise Nurding
After Zorro, people spoke Spanish to me for ages. I'm Welsh but that movie instantly gave me a new ethnicity. ~ Catherine Zeta-Jones
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Catherine Zeta-Jones
Not only did the Apaches survive the Spanish attacks, but amazingly, the attacks served to make them even stronger. When the Spanish attacked them, the Apaches became even more decentralized and even more difficult to conquer. When the Spanish destroyed their villages, the Apaches might have surrendered if the villages had been crucial to their society. But they weren't. Instead, the Apaches abandoned their old houses and became nomads. (Try to catch us now.) ~ Ori Brafman
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Ori Brafman
But, careful! Jesus does not say, Go off and do things on your own. No! That is not what he is saying. Jesus says, Go, for I am with you! This is what is so beautiful for us; it is what guides us. If we go out to bring his Gospel with love, with a true apostolic spirit, with parrhesia, he walks with us, he goes ahead of us, and he gets there first. As we say in Spanish, nos primerea. By now you know what I mean by this. It is the same thing that the Bible tells us. In the Bible, the Lord says: I am like the flower of the almond. Why? Because that is the first flower to blossom in the spring. He is always the first! This is fundamental for us: God is always ahead of us! When we think about going far away, to an extreme outskirt, we may be a bit afraid, but in fact God is already there. Jesus is waiting for us in the hearts of our brothers and sisters, in their wounded bodies, in their hardships, in their lack of faith. ~ Pope Francis
Abrigar Spanish quotes by Pope Francis
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