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I don't have any simple things. I only have things like a gold-studded leather jacket. Then I'm going to Hawaii and I'm asking myself "Do I pack it? It could be cold." I'm inventing scenarios where I could wear it. ~ Shaun White
6 Packs Abs quotes by Shaun White
Sixth sense, six pack, six degrees of separation / My evil third eye blinks with no hesitation ~ Ghostface Killah
6 Packs Abs quotes by Ghostface Killah
We value-packs, you all small fries. ~ Puff Daddy
6 Packs Abs quotes by Puff Daddy
Syn was braced on one forearm while he rubbed Furi's back with his other hand. Whispering soothingly in his ear, "You feel so good. You're so beautiful." He waited for Furi to adjust as he clenched his abs in determination. He wouldn't move until Furi was ready. ~ A.E. Via
6 Packs Abs quotes by A.E. Via
But I can think of nothing on earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night, which, for me, was ten to fifteen pounds of candy, a riot of colored wrappers and hopeful fonts,snub-nosed chocolate bars and SweeTARTS, the seductive rattle of Jujyfruits and Good & Plenty and lollipopsticks all akimbo, the foli ends of mini LifeSavers packs twinkling like dimes, and a thick sugary perfume rising up from the pillowcase. ~ Steve Almond
6 Packs Abs quotes by Steve Almond
Six days shalt thou paddle and pack, but on the seventh thou shall wash thy socks. ~ Aldo Leopold
6 Packs Abs quotes by Aldo Leopold
In an ongoing relationship, each current criticism packs the punches of all the others that have gone before. ~ Deborah Tannen
6 Packs Abs quotes by Deborah Tannen
Jargon live in the swamps. They feed on attention. If they can't get that, they'll settle for fear and confusion. ... A little Jargon doesn't look like much. Some people even keep them as pets. But they form packs, and they are very dangerous. ~ Carlos Bueno
6 Packs Abs quotes by Carlos Bueno
When a man's dog turns against hime, it is time for his wife to pack her trunk and go home to mamma. ~ Mark Twain
6 Packs Abs quotes by Mark Twain
The Vatican has tried to condemn 'The Magdalene Sisters' as a pack of lies and that I've made it all up - I wish I was that good a dramatist - and in terms of public relations, that was the daftest thing they ever did. ~ Peter Mullan
6 Packs Abs quotes by Peter Mullan
Abs? What are you, a workout video?" he sneered.
"Pigeon?" I said with the same amount of disdain. "An annoying bird that craps all over the sidewalk?"
"You like Pigeon," he said defensively. "It's a dove, an attractive girl, a winning card in poker, take your pick. You're my Pigeon. ~ Jamie McGuire
6 Packs Abs quotes by Jamie McGuire
To pragmatists, the letter Z is nothing more than a phonetically symbolic glyph, a minor sign easily learned, readily assimilated, and occasionally deployed in the course of a literate life. To cynics, Z is just an S with a stick up its butt.
Well, true enough, any word worth repeating is greater than the sum of its parts; and the particular word-part Z can, from a certain perspective, appear anally wired.
On those of us neither prosaic nor jaded, however, those whom the Fates have chosen to monitor such things, Z has had an impact above and beyond its signifying function. A presence in its own right, it's the most distant and elusive of our twenty-six linguistic atoms; a mysterious, dark figure in an otherwise fairly innocuous lineup, and the sleekest little swimmer ever to take laps in a bowl of alphabet soup.
Scarcely a day of my life has gone by when I've not stirred the alphabetical ant nest, yet every time I type or pen the letter Z, I still feel a secret tingle, a tiny thrill…
Z is a whip crack of a letter, a striking viper of a letter, an open jackknife ever ready to cut the cords of convention or peel the peach of lust.
A Z is slick, quick, arcane, eccentric, and always faintly sinister - although its very elegance separates it from the brutish X, that character traditionally associated with all forms of extinction. If X wields a tire iron, Z packs a laser gun. Zap! If X is Mike Hammer, Z is James Bond. If X marks the spot, Z avoids the spot, ~ Tom Robbins
6 Packs Abs quotes by Tom Robbins
The Hell of Regret He who wins the race cannot run with the pack. And once you get out you can't come back, because caged lions don't mate with free ones! If ever you are going to win, you
must forsake the social construct of the cage and all the cage dwellers. ~ T.D. Jakes
6 Packs Abs quotes by T.D. Jakes
Charlie swallowed. He was gloriously sexy. The hottest man she'd ever seen with his sculpted chest and abs., narrow waist, long muscular legs dusted with dark brown hair. Her gaze roamed over every inch of him before settling on his erection. It was big, thick, and hard for her. Her mouth watered in anticipation. ~ Robin Bielman
6 Packs Abs quotes by Robin Bielman
In order to persuade Britain to pack up, to compel her to make peace, it was essential to rob her of her hope of being able still to confront us, on the continent itself, with an adversary of a stature equal to our own. ~ Adolf Hitler
6 Packs Abs quotes by Adolf Hitler
Most of the pack would rather have Darryl mad at them than Auriele. ~ Patricia Briggs
6 Packs Abs quotes by Patricia Briggs
Perhaps the reward of the spirit who tries Is not the goal but the exercise. ~ Edmund Vance Cooke
6 Packs Abs quotes by Edmund Vance Cooke
What it meant." "That's fine." Bosch moved to the drawer and looked in. There were two thin manila files and two packs of envelopes with rubber bands holding them together. The first file he looked through contained Eno's birth certificate, passport, marriage license and other personal records. He put it back in the drawer. The next file contained LAPD forms and Bosch quickly recognized them as the pages and reports that had been removed from the Marjorie Lowe murder book. He knew he had no time to read them at the moment and put the file in the beer box with the other files. The rubber band on the first package of envelopes snapped when he tried to remove it and he was reminded of the band that had been around the blue binder that contained the case files. Everything about this case was old and ready to snap, he thought. The envelopes were all from a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Sherman Oaks and each one contained a statement for a savings account in the name of McCage ~ Michael Connelly
6 Packs Abs quotes by Michael Connelly
It may not feel too classy, begging just to eat
But you know who does that?
Lassie, and she always gets a treat

So you wonder what your part is
Because you're homeless and depressed But home is where the heart is
So your real home's in your chest

Everyone's a hero in their own way Everyone's got villains they must face
They're not as cool as mine
But folks you know it's fine to know your place

Everyone's a hero in their own way
In their own not-that-heroic way
So I thank my girlfriend Penny
Yeah, we totally had sex
She showed me there's so many different muscles I can flex

There's the deltoids of compassion,
There's the abs of being kind
It's not enough to bash in heads
You've got to bash in minds

Everyone's a hero in their own way Everyone's got something they can do Get up go out and fly
Especially that guy, he smells like poo

Everyone's a hero in their own way
You and you and mostly me and you
I'm poverty's new sheriff
And I'm bashing in the slums
A hero doesn't care if you're a bunch of scary alcoholic bums


Everyone's a hero in their own way Everyone can blaze a hero's trail
Don't worry if it's hard
If you're not a friggin 'tard you will prevail

Everyone's a hero in their own way Everyone's a hero in their... ~ Joss Whedon
6 Packs Abs quotes by Joss Whedon
I'm a huge fan of James Dean, that got me started. Nowadays I smoke four packs in a day. ~ Ville Valo
6 Packs Abs quotes by Ville Valo
For the long-limbed trees and watery landscape of Vancouver Island, read Hundreds and Thousands. Setting aside, who can resist a woman who lived in a caravan in Goldstream Park with a pack of dogs and a monkey and shunned the human race except to attend her own art openings? Only a genius could both paint and write my/her home. ~ Marjorie Celona
6 Packs Abs quotes by Marjorie Celona
Are you actually good looking?" she asks skeptically.

"Terribly good looking," I reply.

"Let me guess. Dark hair, brown eyes, great abs, white teeth, Abercrombie & Fitch."

"Close," I say. "Light brown hair, correct on the eyes, abs, and teeth, but American Eagle Outfitters all the way."

"Impressive," she says.

"My turn," I say. "Thick blonde hair, big blue eyes, an adorable little white dress with a matching hat, royal blue skin, and you're about two feet tall."

She laughs loudly. "You have a thing for Smurfette?"

"A guy can dream. ~ Colleen Hoover
6 Packs Abs quotes by Colleen Hoover
Every couple of days I have to remind myself that I'm really okay. And it's not the pretend kind of okay. It's the kind that you feel from the inside out. It's the kind of okay that has me thinking about outfits and coffee first thing in the morning, and homework that's due later this week, and that I need to call Jodi back, and what Cole's abs look like when he flexes. It's the kind of okay that makes life a zillion times more bearable and also has me waiting for the other shoe to drop. I ~ Autumn Doughton
6 Packs Abs quotes by Autumn Doughton
It must happen to us all ... We pack up what we've learned so far and leave the familiar behind. No fun, that shearing separation, but somewhere within, we must dimly know that saying goodbye to safety brings the only security we'll ever know. ~ Richard Bach
6 Packs Abs quotes by Richard Bach
First of all, you're going to talk to her and get the whole story. I know you're in shock but sitting around here all day fingering your va**na isn't going to make anything better. So man-up. Go talk to her. You spent all these years trying to find her and here she is, right in front of you. So she's got a little baggage. Who doesn't?"

"A little baggage? Drew, she has a son. That's more than a little baggage," I complained.

"Wake up and look in the mirror baby-daddy. He's your son too. And you spent the last few years trying to f**k her out of your system with some chick you could barely stand. That's not just baggage, that's luggage, bags, suitcases, carry-ons, back-packs and Clinique make-up bags. ~ Tara Sivec
6 Packs Abs quotes by Tara Sivec
Always pack your uniform on top. ~ Freddie Green
6 Packs Abs quotes by Freddie Green
As a new artist, you come out, and there are so many other new artists. It seems like there's a whole wave of new artists that come along every year. In '05, I was part of the crop. It was a lot harder trying to set myself apart from the rest of the pack. ~ Jason Aldean
6 Packs Abs quotes by Jason Aldean
She crawled," Ben said. There were tears in his voice. That was wrong. Ben barely even tolerated me on the best of days. "She crawled to the bathroom to clean herself again. If it weren't for the two subs in the pack, I'd be on the bottom. And she wouldn't stand up in my presence for guilt. ~ Patricia Briggs
6 Packs Abs quotes by Patricia Briggs
You know how Lucas is. He's the most spoiled toddler in the sandbox, and if he doesn't get his way, he packs up his toys and goes home. ~ Sierra Dean
6 Packs Abs quotes by Sierra Dean
There's a bunch of different crunches that affect the abs ... my favorite is Nestle. ~ Shmuel Breban
6 Packs Abs quotes by Shmuel Breban
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