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From 1971 to 1993, my family lived in a number of African countries, including Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Nigeria, as well as Uganda itself. ~ Giles Foden
1993 Corvette quotes by Giles Foden
Don't Ask, Don't Tell was a successful compromise in 1993; and so that compromise should remain. ~ Mike Pence
1993 Corvette quotes by Mike Pence
In 1993 my birthday present was a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. ~ Annette Funicello
1993 Corvette quotes by Annette Funicello
Technology policy - whether we should have one and what form such a policy should take - was a core issue of the 1992 presidential campaign, and in February 1993 the Clinton administration confirmed that fostering new technologies will be a critical part of its agenda for redirecting the American economy. ~ Lewis M. Branscomb
1993 Corvette quotes by Lewis M. Branscomb
Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence - neither speed up nor slow down, add to nor diminish - it is an imponderably valuable gift. ~ Maya Angelou
1993 Corvette quotes by Maya Angelou
As best I can tell there was no advance warning of the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, which was the first significant foreign terrorist activity in the U.S. No tip-offs that it was coming. ~ Bobby Ray Inman
1993 Corvette quotes by Bobby Ray Inman
The Mars Committee and its various offshoots have struggled consistently over the years on behalf of the public interest. Their work is presented with great documentary force in Dr. Stanley V McDaniel's 1993 book, The McDaniel Report, published by North Atlantic Books of Berkeley, California. This report should be required reading for anybody who cares about the future of public science. ~ Whitley Strieber
1993 Corvette quotes by Whitley Strieber
Yes, I actually have a portable fly-tying kit in my vest. I spent hours putting it all together, with a special emphasis on midge materials as well as enough fur and feathers to whip out a half dozen of virtually every conceivable dry pattern nature can throw at me. I have used it once, in 1993. ~ Jack Ohman
1993 Corvette quotes by Jack Ohman
Work hard, play hard, stay hard. I coined it first back 1993. ~ Scott Deuty
1993 Corvette quotes by Scott Deuty
My life has been regulated by insomnia," Bourgeois told an interviewer in 1993. ~ Mason Currey
1993 Corvette quotes by Mason Currey
Terrible drought, crops dead, sheep dying. Spring dried up. No water. The Hopi, and the Christian, maybe the Moslem, they pray for rain. The Navajo has the proper ceremony done to restore himself to harmony with the drought. You see what I mean. The system is designed to recognize what's beyond human power to change, and then to change the human's attitude to be content with the inevitable. - Tony Hillerman, Sacred Clowns, 1993 ~ Tony Hillerman
1993 Corvette quotes by Tony Hillerman
The first act is the easiest to plot. The second act is always the hardest to plot. Generally a good, you know, sometimes the third act can be difficult because you can get into a rut in the third act - everybody runs to their Corvette, has a chase, and you catch the bad guy. ~ Stephen J. Cannell
1993 Corvette quotes by Stephen J. Cannell
Bono and Clayton had such a great time that the band paid homage to Cash in their Rattle and Hum album package with a huge photo of them in the Sun studio just beneath a framed photo of Phillips and Cash. In the early weeks of 1993, Bono was working ~ Robert Hilburn
1993 Corvette quotes by Robert Hilburn
Whether [the 1993 World Trade Center bombing] was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly a retaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little. ~ Ron Paul
1993 Corvette quotes by Ron Paul
Since January 1993 there have been 27 other countries not in the EU that have done better than the UK at exporting goods into the single market. ~ Boris Johnson
1993 Corvette quotes by Boris Johnson
Escobar, my ex-lover, was shot to death on December 2, 1993. To bring him down after a hunt that lasted nearly a year and a half, it was necessary to offer a reward of twenty-five million dollars and to employ a Colombian police commando unit specially trained for the purpose. ~ Virginia Vallejo
1993 Corvette quotes by Virginia Vallejo
While Congress did not, to my knowledge, calculate aggregate dollar values for the nationwide effects of racial discrimination in 1964, in 1994 it did rely on evidence of the harms caused by domestic violence and sexual assault, citing annual costs of $3 billion in 1990 and $5 to $10 billion in 1993. ~ David Souter
1993 Corvette quotes by David Souter
If Jefferson's leadership is to be set apart from others similarly situated later on, it should not be because he was inclined to finesse a frontal assault on the old [Federalist] governmental establishment, but because he transformed national politics so thoroughly without being forced into any make-or-break confrontation with it. Jefferson pursued the reconstruction of American government and politics relentlessly, and the regime he created in the end was profoundly different from the one he displaced. Yet, the most remarkable aspect of his transformation is how little resistance he encountered in the process from the institutions and interests previously attached to the old order. Jefferson's authority to reconstruct proved singularly disarming and all-encompassing. ~ Stephen Skowronek
1993 Corvette quotes by Stephen Skowronek
I want people to realize that the domestic abuse charges happened in 1989. I didn't meet any of them until 1993. ~ Kato Kaelin
1993 Corvette quotes by Kato Kaelin
I did not have a mobile phone in 1993. No one did, except the occasional banker or Hollywood star seeming smart, or the main character in 'American Psycho.' In 1993, every day was 'let's get lost.' I could walk Greenwich Village for hours and not be found. ~ Elizabeth Wurtzel
1993 Corvette quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
In 1993, I retired from the Art Ensemble of Chicago to devote myself full time to Buddhist studies and to the practice of Aikido. ~ Joseph Jarman
1993 Corvette quotes by Joseph Jarman
Although few people will remember 3 June 1993, it was a landmark in South African history. On that day, after months of negotiations at the World Trade Centre, the multiparty forum voted to set a date for the country's first national, nonracial, one-person-one-vote election: 27 April 1994. For the first time in South African history, the black majority would go to the polls to elect their own leaders. ~ Nelson Mandela
1993 Corvette quotes by Nelson Mandela
Using the HTTP protocol, computer scientists around the world began making the Internet easier to navigate by inventing point-and-click browsers. One browser in particular, called Mosaic, created in 1993 at the University of Illinois, would help popularize the Web, and therefore the Net, as no software tool had yet done. ~ Katie Hafner
1993 Corvette quotes by Katie Hafner
In 1993, I had my Super Show in Red Square, Moscow. No one before me had ever gotten permission to use that location and my show included fashion, fireworks, and dancing. I felt like it really communicated my heartfelt belief that all human beings are wonderful and unique individuals. ~ Kansai Yamamoto
1993 Corvette quotes by Kansai Yamamoto
Based on theoretical analysis, clinical observations, and some research findings (e.g., Kluft & Fine, 1993; Nijenhuis, Van der Hart, & Steele, 2002; Putnam, 1997; Reinders et al., 2003, submitted; Steinberg, 1995), as well as on 19th and early 20th century literature on dissociation (cf., Van der Hart & Dorahy, in press), we propose that traumatization essentially involves a degree of dissociative division of the personality that likely occurs along the lines of innate action systems of daily life and defense - what has been called structural dissociation of the personality (e.g., Nijenhuis et al., 2002; Van der Hart, Nijenhuis, Steele, & Brown, 2004). Dissociation of the personality develops when children or adults are exposed to potentially traumatizing events, and when their integrative capacity is insufficient to (fully) integrate these experiences within the confines of a relatively coherent personality. ~ Onno Van Der Hart
1993 Corvette quotes by Onno Van Der Hart
We don't claim perfection; even the best journalism is but a first draft of history. But we bring to the challenge certain basic beliefs that aren't much in fashion these days. We believe facts are facts and that they are ascertainable through honest, open-minded and diligent reporting. We thus believe that truth is attainable by laying fact upon fact, much like the construction of a cathedral. News, in short, is not merely a matter of views. And truth is not merely in the eye of the beholder.
[Letter From the Publisher: A Report to The Wall Street Journal's Readers, 12 January, 1993] ~ Peter R. Kann
1993 Corvette quotes by Peter R. Kann
The 'role of the theatre' is much debated (by almost nobody, of course), but the thing defines itself in practice first and foremost as a recreation. This seems satisfactory. TOM STOPPARD 1993 ~ Tom Stoppard
1993 Corvette quotes by Tom Stoppard
Protestant congregations. These surveys found that, out of about one thousand churches who had been asked about sexual abuse since 1993, allegations of child abuse averaged 70 per week. ~ Joe Klest
1993 Corvette quotes by Joe Klest
By the time the clock had moved past midnight on Christmas 1993, they finally clicked the last piece into place: Angola, nestled between Zaire and Namibia and bordering the vast lapping Atlantic. Then, having succeeded in putting the world back together, they went to bed. ~ Jessie Ann Foley
1993 Corvette quotes by Jessie Ann Foley
When we didn't succeed at healthcare reform back in 1993, 1994, I went to work with Democrats and Republicans and we created the Children's Health Insurance Program. ~ Hillary Clinton
1993 Corvette quotes by Hillary Clinton
I started with the Target Company in 1993 when their Christmas theme that year was 'It's A Wonderful Life,' and they reunited the actors who played the Bailey kids. So we went all over and really had a blast getting the love from all of the fans and thought, 'Whoopty-doo, there's something going on here.' ~ Karolyn Grimes
1993 Corvette quotes by Karolyn Grimes
I guess that's supposed to be deconstruction's original program, right? People have been under some sort of metaphysical anesthesia, so you dismantle the metaphysics' axioms and prejudices, show it in cross section and reveal the advantages of its abandonment. It's literally aggravating: you awaken them to the fact that they've been unconsciously imbibing some narcotic pharmakon since they were old enough to say "Momma."
-Interview with Larry McCaffery (1993) ~ David Foster Wallace
1993 Corvette quotes by David Foster Wallace
The first comfort women didn't actually come forward until 1992, and since then, the issue has really been kicked up. Japan issued a 1993 acknowledgement on this. It's called the Kono Agreement. But in recent years, South Korea has been wanting an apology to go much further. ~ Elise Hu
1993 Corvette quotes by Elise Hu
When Pixies broke up in 1993, I gave up the drums for the longest time. I hadn't been doing a lot, but I ended up attending a magic convention that initially got me interested. I took classes, bought videos, and practiced relentlessly. I began performing at parties and soon realized that developing an on-stage routine is often tougher than being a musician. I focused my act on magic that incorporated as much science as it did entertainment, which was really satisfying for me. ~ David Lovering
1993 Corvette quotes by David Lovering
You just write what you know, and I know what it's like to be a teenager in 1993,, and I'm a woman, so I'm definitely going to write from that point of view. ~ Maggie Carey
1993 Corvette quotes by Maggie Carey
Columbia University, where I went to study in 1993, insisted its undergraduates learn a foreign language, so I discovered French. ~ Aravind Adiga
1993 Corvette quotes by Aravind Adiga
Between 1965 (the beginning of LBJ's "Great Society") and 1994, welfare spending has cost the taxpayers $5.4 trillion in constant 1993 dollars. The War on Poverty has cost us 70 % more than the total price tag for defeating both Germany and Japan in World War II, after adjusting for inflation. Many believe that Welfare has destroyed millions of families and cost a huge portion of our national wealth in the process. ~ Rush Limbaugh
1993 Corvette quotes by Rush Limbaugh
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