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I feel compelled to make another 'nonapology.' Many readers are likely to be concerned about my use of masculine pronouns in relation to God. I think I both understand and appreciate this concern. It is a matter to which I have given much thought. I have generally been a strong supporter of the women's movement and action that is reasonable to combat sexist language. But first of all, God is not neuter. He is exploding with life and love and even sexuality of a sort. So 'It' is not appropriate. Certainly I consider God androgynous. He is as gentle and tender and nurturing and maternal as any woman could ever be. Nonetheless, culturally determined though it may be, I subjectively experience His reality as more masculine than feminine. While He nurtures us, He also desires to penetrate us, and while we more often than not flee from His love like a reluctant virgin, He chases after us with a vigor in the hunt that we most typically associate with males. As CS Lewis put it, in relation to God we are all female. Moreover, whatever our gender or conscious theology, it is our duty---our obligation---in response to His love to attempt to give birth, like Mary, to Christ in ourselves and in others.

"I shall, however, break with tradition and use the neuter for Satan. While I know Satan to be lustful to penetrate us, I have not in the least experienced this desire as sexual or creative---only hateful and destructive. It is hard to determine the sex of a snake. ~ M. Scott Peck
1984 Sexuality quotes by M. Scott Peck
I don't wait till stage to use my sexuality. My zipper's down right now. I mean, I use it all the time. ~ Joan Jett
1984 Sexuality quotes by Joan Jett
There are so many aspects of human sexuality that we're afraid to talk about, because people still don't understand it. It's not just black and white, you know? ~ Sasha Grey
1984 Sexuality quotes by Sasha Grey
Passion isn't the point. The glossy, overheated thumping of sexuality in our culture is less about connection than consumption. Hotness has become our cultural currency, and a lot of people spend a lot of time and a lot of regular, green currency trying to acquire it. Hotness is not the same thing as beauty, which has been valued throughout history. Hot can mean popular. Hot can mean talked about. But when it pertains to women, hot means two things in particular: fuckable and salable. The literal job criteria for our role models? The stars of the sex industry. ~ Ariel Levy
1984 Sexuality quotes by Ariel Levy
Nowhere is ageism more sexist, and vicious, than in the domain of sexuality. ~ Ashton Applewhite
1984 Sexuality quotes by Ashton Applewhite
In the spirit of tolerance, you should allow us to execute homosexuals. ~ David Bahati
1984 Sexuality quotes by David Bahati
Renee says the upperclassmen are betting on your sexuality."
"It's a waste of time and money. They'll all lose. I've said all year I don't swing and I meant it. Kissing you doesn't make me look at any of them differently. The only one I'm interested in is you. ~ Nora Sakavic
1984 Sexuality quotes by Nora Sakavic
When we are surrounded by such diversity - in nature, in culture, in human spirit - how can we stand not to acknowledge it? ~ C.N. Lester
1984 Sexuality quotes by C.N. Lester
It was extremely important to show that Wilde's sexuality was not just some intellectual idea. It was real, and it was about the human body. To just have mentioned it and not shown it would have been, I think, peculiar and wrong. ~ Stephen Fry
1984 Sexuality quotes by Stephen Fry
There is a neat economic explanation for the sexual division of labour in hunter-gatherers. In terms of nutrition, women generally collect dependable, staple carbohydrates whereas men fetch precious protein. Combine the two – predictable calories from women and occasional protein from men – and you get the best of both worlds. At the cost of some extra work, women get to eat some good protein without having to chase it; men get to know where the next meal is coming from if they fail to kill a deer. That very fact makes it easier for them to spend more time chasing deer and so makes it more likely they will catch one. Everybody gains – gains from trade. It is as if the species now has two brains and two stores of knowledge instead of one – a brain that learns about hunting and a brain that learns about gathering. ~ Matt Ridley
1984 Sexuality quotes by Matt Ridley
No words. Just my finger pointing in silence. My finger silently saying, 'Unwrap me, darling. ~ James Lusarde
1984 Sexuality quotes by James Lusarde
Hip-hop is contributing to American society's misogyny and racism, hyper-sexuality anti-Black representations. Hip-Hop isn't setting the standard for misogyny. No one reduces the presidency to misogyny, although we've had misogynistic presidents. No one reduces our government to being solely homophobic, although we have a government with a don't ask, don't tell policy for gays and lesbians in the military. ~ Bakari Kitwana
1984 Sexuality quotes by Bakari Kitwana
I use biography, I use literary connections (as with Platen - this seems to me extremely helpful for appreciating the nuances of Mann's and Aschenbach's sexuality), I use philosophical sources (but not in the way many Mann critics do, where the philosophical theses and concepts seem to be counters to be pushed around rather than ideas to be probed), and I use juxtapositions with other literary works (including Mann's other fiction) and with works of music. ~ Philip Kitcher
1984 Sexuality quotes by Philip Kitcher
The NSA is correct, 1984 is now. ~ Michael Gurnow
1984 Sexuality quotes by Michael Gurnow
There they are. Two girls built like pagan fertility dolls, resting on their haunches, caked from head-toe in the multi-shaded come of every man who gave his offering before me ~ Tyler Knight
1984 Sexuality quotes by Tyler Knight
Bad facts make bad law, and people who write bad laws are in my opinion more dangerous than songwriters who celebrate sexuality. Freedom of speech, freedom of religious thought, and the right to due process for composers, performers and retailers are imperiled if the PMRC and the major labels consummate this nasty bargain. ~ Frank Zappa
1984 Sexuality quotes by Frank Zappa
Being in better tune with our sense helps to release some of our inhibitions and embrace the more open and playful parts of ourselves. Owning your sexiness builds confidence and encourages boldness in our everyday lives. When you feel sensual, you are better able to feel sexy. And when you feel sexy, you're feeling positive - and I think we can all agree that feeling positive makes a huge difference in our daily lives. ~ Elle Chase
1984 Sexuality quotes by Elle Chase
A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded gun on your coffee table- There's nothing wrong with them, but it's hard to stop thinking about. ~ Garrison Keillor
1984 Sexuality quotes by Garrison Keillor
I don't know yet. I might be. Age sixteen totally sucks when it comes to absolutes. ~ T.M. Goeglein
1984 Sexuality quotes by T.M. Goeglein
I think we won't be able to understand the operations of trans-phobia, homophobia, if we don't understand how certain kinds of links are forged between gender and sexuality in the minds of those who want masculinity to be absolutely separate from femininity and heterosexuality to be absolutely separate from homosexuality. ~ Judith Butler
1984 Sexuality quotes by Judith Butler
Love is something that comes to us in life. Quietly, it overwhelms us. It is something that you cultivate. You make it happen. ~ Frederick Lenz
1984 Sexuality quotes by Frederick Lenz
You are not responsible for what your friends do, but you will be judged by the company you keep. ~ Leonard A Cole
1984 Sexuality quotes by Leonard A Cole
The suppressed lesbian I had been carrying in me since adolescence began to stretch her limbs ... ~ Adrienne Rich
1984 Sexuality quotes by Adrienne Rich
The lesbian is a mental energy which gives breath and meaning to the most positive of images a woman can have of herself. ~ Nicole Brossard
1984 Sexuality quotes by Nicole Brossard
The sort of public sex aspects of gay male sexuality did not appeal to me. And it wasn't just a matter of being afraid of them or being too nervous to try them. I did try them and they didn't work for me, they didn't feed me spiritually, they didn't leave me gratified. ~ Christopher Rice
1984 Sexuality quotes by Christopher Rice
I wanted to come back with a plan, to have things sorted out and decided. To have made some decisions about my life completely on my own," Kate said, her eyes on Andy. "I never imagined finding someone like you. When I did, when I fell in love with you, I trusted you to know and understand things about myself I didn't share with anyone. About losing my sister, my career, my sexuality. You seemed to have this incredible capacity to carry it all, and you seemed to do it so easily. ~ Jessica L. Webb
1984 Sexuality quotes by Jessica L. Webb
He managed to make his request with the minimum of time given to speculating what she looked like naked, forgiving himself for the instant of fantasy by telling himself it was the curse of being male. In the presence of a beautiful woman, he had always experienced that knee-jerk reaction to being reduced - if only momentarily - to skin, bone, and testosterone. ~ Elizabeth George
1984 Sexuality quotes by Elizabeth George
Sex is a metaphor for everything else and everything is a metaphor for sex as well. Because sex is a coming together of two weather patterns, two separate countries, two entities in a conscious state of potentially blissful crisis. Or chaos, or harmony. You're not quite sure what's going to happen, but it is the most catastrophic, exciting, and weakening thing that can happen to us. If we are personally involved in it, every fiber of our being is made self-conscious, or is encourages to unify on some level with others. We are delicate. We bring our damage to sexuality, we bring our hopes, we bring our self-image, we bring our world-image, we bring what we believe we are/what we believe we aren't, our blind spots, our prejudices, our sadness. Everything comes out. A lot of people are left wanting, and confusing, and having the idea that their body is like an unloved apartment building; it's up for grabs and it's of absolutely no worth. If we feel that way about ourselves and if we feel that way about others, then of course, sex is nothing more than a lot of rubbing and some kind of release. But the more we are, the more we can feel, the more we can empathize, the more human we are. ~ Melinda Gebbie
1984 Sexuality quotes by Melinda Gebbie
People have been trying to destroy fear, trying to destroy anger, trying to destroy sexuality, trying to destroy greed, this and that. The whole world has been working to destroy your energies, and what is the result? Man has become a mess. Nothing is destroyed, all is still there; only things have become confused. There is no need to destroy anything because nothing can be destroyed in the first place. ~ Osho
1984 Sexuality quotes by Osho
Yet rather than calling the earliest religions, which embraced such an open acceptance of all human sexuality, 'fertility cults,' we might consider the religions of today as strange in that they seem to associate shame and even sin with the very process of conceiving new human life. Perhaps centuries from now scholars and historians will be classifying them as 'sterility cults. ~ Merlin Stone
1984 Sexuality quotes by Merlin Stone
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