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#1. Calm down. Let's assess the situation," Drew said, crossing one leg over the other and folding his hands on his knee. "Have you noticed any of the following: unidentified discharge, burning sensation when you urinate, lower abdominal pain, testicular pain, pain during sex, fever, headache, sore throat, weight loss, chronic diarrhea or night sweats?"

He sounded like a f**king commercial for syphilis. - Author: Tara Sivec
Abdominal Pain quotes by Tara Sivec
#2. Many people infected with C. diff are sick with diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, and weight loss. Others are "carriers" of C. diff with no signs or symptoms of disease. Some of these carriers have been recently infected with C. diff but have recovered and now feel well. But carriers still have the C. diff organism in their stools and can serve as a silent reservoir of infection in hospitals and nursing homes. - Author: J. Thomas LaMont
Abdominal Pain quotes by J. Thomas LaMont
#3. I am progressing along the path of life in my ordinary contentedly fallen and godless condition, absorbed in a merry meeting with my friends for the morrow or a bit of work that tickles my vanity today, a holiday or a new book, when suddenly a stab of abdominal pain that threatens serious disease, or a headline in the newspapers that threatens us all with destruction, sends this whole pack of cards tumbling down. At first I am overwhelmed, and all my little happinesses look like broken toys. Then, slowly and reluctantly, bit by bit, I try to bring myself into the frame of mind that I should be in at all times. I remind myself that all these toys were never intended to possess my heart, that my true good is in another world, and my only real treasure is Christ. And perhaps, by God's grace, I succeed, and for a day or two become a creature consciously dependent on God and drawing its strength from the right sources. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Abdominal Pain quotes by C.S. Lewis
#4. If you can honor yourself and be real about your discomfort and pain, then your happiness will be just as real. - Author: Bryant McGill
Abdominal Pain quotes by Bryant McGill
#5. Every need brings in what's needed. Pain bears its cure like a child. - Author: Rumi
Abdominal Pain quotes by Rumi
#6. Now I'm told that this is life, that pain is just a simple comprimise so we can get what we want out of it. Would someone care to classify a broken heart and some twisted minds so I can find someone to rely on? - Author: Hayley Williams
Abdominal Pain quotes by Hayley Williams
#7. It is profitable wisdom to know when we have done enough: Much time and pains are spared in not flattering ourselves against probabilities. - Author: William Penn
Abdominal Pain quotes by William Penn
#8. Even government by the consent of the governed, as in our own Constitution, must be limited in its power to act against its people; so that there may be no interference with the right to worship, or with the security of the home; no arbitrary imposition of pains or penalties by officials high or low; no restrictions on the freedom of men to seek education or work or opportunity of any kind, so that each man may become all he is capable of becoming. - Author: Robert Kennedy
Abdominal Pain quotes by Robert Kennedy
#9. There is no Richter scale to measure pain; it leaves you vulnerable. It's not pain you can get used to, not sorrow that you can tame.It leaves you broken, broken but alive. - Author: Emma Abdullah
Abdominal Pain quotes by Emma Abdullah
#10. Every time you walk into church, the first thing you see is a man on a cross. He died to save us-not to give us everything we want-to save us. That's what's so hard to understand. It's not about him answering your prayers-it's about you being like him not matter what happens on this Earth. 'Thy will be done.' There will always be sadness and pain. - Author: Jack Mayer
Abdominal Pain quotes by Jack Mayer
#11. God only knows the torment of the suffering soul and only he can take away the pain. - Author: Timothy W. Tron
Abdominal Pain quotes by Timothy W. Tron
#12. Because inside my shell I'm that boy
Who was never given a say
The real me I'll cover and destroy
To keep the worst of the pain away. - Author: J.B. Salsbury
Abdominal Pain quotes by J.B. Salsbury
#13. Latin name: Syzygium aromaticum Use clove to help get rid of nasty intestinal bacteria. Make some clove tea, or add to home cooked dishes if you need to get rid of that nasty bacteria. You can also use clove as a topical analgesic (Pain killer), but if you do, please make sure you dilute it in some carrier oil first, before you place it on your skin. Uses: Painkiller, antibacterial - Author: Zella Vargas
Abdominal Pain quotes by Zella Vargas
#14. Yet in his own estimate, one theme in particular dominated all others: the growing tyranny of the majority, the ever-increasing and most formidable barriers raised by the majority around the free expression of opinion, and, as a result, the frightening oneness of American thinking, the absence of eccentricity and divergence from the norm.

A perfect liberty of the Mind exists in America, said Tocqueville, just as long as the sovereign majority has yet to decide its course. But once the majority has made up its mind, then all contrary thought must cease, and all controversy must be abandoned, not at the risk of death or physical punishment, but rather at the more subtle and more intolerable pain of ostracism, of being shunned by one's fellows, of being rejected by society.

Throughout history kings and princely rulers had sought without success to control human thought, that most elusive and invisible power of all. Yet where absolute monarchs had failed, democracy succeeds, for the strength of the majority is unlimited and all pervasive, and the doctrines of equality and majority rule have substituted for the tyranny of the few over the many the more absolute, imperious and widely accepted tyranny of the many over the few. - Author: Richard D. Heffner
Abdominal Pain quotes by Richard D. Heffner
#15. The pain you endure today will lead to a better tomorrow. Don't dwell so much on the pain but focus on the lessons learned. There in lies your strength to rise above all odds. Your best is yet to come. - Author: Kemi Sogunle
Abdominal Pain quotes by Kemi Sogunle
#16. My galley, charged with forgetfulness,
Thorough sharp seas in winter nights doth pass
'Tween rock and rock; and eke mine enemy, alas,
That is my lord, steereth with cruelness;
And every oar a thought in readiness,
As though that death were light in such a case.
An endless wind doth tear the sail apace
Of forced sighs and trusty fearfulness.
A rain of tears, a cloud of dark disdain,
Hath done the weared cords great hinderance;
Wreathed with error and eke with ignorance.
The stars be hid that led me to this pain.
Drowned is reason that should me consort,
And I remain despairing of the port. - Author: Thomas Wyatt
Abdominal Pain quotes by Thomas Wyatt
#17. If I had terminal cancer, I had a few weeks to live, I was in tremendous amount of pain - if they just effectively wanted to turn off the switch and legalise that by legalising euthanasia, I'd want that. - Author: John Key
Abdominal Pain quotes by John Key
#18. She stiffened and gasped, and the touch was immediately withdrawn.
"Did I hurt you?"
Her lashes lifted. "No," she said in wonder. "In fact, I didn't feel any pain." She strained to look between them. "Is there blood? Perhaps I should-"
"No. Win..." There was a near-comical expression of dismay on his face. "What I just did isn't going to cause pain or blood." A brief pause. "When I do it with my cock, however, it's probably going to hurt like hell."
"Oh." She pondered that for a moment. "Is that the word men use for their private parts?"
"One of the words gadjos use."
"What do Romas say?"
"They call it a kori."
"What does that mean?"
Win slid a bashful glance at the heavy protrusion straining behind his trousers. "Rather too substantial for a thorn. I should have thought they would use a more fitting word. But I suppose-" She inhaled sharply as his hand moved downward. "I suppose if one wants roses, one must-" his finger had slipped inside her again- "bear the occasional thorn."
"Very philosophical. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Abdominal Pain quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#19. It is what writers do, imagine and feel the pain of others, sometimes at the expense of feeling their own. Here, then, in these pages is mine, the fear of death, of loss, of unexpressed love. Here is the truth told in a story. And in the telling of it perhaps I have found some way to have courage, to believe. - Author: Niall Williams
Abdominal Pain quotes by Niall Williams
#20. The enemy of development is this pain phobia - the unwillingness to do a tiny bit of suffering. - Author: Bruce Lee
Abdominal Pain quotes by Bruce Lee
#21. Life goes on, whether you like it or not. I just wished it could lurch forward. Time is the best doctor, they say, and that's bullshit, because from certain pains you can never heal. They keep screaming inside of you till eventually you get used to the noise and can hear again the life outside, but they are always there, aching, clawing at your soul. - Author: Gaia B. Amman
Abdominal Pain quotes by Gaia B. Amman
#22. The translator ... Peculiar outcast, ghost in the world of literature, recreating in another form something already created, creating and not creating, writing words that are his own and not his own, writing a work not original to him, composing with utmost pains and without recognition of his pains or the fact that the composition really is his own. - Author: Lydia Davis
Abdominal Pain quotes by Lydia Davis
#23. Pain is the best schoolmaster, as you will soon discover. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
Abdominal Pain quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#24. I'd like to think that the day I realize we will always be miserable will differ from every other. I hope it will so obnoxiously stand out from the monotonous cycle of my days, that I wouldn't forget that sorrowful moment of comprehension. But, when that breeze of reality comes by, it wont be a memorable hurricane, nor a momentous tornado. It will be the same, sad, soft wind that I felt the day before, and the day before that. Because the moment you understand your inevitable misery in life, may also be the day you see you are to always be dejected. - Author: Temperance
Abdominal Pain quotes by Temperance
#25. No man can be brave who thinks pain the greatest evil; nor temperate, who considers pleasure the highest good. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Abdominal Pain quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#26. Don't make it worse by thinking it's more painful than it actually is. - Author: John Boyne
Abdominal Pain quotes by John Boyne
#27. It is not to say that everything is fine and a positive attitude is all you need. But I share about values and principles and attitudes and I never tell people I understand their pain. - Author: Nick Vujicic
Abdominal Pain quotes by Nick Vujicic
#28. Tempus never left a problem for another to solve. Tempus never let the pain or difficulty of an undertaking persuade him not to pursue a resolution his heart thought was right. Tempus never gave up. - Author: Janet Morris
Abdominal Pain quotes by Janet Morris
#29. Ah." He paused. "I see where this is going. You want to know my secret pain."
"Secret pain?"
"Oh, yes. My inner demons. The dark current of torment washing away little grains of my soul. That's what you're after. You think that if you keep me here in your pretty castle and cosset me with sixteen pillows, I'll learn to love myself and cease submitting my body to such horrific abuse."
Clio bit her lip, grateful it was too dark for him to see her blush. If she'd been flamingo pink the other day, she must be fuchsia now. "I don't know where you get these ideas."
He chuckled. "From every woman I've ever met. You're not the first to try it, and you won't be the last. - Author: Tessa Dare
Abdominal Pain quotes by Tessa Dare
#30. Suddenly I realized she was asleep. Exhausted by her flight she had fallen asleep against my shoulder as so many times, in taxis, in buses, on a park-seat. I sat still and let her be. There was nothing to disturb her in the dark church. The candles napped around the virgin, and there was nobody else there. The slowly growing pain in my upper arm where her weight lay was the greatest pleasure I had ever known. - Author: Graham Greene
Abdominal Pain quotes by Graham Greene
#31. We have emotions for a reason; for instance, imagine pain. You have pain so that if you touch something that's hot, or if you slam your hand with a hammer, you will pull your hand away and not do that again. - Author: Leonard Mlodinow
Abdominal Pain quotes by Leonard Mlodinow
#32. The worst pain you may endure, is the pain that you are forced upon, with good reason. - Author: Angela Brown
Abdominal Pain quotes by Angela Brown
#33. If we believe that this particular pain is the one that will push the baby out of the womb and into our arms, we somehow try to make a place for that pain in our heart. Pain is still there: excruciating, terrible pain. But at the moment of birth, we rarely feel betrayal or rage; we somehow feel that this is simply pain that has come with life. - Author: Wayne Muller
Abdominal Pain quotes by Wayne Muller
#34. I dressed to their murmurs in the other room, their voices soft but strained, and I wondered if men ever talked like this, if their sorrows ever spilled into these secret cadences. - Author: Esmeralda Santiago
Abdominal Pain quotes by Esmeralda Santiago
#35. God is the pain of the fear of death - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Abdominal Pain quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#36. Scorching my seared heart with a pain, not hell shall make me fear again. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Abdominal Pain quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#37. The wise with hope support the pains of life. - Author: Euripides
Abdominal Pain quotes by Euripides
#38. You don't understand. I didn't want to forget what happened, Zander. I wanted to forget you. I wanted to forget how I felt about you ... "
"Is this your way of telling me you finally did?" he whispered.
"No. I didn't. I never have. That's the problem. It didn't work ... Pain isn't freeing. It's just one more reminder of what you've lost. And now all I have are these ugly scars. That's what I'll have when this is all over. - Author: Elisabeth Naughton
Abdominal Pain quotes by Elisabeth Naughton
#39. Anita is small and colourless in her grey trousers, grey knitted cardigan, grey hair and grey skin. But ove notices that her face is slightly red-eyed and swollen. Quickly she wipes her eyes and blinks away the pain. As women of that generation do. As if they stood in the doorway every morning, determinedly driving sorrow out of the house with a broom. - Author: Fredrik Backman
Abdominal Pain quotes by Fredrik Backman
#40. A man or a woman can't be defined by the pain inflicted in them by others or by someone else's issues, but by their own character and actions. - Author: Linda Alfiori
Abdominal Pain quotes by Linda Alfiori
#41. Pain does not create a long-lasting memory, but the memory of luxury exerts itself for ever. - Author: Paul Theroux
Abdominal Pain quotes by Paul Theroux
#42. It was a tragedy. A horrible tragedy. You can't imagine the physical pain and despair I went through. I'm a better man than I would have been, but I would have eagerly chosen a less agonizing route to my good fortune, - Author: Chris Knopf
Abdominal Pain quotes by Chris Knopf
#43. I would invite any Christian to accompany me to the children's ward of a hospital, to watch the suffering that is there being endured, and then to persist in the assertion that those children are so morally abandoned as to deserve what they are suffering. In order to bring himself to say this, a man must destroy in himself all feelings of mercy and compassion. He must, in short, make himself as cruel as the God in whom he believes. No man who believes that all is for the best in this suffering world can keep his ethical values unimpaired, since he is always having to find excuses for pain and misery. The - Author: Bertrand Russell
Abdominal Pain quotes by Bertrand Russell
#44. A common misconception is that some people are only in pain because they are weak, anxious, depressed, or do not deal well with stress. This is not correct.
Every experience you have - touch, warmth, itch, pain - is created by the brain and thus is all in your head, but it does not mean they are not real.

Things like fear, anxiety, or depression can increase pain levels and can increase the chance of persistent pain. But often, these feelings only develop after a person already has chronic pain. - Author: Tasha Stanton
Abdominal Pain quotes by Tasha Stanton
#45. It's painful to hold out hope for the things that once brought you joy. You have to find ways to make yourself forget. - Author: Christina Baker Kline
Abdominal Pain quotes by Christina Baker Kline
#46. Ill lose myself in the pain. It might not make sense. But it works. - Author: Lisa Schroeder
Abdominal Pain quotes by Lisa Schroeder
#47. Why does that obstinate little voice in our heads torment us so?' he said, looking round the table. 'Could it be because it reminds us that we are alive, of our mortality, of our individual souls - which, after all, we are too afraid to surrender but yet make us feel more miserable than any other thing? But isn't it also pain that often makes us most aware of self? - Author: Donna Tartt
Abdominal Pain quotes by Donna Tartt
#48. I have two amazing things in my life: I'm pain-free and I'm debt-free. - Author: Stephen King
Abdominal Pain quotes by Stephen King

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