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#1. The annoying thing about reading is that you can never get the job done. The other day I was in a bookstore flicking through a book called something like 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (and, without naming names, you should be aware that the task set by the title is by definition impossible, because at least four hundred of the books suggested would kill you anyway), but reading begets reading
that's sort of the point of it, surely?
and anybody who never deviates from a set list of books is intellectually dead anyway. - Author: Nick Hornby
1001 Paixnidia quotes by Nick Hornby
#2. I very successfully manage to convince myself that I'm tired, I have 1001 things to do, and that I do not have time for one of the few things that would allow me to realise my dream. - Author: Rose S. White
1001 Paixnidia quotes by Rose S. White
#3. The major problem is quite simply one of grammar, and the main work to consult in this matter is Dr. Dan Streetmentioner's Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations. It will tell you for instance how to describe something that was about to happen to you in the past before you avoided it by time-jumping forward two days in order to avoid it. The event will be described differently according to whether you are talking about it from the standpoint of your own natural time, from a time in the further future, or a time in the further past and is further complicated by the possibility of conducting conversations whilst you are actually travelling from one time to another with the intention of becoming your own father or mother. - Author: Douglas Adams
1001 Paixnidia quotes by Douglas Adams
#4. When I turned 30, I was done with Thousand Island dressing. I have moved on to Island Number 1001. - Author: Jarod Kintz
1001 Paixnidia quotes by Jarod Kintz
#5. Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders. - Author: Savielly Tartakower
1001 Paixnidia quotes by Savielly Tartakower
#6. eulogy for men

for ruxandra

men have doubles.
women don't.
men invent doubles for women so that they can both have a woman.
women pretend that they too have a double to please their double-man.
women may have many double-men who believe that they have a double-woman.
one woman can be the author of dozens of imaginary women for their many double-men.
one woman can make many women from stories.
eve had to make up lillith, sheherezade had to make up 1001 women
but there was only one eve and one sheherezade, the rest were men's dreams.
women invented speech to multiply themselves while also multiplying men.
women are the mothers of stories and the mothers of men.
poor men whose only gift is to listen and whose only strength is being two. - Author: Andrei Codrescu
1001 Paixnidia quotes by Andrei Codrescu
#7. The critics often invent authors; they select two dissimilar works - the Tao Te Ching and the 1001 Nights, say - attribute them to the same writer and then determine most scrupulously the psychology of this interesting homme de lettres ... - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
1001 Paixnidia quotes by Jorge Luis Borges

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